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  1. Re: Ibrahimovic I dont think Drogba should be 96, 94 sounds more realistic imo.
  2. Re: Roberto FERNANDEZ Can someone confirm that this player is a good prospect for the future? Or an i over reacting.
  3. Re: Balotelli Im really pleased that i bought him; he looks like one of the best 'hot prospects for the future'. When do the new rankings come out?
  4. I think he could be a good player to buy now and sell in the future (if you already have 2 good keepers). Unfortunately i couldnt find anything about him in Wiki. But he is an 18 year old goalkeeper, current rating is 83 and he went up 9 ( ) last time. He currently costs 5m minimum and is at an unmanaged club so he should be easy to buy. Cerro PorteƱo is his club, unavailable to manage. I may invest in him once i have more cash.
  5. Re: Eric Bekoe - The Must Have Ghanian im definitely gonna buy him. Thanks!
  6. Re: Balotelli What do you guys think his rating wil go up to next? And when do the ratings go up?
  7. Re: Ganluigi Buffon and Dimitar Berbatov I believe that they should both be 97. Robert Green should be 99.
  8. Re: Cesc Fabregas Whats his current rating?
  9. I think he's a good prospect for the future. 84 already at 17, and according to Wiki: "Italy under-21 coach Pierluigi Casiraghi recently stated his intention to call up Balotelli once he obtains the Italian citizenship".
  10. Re: Ibrahimovic Fair enough, i dont look at the Italian league much...
  11. Do you guys think his 90 rating will go up/down? He's playing well in the season so far, scored 2 in my first game so looks like a good investment. I got him cheap due to his age but saw that he'd gone up so yeah.. Hopefully he wont take 1 step forward and 2 steps back.
  12. Ibrahimovic Do you guys really think he should be a 96 rating? He's another play who i think is highly over rated, from what i saw of him in Euro 2008 he didnt play great, i'd rather have Larsson in my team!
  13. Re: Best formation to beat a 4-4-2? Ok thanks guys, i have gone for the 3-5-2. Luckily this formation seems to suit my squad. Should hopefully beat Monaco; they were beaten 3-1 by a worse side than me in their last game. New question: What play styles should i use?
  14. I have a much better squad than Monaco, they dont have a player over 88 whereas i have 90's 91's and a 92. They are playing the basic 4-4-2 formation, what formation should i play? I'll give rep to any helpers.
  15. Re: Formation for my team (Espanyol) Ok i re-uploaded the image and also typed out my squad.
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