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  1. Re: Fabio and Rafael da Silva - Man Utd's Brazilian Twins Now they have tasted the EPL and success (Not so much Fabio but hey hoe) and have a break after the CL a good pre-season will benefit them greatly. I expect both will come back fitter, stonger and better for the new season.
  2. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed !
  3. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed !
  4. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! Wouldn't surprise me. SM enjoys nothing more than wasteing all our day, tbf at least this time there was a reason (play-offs).
  5. Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News United Get Title Charge Back On Track 2 - 0 Higuain is having a fantastic season for United and he continued his fine goal-scoring form by scoring the opener at Old Trafford on the 52nd minute. Veloso made sure of the three points with a 74th minute goal. This result was the perfect response to the dissappointing 4-2 defeat at Stamford Bridge last week... Transfer News Torres Transfer Saga Drags On... Will he wont he? Fernando Torres is still a Liverpool player following last weeks announcement from his manager Treble 1999 that the spainiard has no future at Anfield. Manchester United manager Dan Walmsley made his admiration for the 25 year old CF no secret and has admitted he is still trying to bring the player to Old Trafford: 'Of course Torres playing alongside Messi would be a dream combination that any team in the world would love to have. I am trying to make it a reality although any deal still looks far off. I genuinely believe that we have the best chance out of any of the clubs that are interested in signing him to bring him here but there is a alot of work left to do. As i mentioned earlier on in the week making Fernando Torres a United player would mean that the club is left with just work to do on the midfield before the squad is complete and we look to add top prospects to our youth team so i am itching to get this deal done especially with David Villa committing his long-term future to new club Inter Milan...' Manchester United have confirmed that after/if they agree a deal with Liverpool for Torres that work on the wings will begin with Antonio Valencia and Arjen Robben top of manager Dan Walmsley's short-list.
  6. Re: 99 for Messi? I'm sorry but people talk about Messi's size as if it is a disadvantage to him. Have you seen him play, he's as strong on the ball as anyone. He rides tackle, bounces off players better than anyone with the ball glued to his feet. He didn't have the greatest games against Chelsea but seeing as that was probably about the 3rd time 90% of the people on this forum have even seen him play surely you saw him bounce off some strong challenges from Terry and co with the ball still under his control...? Ronaldo has an advantage in the air with headers and other than that Messi's balance if anything gives him greater strength than Ronaldo, he would do just fine in the EPL believe me
  7. DanW


    Re: Money Just snap up the big risers mentioned on the forums. Considering your a big team you only really want players that are going to rise +5 to compensate for the other clubs chairman over inflated valuation of his rising player. This is the best way to raise fund to sign better players but you will need to buy a fair few risers before you're raising the sums of money needed to snap up 90+ rated players...
  8. DanW


    Re: subs I wouldn't read too much into the match report buddy, the only thing that usually makes sense and matters is the result. For example, one team has 17 shots with 14 of them on target, they don't score. This means that the opposition keeper has saved 14 shots and kept a clean sheet yet he gets a match rating of 6. The other teams has 1 shot all game and gets it on target, they score a goal. This means that the opposition keeper has had one shot at him and his conceded a goal and his team have lost the game. What rating does this keeper get? 8. Strange. Player ratings are way off and are just random numbers, the match statistics are a load of nonsense as is the match commentary, if you read the commentary and counted the shots on and off target they are completley differenent to what the statistics tell you... The whole match report/score centre is very badly flawed but the results are right 95% of the time so that is good enough for me at least it's not the other way round
  9. Re: Gold Championship 50 - Match Report / Transfers Thread Lazio Latest Lazio are 5 games without victory as an unpredictable start to season 2 in Italy continues with no signs of stabilising... The clubs SMFA Shield campaign is again under massive threat after a dissappointing 4-2 defeat at home against Boca Juniors, only a repeat of the 1st round 2nd leg heriocs will save their European campaign and quite possibly their season. Injuries have no doubt played their part along with suspensions with several key players being unavailable for selection for long periods of time. Long-term injuries to Cavenaghi, Diarra and Kiessling have hit the club, while Colunga will miss 6 weeks with a broken foot also... Transfer News Marc Janko joins Lazio in a £7.7 million move. The forward will provide much needed cover for injured duo Colunga and Cavenaghi. Lazio also sign Chramosta and Lojero.
  10. Re: Alberto Bueno Calvo I think he would've done a little more by now if he was going to make it big at Real...
  11. Re: HOW didn't J.Llorente get an Increase??
  12. Re: Is Rooney Finally Justifying His 96 Rating?
  13. Re: John O Shea Well Underrated
  14. Re: This is not fair... Xavi is not 97 imo. If anyone in Barca deserves 97 it is Iniesta by a mile he is amazing...
  15. Re: Spanish Ratings To say he was also mentioned on the SoccerManager blog after signing for Valencia after some good game time in Brazil i thought he would still get a decent increase... I might send a ticket off.
  16. Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News Chelsea End 100% Record But United Thump Bayern. 4 - 2 The last 4 league meetings between these 2 giants had recorded 4 draws but Chelsea were the first team to taste victory in the league with an important 4-2 win. The London side were 3-0 up with just 19 minutes gone but a second half fight back with goals from Messi and Ferdinand gave United hope but Chelsea scored 2 minutes from time to end Manchester United's 100% record in all competitions... 5 - 0 Clichy, Van Persie (2), Srna and Higuain got the goals in a fantastic night of European football for United. Messi and Ronaldo among other key players were rested although it was believed before kick off that they would start. The result puts United top of Group E by 5 points with just 2 games gone. Transfer News Fernando Torres is again the subject of intense transfer speculation after being told by Liverpool boss Treble1999 he is no longer part of the clubs plans. The Spainard is being targeted by a host of clubs including Manchester United, Napoli and Milan among others...
  17. Re: 99 for Messi? Ronaldo is closer to 99 right now then messi whether messi is better in your/my eyes or not. His personal and club achievements eclipse messi although of course messi has the chance to balance the scales very shortly indeed. Ronaldo has been sensational again this season whether you like it or not and if you think he hasn't then you need to let go of a wonder season we probably will never see from any player again including lionel...
  18. Re: Spanish Ratings You quoted me, you've got the wrong man!
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