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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I am barcelona in a wc and just accepted 10 million Muntari and Quaresma for Iniesta i think this is a great deal what do you guys think? i know iniesta may hit 96 but i feel the two in return are great talents and regulars Muntari i think will hit 92 this season while Quaresma maybe 94 anyone agree/disagree will get my rep book out for replies thanks
  2. Re: Realeased teams sorry guys i should have explained properly i mean the static managed teams that that are usually realeased between 5:10 and 5:15 in the morning there are usually hundreds but was only the custom setups this morning? thanks for reply:D
  3. hi does anyone know what time teams in the standard setups are released these days? not been up at this time for a bit will appreciate reply thanks:D
  4. Re: Gold Championship 25 Transfers / Match reports Thread Anyone want spartak moskva? first one to say so i will let lem have and will pm you on the forum and negotiate a time
  5. Re: Brazilian League Scouting have a look at the top of the page when you click on player talent scout and it has a thread called "lets get scouting" at the top that has plenty of good websites the best ones are espn and the guardian the links are shown on that thread. the guardian is the best and 100% accurate for the brazillian league and a lot of others i use a much better one but not letting that out lol but they are really good. enjoy my friend:D
  6. Re: LESCOTT vs DANIEL JARQUE vs VAN BUYTEN Sell andrade straight away he has recently retired due to the fact he will never be able to recover from his injury a lot of people won't know this and it doesn't say retired on his prfile yet try get a good player exchange for him or if you like simply sell him
  7. Re: Spanish Championship 199 i know just realised i hate it when that happens only another hour:(
  8. Re: would c.ronaldo join man city Either way these guys mean business and don't look the type to hang around city will be big in a couple of years its the big 5 now:D
  9. Re: Spanish Championship 199 Cool hope you get them might be a bit easier because i think spanish are created at 1 or 2 minutes past so everyone will go for world champs apart from the ones that see this:p
  10. Will be created in 10 minutes 10:00 all welcome to join i am real madrid so go fight for Barca all the best
  11. Re: Rating Change Dates Same here repped this is very helpful to everyone could a mod make this a sticky? it would save people having to remember the name of the thread and would be very helpful to newcomers who are looking for the next dates this was one of the things i wandered about when i first joined again great thread mate:D
  12. Re: Gustavo Bou And plenty more on this thread he seems promising:D
  13. Re: Gustavo Bou Very well played to you hades i was also going to make a report on him but did not bother i have the same problem don't get many replies to my scouting threads yet many views so gave up thought this would not be any different considering there are many ignarant people on this forum it's disappointing a little reply wouldn't take a minute for the effort put in? i have repped you before so need to spread it around first but will get back to you don't let it put you off though great report on him and you will get noticed now top man keep it up:D
  14. Re: Tomas Necid sorry but i never knew there was a thread on him it doesn't come up on the search tool and that thread was old anyway and like what was just said he wasn't blossoming then and it wasn't really a thread on the scouting circle just a mention so i didn't make a new thread knowing there was one already i did not think this player had been mentioned:confused:
  15. Re: World Championship 3000 Thread Barcelona 1-3 Manchester United Barcelona were put to the sword against Manchester United and manager Daniel Young has blamed his own tactics saying" i went with a 4-3-3 formation for the first game with the big trio of Messi, Henry and Eto'o and 3 in the centre of the park and we were lucky Messi saved us with 2 second half goals i stuck with the same format against United leaving the wings exposed to to a deadly Ronaldo and today we were severely punished i am sorry to the Barca fans i will book my ideas up and start thinking straight." It took just 6 minutes for Ronaldo to find the back of the net United's first attack played square to the edge of the box and clinicaly taken by the Portuguese whizzkid. 22 minutes in Tevez poked in a scrappy goal for and it was all over 3 minutes before the break when rooney slid it past Valdes. Xavi put the ball in from 15 yards on 71 as minor consolation for Barca a very tough day at the office and lot of rethinking to do. But very well played to United fully deserved and will see you back at the top in a few games:D
  16. Finally i have been waiting about a week and half to make this thread for tonight infact to see if Bate the Belarussian champions would be the first team from there country to qualify for the Champions League Group Stage. I am extremely happy to say they did drawing 1-1 against Levski in the second leg with a 1-0 win in the first leg. Now to the point i was doing a bit of scouting of the Belarussian league last week and came across 3 young players playing very regulary but did't post at that time because Belarussian teams are not that highly rated by SM all low 80's but if BATE would qualify for the group stages the whole team would warrant an increase and these three players would go up that bit more aswel here they are in detail 1. Maksim SKAVYSH Born 13/11/1989 (Aged18) Rated 70(10k) Now this young man is becoming a regular feature for BATE coming off the subs bench a lot in league and champions league out of 19 league games he has featured in 12 out of 1710 mins he has played 353 ok not much and has featured in 4 champs league games playing 32 minutes again not much but champions league football scoring no goals in either competition i would predict 76/77 for him for now could be more that countrys changes are a while away and i am saving the best until last guys:D 2. Mikhail SIVAKOV Born 16/01/1988 (Aged20) Rated 75 Champions league football will be the key in this players rise to same as skavysh 12 apps out of 19 in league 505 mins out of 1710 2 goals only just becoming more regular started and finished there last 4 champions league matches including tonight not sure if he finished tonights though will find out and becoming ever more regular in the league 79/80 i for now still a way to go 3. Pavel NEKHAICHIK Born 15/07/1988 (Aged20) Rated 74 Now i said i would save the best until last and thats exactly what i have done simply because he scored the winner in the 88th minute of the second qualifying round away from home against Anderlecht that goal was priceless and basically gave them a huge advantage also featured more in league than others 17 out of 19 games 803 mins out of 1710 and a goal 163 mins mins in champions league featured in 4 games again not sure about tonight he was on the bench and scoring that money-spinning goal for BATE and thats exactly what he could be for you predict 80 for now. Aleksandr Hleb came from the youth ranks of BATE maybe one day one of these can be as big as him Nekhaichik seems to have the most potential anyway for now just money spinners I apologise for the lack of punctuation i am in a rush got work tomorrow please give some feedback guys this took me ages to write up thanks:D
  17. Re: Mehmet Ekici - Bayern's Next Star? Yeh and please do tell me when that iblerya is about to be added to the database lol only joking:D
  18. Re: German Changes haha that's funny Schafer now plays for 9th placed german division 2 side side Nurnberg probably go down to 87 get rid quick Gentner will probably go to 89 2 starts and a goal for atm a 4th placed Wolfsburg and he played 33 times las season:cool:
  19. Re: Youth Squad: Who to keep i would keep Donizeti, Fernando and Gashi and definately get rid of the rest and invest that into more youth players if you want a list of upcoming risers i will send it you via pm as long as your in none of my setups:D the offers there mate:cool:
  20. Re: Youth Squad: Who to keep out of all of them i would keep Kelava Forlin Maloca Elito Raskaj Ekstrand Rajalakso Kross Molins Fatic Callejon Balanta Nsue Valiente Badelj Vacek Keep them and you won't be dissapointed when the rating changes come round:cool:
  21. Re: Youth Squad: Who to keep definately keep kelava a huge increase for him if he keeps it up played in zagrebs las 5 matches 3 in league and 2 in champions league and full 90 minutes in every game aswel:D
  22. Re: Michal Pazdan How can you make a tidy profit if your not selling him??????
  23. Re: Trouble logging in!!!!!!! yeh it's really wied it usually doesn't last that long after i made this thread it was working again but it has lasted up to half an hour it's just annoying. yep same just comes up as blank page:cool:
  24. Are others having trouble logging in aswel? this happened a couple of weeks back just want to know it's not just me:D should be fixed soon
  25. Re: World Championship 3000 Thread Negotiations for Esteban CAMBIASSO broke down this morning as the Barcelona chairman was unhappy in letting Hleb and Toure go the other way so manager Daniel Young will forget about any other deal until he has finalised Fernando TORRES move to the Camp Nou late last night there were promising signs coming from the Liverpool manager and we are currently thrashing out a deal. Turning attentions to Barca's youth squad after the aquisitions of bright young talents who have great potential and are in for a nice rating increase such as Wass, Valdez, Ljajic, Mongongu, Garibaldi, Schneiderlin, Glushakov, Parejo, Hazard, Pasquato, Barazite, Gunnarsson, Nsereko, Brown, Necid, Sears and a few other decent prospects, Also brought in Ticinovic, Taison, Lallana and Juanmi Callejon also put a bid in for his brother Jose Maria and had a bid accepted by Sao Paulo for exciting young defender Aislan all of this to go with the already wealth of youth at Barca which is the managers plans to look into the future and invest in the next up and coming stars:D PAREJO= Is going to be huge without doubt and doing well on loan at QPR who may even have a sniff at promotion this year:cool:
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