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  1. Re: Spanish Ratings Can you not read? They are called squad players. Guess what while Liverpool may have 3-4 players that would get into United lineup once you get them out of the way your subs bench and second team is truly awful. Who knows what will happen when ferguson leaves? We could carry on fine but no-one knows. In the mean time i'll let you 'lap up' another decade of United dominace...
  2. Re: Spanish Ratings There are 7 spots on the subs bench i believe?
  3. Re: Spanish Ratings United's dominance of the last two years has been based on squad depth. Rafa would crave for the bench that ferguson has. O Shea, Fletcher would quite easily be welcomed by Benetiz. Maybe not as starters but if you had some options in the bench you might of been able to do something different at home when you lost all those points in draws to mediocre teams and believe it or not fletcher brings another dimension to the play...
  4. Re: Spanish Ratings Come on Munt, it wasn't exactly the best kept secret was it?
  5. Re: Spanish Ratings I think some people on here make their judgements on the 4 minute player compilations on youtube and that includes SM researchers...guess what? They only show the good bits! Spain is massivley overrated and that includes a few Barca players, not that i'm bothered as i've known this all along which is why today i've had massive amounts of 90+ risers in all my three of my teams. Yes in terms of ability Barca are pretty good but SM had them overrated in the first place and due to an outstanding season they had no choice but to overinflate them even more... It's the same story with Real Madrid, they were that over-rated before that even after bashing the whole squad they are still rated ahead of United what does that tell you? Barcelona win the CL we will see another +1 for everyone but United could make even more history and win the CL 5X TIMES RUNNING and expect more drops than rises. Chiellini was SM's scapegoat that is the very simple truth, by luring us into a false sense of security with his shocking +2 rise it gave them the liscense to go in and do a job on their beloved Spain
  6. Re: Is Rooney Finally Justifying His 96 Rating? Phew! So i'm not the only one
  7. Re: Is Rooney Finally Justifying His 96 Rating? I think it is real but it's more than likely just his shorts folding in an akward position lol
  8. Re: Is Rooney Finally Justifying His 96 Rating? I'm sure his scar marks are on that side but i can't see them?
  9. Re: Spanish Ratings My point is SM were trying to imply that it was his performances which stopped him from hitting 90, they can't of been that bad for him to get his award... All i'm saying is when SM get stuck in a corner they just pull out the ace card which is 'performances'. Burs i can't possibly argue with you anymore as i am getting worried with myself that everytime i see your sig i laugh
  10. Re: Spanish Ratings Which is what my sentence says...
  11. This is not in light of another Manchester United title to add to what has already been a very impressive season for the Reds with the possibility of making more history of being the first team to retain the European Cup in little over a weeks time. Wayne Rooney, you ever love him or hate him. Most of the time the first option is chosen by a United fan with the second any other club fan in the world... Many people have thought that his 96 rating was over inflated and a joke even after last seasons massive double. However, this season i think Rooney has been a sensation and should be included as a candidate for player of the year, people still forget that he is very young indeed. While still occasionally showing glimmers of his bad temper, he has calmed down and uses his agression in better ways. His importance to the team grows all the time and he has done fantastically down the left for United, do you think he is starting to earn his 96 rating?
  12. Re: Spanish Ratings Next time you post something it actually helps if you read the whole discussion rather than just one post. Real best in the world?! I'll have whatever your on mate please. If Real came to the EPL you'd be scrapping for 5th place with Everton and Villa... Is FERNANDO Llorente playing for a better club then JOSEBA Llorente? No. The last post for Fernando's +2 and 0 for Joseba stated that he had featured 3 times for Spain as a possible reason. If that is a reason then Higuain being behind Sand is one reason why he shouldn't rise, i've not read anything about him undecided which country to play for... but either way it seems one rule for one player and one for another. and burs i'm sorry but stats can be turned around in anyones favour really. Joseba has a better goal ratio per game than Fernando if you want another... plus he has featured in the CL with his club reaching the 1/8 finals. Not that i don't think Higuain doesn't deserve to rise he clearly does but it seems SM has a little bit of a teenage crush on anyone who plays in Spain the problem is that it is double standards. Not that i'm really bothered as 75% of the players in all 3 of my teams play in La liga as i know they will get inflated ratings helping me.
  13. Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News Lost to Chelsea 4-2 in the league to end 100% record in all competitions. Will write match report after friday night's CL game against Bayern M
  14. Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News and i'm only interested in the 90+ risers I think they were just mercy scraps left behind from Napoli and Lazio so the rest of us don't starve
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