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  1. Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News League And Cup Win As United March On... 2 - 0 An in-form Fulham side visited Old Trafford hoping to keep their good run of results up against top of the table Manchester United. Ferdinand scored early on with a 10th minute header from a corner kick. In the second half Riera doubled United's lead and ended Fulhams great run. 5 - 2 United sailed through into the English Shield Quarter Final after a convincing performance against a good Everton side. Goals from Van Persie (2), Evra, Vidic and Higuain settled matters in the 4th Round. Everton boss Adam Gutteridge controversially named his starting 11 two days before the big cup game kicked off. Manchester United manager Dan Walmsley spoke after his sides 5 - 2 victory: 'I was perharps a little surprised when Adam announced his starting line-up 2 days ahead of the actual game. I was unsure at first whether it was mind games to perhaps keep us guessing but we were prepared for them by keeping some key players fit. We had to show Everton a lot of respect, they went down 2 season ago and Adam unheritied a strong side who were very low on confidence. He did a great job in bringing them up at the first time of asking and has continued his good work so far this season. We wish him goodluck this season...' Transfer News United continue their search for some new additions to the midfield but have so far been unsuccessful although is believed they are in deep negiotations with an unnamed English club.
  2. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers (Summer Ratings Edition) I'm not sure, i had a 2008 year old a few months back...
  3. Re: Preseason fixtures I'd just like the option to have pre-season friendly tournaments where you can invite the teams.
  4. Re: Profiting from SM should result in a ban I really couldn't care less if people buy and sell accounts with good gold championship teams on them. As long as people aren't giving really cheap deals for players which involved real-life cash then who cares...?
  5. Re: Gold Championship 59 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread AC Milan Latest Transfer News (Out) Kalac - £2million Bonero - £4million + Johnson Antonin - £9million Gattuso - Danny + Tymoschuk Shevchenko - £9million (In) Kranjcar - £9million + Beckham De Rossi - £5million + Pirlo
  6. Re: Why don't we sell for cash ? Agreed it just means SM will have 20X more support tickets due to people 'cheating' by not doing the 2nd and 3rd stage of deals. The only option is to illegalise this type of deal also by informing the gameworlds that SM will no longer support any deals in this manner?
  7. Re: Steven Gerrard - Unfair Rating
  8. Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News See you won Muniesa, another gem to your collection I plan to eventually start challenging you guys for the future gems one day but i just desperate to try and complete my whole squad before SM brings in any new rules which will make it more difficult...
  9. Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News A bit gutted about no Italian updates Seft, i've been trying to rep you for the last one for ages but i can't do it as apparently i need to spread things around some more?!
  10. Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News 2 More Wins As Walmsley Hails Squad Strength... 2 - 0 Vucinic scored another goal as many United fans pondered Dan Walmsley's Interest in Fernando Torres with Higuain and Vucinic supplying all the goals needed so far this term. Ronaldo doubled United's lead early on in the 2nd half to secure another 3 points. 1 - 8 A shocking result at Villa Park as United kept up their fine form at the expense of a lackluste Midlands side under new management since the over-achieving days of TheTreble 1999. Villa who had just been thrased 4-0 by their old managers Liverpool side couldn't of expected any worse at home but United hammered them with goals from Srna (2), Higuain (3), Inler, Allefay and Vucinic. Dan Walmsley spoke of his delight with his squad following a good start to their new campaign with 9 wins and 1 defeat in their first 10 games: 'The lads have been terrific this season so far, after the dissappointment of last season in just landing the Charity Cup we wanted to really have a go this season. I have changed the tactics a little including more squad rotation and it seems to be paying off. We have progressed through 3 rounds of the Shield so far with a 4th round tie against Everton to look forward to, lead our champions league group without conceding and hitting in 6 goals in 2 game and also top the league, being 1 point ahead of rivals Liverpool... The strength in depth we have is really a telling factor in our success and everyone is pulling their weight and taking their oppurtunity to shine when they play. I have had a headache every time i pick the starting 11 which is a nice problem to have. I just hope we can continue our hard work, commitment and desire because we can do something special if we do!' Transfer News Carlos Kameni joins as understudy to Iker Casillas after completing a move from Espanyol in exchange for Darron Gibson and Brito Renan. Nordmark and Rabusic join the youth setup for a combined fee of £1 million. Fernando Torre's dream move to Old Trafford looks OFF after the two clubs failed to come to an agreement. It is believed Dan Walmsley will look to complete his midfield before attack following great form from Higuain and Vucinic who deputise for Messi and Van Persie. - The Sun
  11. Re: Steven Gerrard - Unfair Rating You are seriously deluded to consider Gerrard anyway near Ronaldo. Anyone who thinks Messi is 99 needs to jump off the forum bandwagon which consists of people who have seen him play when it was free on ITV and watch him more often. He is an incredibly gifted player with excellent dribbling and control but he is no where near 99 standard right now. Iniesta is the best over the course of this season and next season he will get better
  12. Re: Spanish Ratings Are you sure about that, last time i heard you were a fake.
  13. Re: 99 for Messi? Ronaldo did more in the first 10 minutes than messi did all night bar his goal... Iniesta was the man, they were talking before the game that Rooney had his chance to come in and steal the limelight from the big 2 but i and pretty much anyone else that watches football knew Iniesta was the guy. Xavi is sill overrated at 97, yes he keeps possesion but so does steven gerrard not to mention Gerrard has so much more to his game than that. Pique was amazing that night and quite possibly a contender for MoM, he was a rock. Barca deserved that last night, United didn't look up to it. Instead of keep going they started feeling sorry for themselves that they couldn't get a kick of the ball and gave up at 1-0. The tactics were wrong, i think this seasons domestic success went to Fergie's head and he thought he could match Barca and try and play the United way but the simple truth is over the course of a 38 game season the strength of the squad gave United it's title but in one game when only the best 11 can play they never stood a chance unless we just mirrored Chelsea's style of play which in all honesty should've seen them into last nights final bar some BS decisions and Uefa Conspiracy.
  14. Re: Should I sell ? Keep Davies, Canella + Tosic for sure. All three are great prospects and if Davies can carry on improving the way he has this season he can be 90 rating in a few changes. Canella is top class and has much interest in him right now so defo worth holding onto. Tosic had a dissappointing start to his OT career but the simple truth is he is just to small and weak to stand up against other EPL players so he has been bulking up by the next time you see him (Next season) he will be fitter, stronger and faster so what and see what happens there. Sell Di Vaio imo if you need to save on wages desperatley but if you signed him before his +2 he's pretty cheap any way to keep. Delfounso imo is awful, i've been up Villa Park a few times this season and there is nothing about him that makes me believe he will make it at Villa or any other decent EPL club. Keep him just incase especially if he is still on his 70 rating wages before his rise and wait and see what happens next season but i expect very little.
  15. Re: Gold Championship 59 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread AC Milan Latest Yesterday Milan announced a new manager had been appointed after Carlo Ancelotti finally decided that he could take the club no further. Englishman Dan Walmsley who is slowly building a fine reputation with his management style throughout football was named as his successor and the new man wasted no time in telling supporters his thoughts on his new role: If the truth be told, this club finds itself in turmoil right now. When people talk about the great club of AC Milan they talk about the glory days of years ago. There is no mention of the team today and i find that worrying considering the size of the club... It is my understanding that the team is in need of a massive make-over if it is to look forward to a bright future. Firstly, after assesing my new squad of players have decided that need to reduce the age of the team overall. I have spoke individually to every player in my office and everyone knows where they stand regarding their position within the club...' It is believed that there will be a mass exodus with just three players told they have a future at the club - Pato, Thiago Silva and Flamini. Stars such as Kaka, Pirlo and Nesta are free to talk to new clubs should the right deal come in for them. Transfer News Third choice keeper Kalac leaves for Kyrlia Sovetov in £2 million deal. Antonini secures £9 million move to Valenciennes. Krancjar joins Milan for Beckham and £9 million. G. Johnson and £4 million enable Bonero to leave for England.
  16. Re: Marc Muniesa - Next Puyol! lol i misread Torres, i thought he said he did get added today. Missed the n't
  17. Re: Marc Muniesa - Next Puyol! I can't find him on DB, what is his name on SM?
  18. Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News It's something i've never really worried too much about if i'm just after the player. If i'm actually close to agreeing a deal i don't mention anything because that's when everyone reads your post and tries to nick a deal off you before you can close it. If i agree a deal with Ken for Robben then it won't be mentioned until he's in my squad but i know already that Barca, Milan etc are interested in him so i have a fight on my hands either way but i think i have the squad to be able to give a better deal than my rivals... Only time will tell i guess. Thanks for the advice though, overall you're probably right it's better off either way just keeping things quiet
  19. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed !
  20. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! Milan. Weird though
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