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  1. I've been trying to buy Bale for a while now but the other manager didn't accept my original offer and countered. He wants me to give him Rodriguez and Neymar in a swap deal for Bale. What do you guys think? I'm not too sure Bale is worth it!
  2. How much does everyone think Kaka will drop in the next ratings change? I'm thinking down 2 to 92.
  3. I will have an opportunity to sign Kaka in about 2/3 weeks time for 15 million in my gameworld. He is now 30 though and doesn't always start for Real Madrid. Do you guys think he will hold onto his 94 rating for much longer?
  4. Alright folks I'm having a little trouble deciding which of these 3 strikers to keep for my Dagenham & Redbridge team. I currently have Aguero and Neymar who are going nowhere. I have 3 other strikers and I must sell 2 of them to give me the funds to hopefully sign Higuain. They are: Javier Hernandez, Robert Lewandowski and Danny Welbeck. The question is which one do I hold onto. I'm thinking keep either Lewandowski or Welbeck. I'm not convinced Hernandez will rise all that much further in the game TBH.
  5. Re: Higuain/Gotze/Mata/hazard deals Gotze and Hazard without question for me.
  6. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed? Seriously starting to wonder if Slovakia and Slovenia will ever get reviewed again. Bought potential risers well over a year ago now and still no sign of an update on those leagues ***.
  7. Re: paul scholes: will he get a rise if utd win the league??? TBH when I've seen him playing he's been playing like a 92 or so. No reason he shouldn't rise by at least 1, arguably 2, even if he does retire again in May.
  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Should Junior Hoilett not be in for a rise. I've been extremely impressed with him this season.
  9. Re: who will be the next 5 players to hit 93? I'd disagree with Carrick and Suarez TBH. Neither of them deserving of a 93 right now. Suarez is more than capable of hitting it but he must score more goals first IMO. He is quite wasteful in front of goal at times. Still a class act who should hit 93 at some point. I'd go: Hummels, Bale, Gotze, Hart, Mata.
  10. Re: EPL Ratings 'the best distribution of all PL goalkeepers' Someone said this about De Gea lol!!! Reina has easily the best distribution in the premiership. His kicking (with either foot and throwing) is fantastic. Not to mention his anticipation rushing out to stop opposition attacks, For me he is the best keeper in the premiership yet Cech is on 94 and Reina on 93 lol. Carroll - I don't know why he should rise. He has been awful for Liverpool. Welbeck - For me I think he can go to 89. He's broken into the England squad as well as looking really good for United. Lucas - Should rise to 91 for me. One of Liverpool's best players now and starts every game for Brazil. Berbatov - Must drop by at least 1. Never gets a game now.
  11. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Its hard to call Kompany and Toure. Both are playing better than the likes of Ferdinand for example but it does take time for players to rise and drop. The fact Kompany rose 1 last time may just stop him hitting 93 this time. If he plays well all season he will hit 93 for sure. I'd say its 50/50 for him. Toure I think the same really. Jones I agree, has been United's best defender and deserves 89 this time and then 90 by end of season assuming he continues in that form. Some of United's other defenders could drop though. Ferdinand for sure, probably Evra too. United have allowed more shots against them than any other team in the premiership this season. Lucky for them there are a lot of poor finishers about lol.
  12. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Silva's been the best player in the premiership do far this season TBH. Man United have conceded more shots at goal than every other team in the premiership this season! Crazy stat! Definitely something not right there. Lucky for them the opposition have been very wasteful and not taken their chances.
  13. Re: Phil Jones & Chris Smalling I would give Jones a +2 and Smalling a +1 but goodness knows what SM will do.
  14. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 What has Rodwell done to deserve a ride? He's constantly injured and has hardly played since last ratings.
  15. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 Damn Babatunde and Prychynenko both only got +3 rises instead of the 9+5 predicted. Still will make a very minimal profit on them but kinda wished I hadn't spent the money on them now. Stingy SM!
  16. I'm thinking about selling him to bring in higher rated talent. I know Pastore has loads of potential and is already figured for Argentina but I can't help but think that moving to the French league will hamper any chance of a rise in the near future. What do you guys think? Will he rise in the next ratings change?
  17. Re: Pepe Reina He's the best keeper in the premiership. There is no way he will drop! IMO he should be 94 but the fact Liverpool aren't in the CL will stop that happening.
  18. Re: Charlie Adam. How high will he rise? Definitely a +1 but if Liverpool carry on with their pretty good start to the season and he starts every game as he has been doing plus starts for Scotland as he has been doing, then I think there is a chance he could go to 90. SM do tend to rise players close to 90 by only 1 point at a time though so if I had to guess I would say 89 for now, 90 next time.
  19. Re: Rise and drop, my team Theres no way Di Natale will drop! He was top scorer in Serie A last season and is joint top scorer this season. Add into the bargain the fact he is now playing champions league football this season and I think he's more likely to rise back up to 93 than drop from 92 to 91.
  20. Re: Help with predictions, Raisers/Droppers? Lucas will definitely rise to 91.
  21. Re: Sergio Busquets As a defender M.B. Diouf then you will understand what an important role Busquets plays in that Barca team. With him holding in midfield and rarely passing the half way line it gives right back Alves freedom to fly forward and support Messi and co giving an extra option. Alves is also a huge cog in the Barca machine and his forward runs open up space for the other forwards to cause havoc. Anyway, we could go on and on here. Personally I'd have Alonso ahead of him too but only just. Alonso isn't as good defensively but has a much better passing game.
  22. Re: Higuain to 95 I would expect Higuain to keep his 94. He definitely won't rise IMO. He scored 10 goals in 17 games last season which is an impressive stat, lets be fair. Then a back injury ended his season (not his fault). I don't expect him to be penalised for getting injured. Benzema came in a struggled a bit but found his feet after a run of games ending with 15 goals in 33 appearances. Not as good a stat as Higuain but still decent. Benzema seems to have the starting role so far this season so has more of a chance of rising. If he continues to keep Higuain on the bench and they are both fit then I'd expect to see Higuain drop to 93.
  23. Re: Sergio Busquets Ok well we'll just agree to disagree then. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so fair enough. I think he is a vital cog in the Barcelona machine, as does Pep Guardiola. His team mates also speak extremely highly of him saying he doesn't get enough recognition. Also there is a huge difference in the skills required and tasks required of a DM/CM and an AM/CM. Anyway those are my thoughts.
  24. Re: Sergio Busquets 2 points I would make regarding your post: 1: If a player plays for a successful team who are winning trophies in European competition as well as domestically and a starter for his national team, who happen to be world champions, that alone is going to lift his rating up pretty high. If you know the game and rules you will know that its not just the player's ability alone that influences his rating. 2: Busquets is a completely different type of player from the ones you compared him to. It is unfair to compare him to Gerrard, Lampard, Modric, Schweinsteiger etc as they are attacking creative midfielders who's jobs are to make and score goals. Busquets is a holding midfielder who breaks up many opposition attacks with his tackling and excellent reading of the game. In fact he reads the game so well he has on occassions slotted in at centre half. He simply makes short 5 and 10 yard passes to the more creative players like Messi, Xavi and Iniesta who then go on about doing their jobs: Creating and scoring chances. Busquets plays the holding midfielder role as well as anyone in world football and is deserving of his 94 rating. In fact he could even rise again. After all Cambiasso is rated 95 and is in my opinion an inferior player to Busquets.
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