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  1. Hi all i am Liverpool and have been negotiating with Barcelona for my Mascherano and finally came to a deal at 4 mill + Pique + Keita and i'm happy with this but i have the opportunity to change it to 10 mill + Pique + Busquets if i wanted who will go to 90 in a few days. Would this be the better deal? Keita has been great this season will he go to 93? Thanks
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Exactly 11 in 11 starts has been awesome and is only out for 3 weeks while Benzema will get better i can't see Torres rising again while at Liverpool and these 2 are sure talents. Thanks Spam:D
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi can someone please help me? Ive Torres and Madrid have come knocking and i've managed to get Benzema and Higuain in return. Is this a good deal? Higuain will rise to 93 in coming days and both in my eyes are 95 players in the future. I suppose i just need comfort on this deal lol Thanks
  4. Hi there i have a small debate i have Lucas but can trade him for Maxi Moralez of Velez Sarsfield. Checking up his stats he played nearly every game for Velez in them finishing 5th in the league scoring 5 goals in 15 starts and 1 sub app out of 19 in the process. Linked with Manchester United a while back but is he any closer to a move to Europe? And will he rise to 89 in the Argentinian changes? big chance. Lucas is awful and doesn't look like getting better but even if he does i could get him back when the ban runs out? Any info on him would be much appreciated:) Thanks in advance.
  5. Re: Urgent help on deal? Kuyt (92) and now Gignac (90)? like i said it's a fresh setup a WC, a new Liverpool so Trezeguet can go alongside Torres and Diego can take Gerrards place behind the strikers or next to Mascherano. Don't think Kuyt will ever reach 93 so am trying to use him as a makeweight for a maybe lesser rated more talented player so Gignac will be back up to Torres and Trezeguet. Diego is still only 24 aswel and still has many years left and is still 95/96 potential while i know Trezeguet is getting on but i can exchange him when his ban runs out but for now is a great partner for Torres? and with Liverpools current form i can't see Gerrard staying on 97 at the end of the season? It all makes sense in my head just looking for someone to agree lol i haven't watched Serie A this season so i don't know how there actually doing lol the stats look good but really aren't everything i been reading Felipe Melo has been awful this season after looking at 92/93 after moving to Juve and impressing for Brazil but is closer to dropping to 90 than going to 92 atm lol Thanks
  6. Hi all not been on here for a while but just took over a new liverpool team so they are fresh with all the players they have atm. I put gerrard on the tl straight away looking to get a couple of players in return to give me a bit of strength in depth and countered juventus 0k + Diego + Trezeguet and it was accepted. Am i getting a good deal? I know Die + Tre won't drop i seen there stats but how they been playing? Diego was awesome at bremen but hows he started at juve? Trezeguet still seems a goal machine aswel? Diego would replace Gerrard and Trezeguet would give me great firepower with Torres and would allow me to try swap a couple of other players off to improve a few weaker positions? Help would be much appreciated (: Thanks
  7. Re: Gold Championship 1 News 8 wins out of 8 for my Panathinaikos what a start to the the season after taking over in November the squad was useless i had about 18 players and about 2 over 85 now i have 18 players over 85 my best being Hoarau (89) and Salihovic (88) a few 87's and loads of 86's and 85's. I have 78 players in my senior squad all 80+ and everyone apart from 2 25 or under and a youth squad of 92 players and there not just any players either a lot have great futures under there belts just brought in Sampdorias Ziegler (86) for chairman value off an unmanaged club this morning my team has a great future so to anyone new to the setup it can be done you just need to scout and it will get you a long way Pana sit 6 points clear of Sporting at the top wooooooooo:D
  8. Re: New Custom APPLY HERE the ones who have applied have been accepted there are still a lot of good teams available so if you want to apply please do remember WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ELITE is the setup name:D
  9. Re: New Custom APPLY HERE ok no probs there yours they arent going anywhere i am just going to wait for more applications for other teams and then i will open the setup to all later tonight it's just so nobody tries buying from external clubs i want to try and fill the setup first
  10. Re: New Custom APPLY HERE setup has been created apply now:D
  11. Re: New Custom APPLY HERE Game World Awaiting creation it is called WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ELITE so like a said a friend request and a pm naming your team and there yours:D
  12. Re: New Custom APPLY HERE I am in GC 1 if that helps?
  13. Re: New Custom APPLY HERE of course just add me as a friend and name your club the first to name gets the club
  14. Re: New Custom APPLY HERE Also i am working on it now it will be in order 1 to 80 of the best clubs list:D
  15. Re: New Custom APPLY HERE it's Daniel Young Gold Account 2 that it will be made on i am working on it now so if you add me as a friend and name your team then there yours
  16. Re: New Custom APPLY HERE Forgot to mention that i am Real Madrid so any others are there for the taking apart from a few of my friends are yet to decide:D
  17. Hi i have just bought a Custom setup which i am very excited about and it will consist of the 80 best teams on Soccer Manager it will be a private application setup so if your interested in any club and are a proven manager apply here:D
  18. Hi everybody i am just curious Negredo has been linked with Liverpool and Valencia quite heavily in player + cash deals from Real Madrid and Lavezzi has also been linked with Liverpool as he is having contract problems at Napoli. I have these two on my team and know they are very good players i just want anyones views on where they will end up for the coming seasons or if anyone has any transfer gossip on these 2. Thanks
  19. Hello everyboby i am just curious would any of you swap Aguero who was on your team someone elses Torres? I think a manager in my setup would take that deal and thinking of offering that deal for me Torres is better but will Aguero become better? Thanks
  20. Hi all a problem that occurs to me quite often and most probably to many others is when a new member takes control of a club in the setup your in, plays the game once and then for whatever reason doesnt come back to the game meaning if you have bid for a player you obviously wont get a reply how long is it before sm release that manager from that setup? Is it still the 30 day rule or is it a smaller period? Help much appreciated thanks
  21. Re: Galactico Help!!! Thanks mate just wanted somdone with a good football brain to agree with me thanks and with Gourcuff and Nasri backing up Ribery and Santi and Riera backing Silva up i think those positions are solid for a few years thanks
  22. Hi there i have new Galactico Ronaldo and have come to a deal for him of 0k plus Ribery + David Silva both class players and would really sort my rm and lm out and go straight into my diamond with Essien and Gerrard am i doing the right thing thanks guys
  23. Re: Trading with unmanaged clubs Yes but this Wigan side isn't even in the top flight so how is it giving me competition? and the Fulham have 1 90 and thats Cole believe you me i would love someone to pick those teams up so then i can at least try and negotiate the players in question with them but i can't even do that and great left backs are very hard to come by believe you me i have tried to negotiate with other managers was quoted 20 mill for Maxwell which i might take up but the 2 i really have my eyes on are at the same team Clichy 92 and Lahm 93 and the manager is being tight fisted and have made him some pretty good offers and when i have spent 19 months building a Huddersfield squad from a new setup in an ec and taking them to where they are now and the squad they have now i feel robbed of not being able to at least grab the odd 1 or 2 players off unmanaged clubs. It isn't as if i can't negotiate either i have Ronaldo and Gerrard and Essien and others for whom i have brought to the club through teams that are managed. I want 1 or 2 players from clubs that have been unmanaged for a vey long time it isn't as if i am destroying the setup
  24. Re: Trading with unmanaged clubs Or why dont sm if the team is unmanaged for say between 2 weeks and a month add a player or 2 to that current squad such as an external youth player that plays for that team or is the same nationality as the club and country ok robbing the players on other teams ruins them but in my ec fulham and wigan have been unmanaged for about 6 months and both have 21 players fulham have cole 93 a lb which i would dearly love because i am playing chiellini there atm and at wigan theres a host of players i wouldnt mind reina 93 my gk is 91 jesus navas 92 valencia 89 this is a joke and an absolute waste of these players
  25. Re: Soccer Manager iPhone/iTouch Application Guys download OPERA MINI WEB to your phone will be the best thing you ever do its quick and easy and fast its basically like being on a labtop on your mobile enjoy
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