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  1. Re: Andrea BARZAGLI I think he has a Good chance of rising to 92 again next time. As you say helped Wolfsburg to the Bundesliga title and played a big part in that. He'll be playing Champions League football next season too which will help his cause for a rise.
  2. Re: German Changes I'm baffled as to how Mertsacker can be a 93 rated defender. He is very poor!!! 91 at best!
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Alright guys. I need a little advice. I have Lewandowski who has just risen 11 to 85 and of course looks like a great prospect. However I have just been offered 8 million for him which is about double his value. Should I accept? I already have a wealth of attacking options for my Liverpool team: Toni Vagner Love Amauri Arshavin Kuyt Ibisevic Horoau Plus about 20 other young forwards like Keirisson, Guilherme, Okaka Chuka, Soder, Yildrim, Aleksic, Necid and Noir.
  4. Re: Gonzalo Higuain I'm not even basing a rise to 91 on the 4 goals he scored the other night either. I think he deserved it before then and they only back up our argument TBH. He is a class act! I'm a Liverpool fan but to see a player like our own Dirk Kuyt rated higher, no matter how many games he's played is a bit silly IMO. Surely a player's quality/performance is the main factor in judging his rating?
  5. Re: Gonzalo Higuain Unfortunately I'm sure SM will stick to their guns. If they changed Higuain's now that would open the floodgates for other people to complain that some other player was rated too low. I think they made a boob by not making him 91. I really expected him to jump to 91 no probs but they seem to have got pretty tight with a lot of their rises.
  6. Re: Gonzalo Higuain TBH there is no chance SM are going to give him a +3 increase no matter how well he does. He was doing really well in the last ratings window and they still only gave him a +1 increase so expect the same again. A jump to 91. This seems to be the way now. Once you get up to 88 or so you can basically guarantee any increase will be a +1. There are exceptions but they are extremely rare, especially lately.
  7. Re: Gonzalo Higuain I think I said on here at the time of the rating change it was a disgrace that Higuain was only increased to 90. I think he should have definitely been a +2 increase to 91 so I have no idea what SM are playing at. After tonight's game I think he has made a bit of a mockery of their miserly +1 increase. He's been in great form since the end of last season and to look at some of the players who have higher ratings is a laugh!
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