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  1. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Roy Hodgson is a disgrace. I'd have sacked him just for tonights performance. Clear dive, it's a scandal that it got so easily overlooked. Had that been Drogba/suarez there would have been outrage. He hangs his leg out after the jump, begging for contact. It is clear cheating. Second goal is 50/50, but shoe on the other foot in front of Stretford end and I think he gives the freekick. First one is offside. He is not in keepers line of view but the keeper cannot make the save until the ball is past Rooney as the ball could change direction. If Rooney i
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread And none on the bench? Rodgers must really hate Borini.
  3. Radebe20

    Football betting!

    Re: Football betting! Was hoping he would miss
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread "It is an opportunity for the players to qualify and make sure they write themselves into folklore." As Liverpool fans, some of which have seen multiple league titles, most who have seen at least 1 European Cup lifted, do you not find this statement ridiculous and just generally cringey? It's Basel at home in a CL group stage match. Admittedly in the context of your season it's a big match, but folklore? Jesus wept. Brendan Rodgers continues to out do himself.
  5. Re: The Official Leeds United FC Must be boring if you're posting on here! Been watching a bit out of the corner of my eye, unlucky to be 1 down.
  6. Re: The Official Leeds United FC My first season ticket was in 93 and I cant really remember much of the first couple of years. Gives me about 20 years to pick from. 1. Paul Robinson 2. Gary Kelly 4. Jonathon Woodgate 5. Lucas Radebe 3. Ian Harte 7. Harry Kewell 8. Lee Bowyer 6. Gary McAllister 11. Gary Speed 9. Mark Viduka 10. Tony Yeboah 1. From his break through for the first few years at Leeds, he was absolutely class. Still a very good keeper but them first years he was sensational. Not quite sure what happened, confidence maybe, but never been quite the same. 2. Named my
  7. Re: The Official Leeds United FC So I just watched fantasy football and Leeds legend Gary Kelly was on. He named the best 11 he'd ever played with, and it was pretty interesting (barring Roy Keane). Thought it would be good to see the Leeds fans on here, not many I know because we are not famous anymore, to post the best 11 they have seen. There will bit a lot of differing teams due to age, opinion, length of supporting etc. Will post mine up in a bit, will probably be the only one to do so!
  8. Re: Betting Corner Tipster Competition -Premier League Fiver Edition Sat - chelsea ht ft Sun - spurs 1-0 qpr Mon - city liverpool btts
  9. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread We're not that keen on signing Antenucci apparently but he's coming over so will see. Adryan's the big one for me, need some creativity in midfield desperately and any excuse to drop/sell Austin. First time I've had a season ticket since Bates got his teeth into the club, got a good feeling these next couple of years.
  10. Re: Betting Corner Tipster Competition -Premier League Fiver Edition Arsenal ht ft - sat Liverpool ht ft - sun Chelsea ht ft - mon
  11. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread No UK TV coverage. http://www.ifeed2all.eu/watch/270959/1/watch-celtic-vs-kr-reykjavik.html Should be in there soon enough though if you fancy some poor quality laptop viewing!
  12. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Think you might have missed the point there mate! It's unnecessary but Real have to make a marque signing each year, just the way it's always been.
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Makes Andy Carroll look an absolute bargain! And yeah I show my face every now and again...
  14. Re: Alan crazy Bones Neller Sorry to hear this. My fondness for your dad grew every time he accidentally deleted the Liverpool thread! Hope all connected are doing okay, my thoughts with you and your family.
  15. Re: £10 > £20,000 - Sports betting.
  16. Re: £10 > £20,000 - Sports betting. I never bet against Brown, he's a nutter that can beat the best and lose to the worst! He's so good to watch though.
  17. Re: Official Red Devils Thread I wonder if, in the summer when you spend £100 odd million, this will be considered as trying to 'buy the title' have you yourselves have accused Chelsea and Man City of over the past few years. That is of course what you have done for the previous 20 years anyway.
  18. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Yeah I'm off now as well so won't be back on til late tonight so let me know what you think then.
  19. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Yeah can do, I think they'll sell a lot slower than golds but because there's so little of them I think it would be a lot easier to control?
  20. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Anyone got a few hundred thousand coins? I think Elton (74, brazilian CAM) would be a really good card to price fix. Currently goes for about 70k but there are only like 10 of him on the market at anytime, so wouldn't be too tricky. I only have 500k though so I can't do them all! PS3...
  21. Re: New Custom - looking for ideas I'm a maybe, don't play anymore but got a bit of spare time. One thing... Chambo, you must have changed your name and I can't work out who you were!
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