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    Hello everyone, I just joined the forums a few days ago. Name is Matt and I live in the US. For my first team, I was able to get my hands on a solid Chelsea team(mostly the normal rosters but a few good additions). Right now I am just working on building a youth squad for my team.
  2. Re: Your Best Player From Your SM Team Chelsea Best player: Didier Drogba - 5 Games, 5 Starts Goals - 2 Assists - 2 Man of the Match - 2 Form: 8-8-8-8-9 Highest Rated: Didier Drogba - 96
  3. MG89

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread I give it about a 9/10, need a left back unless you are running a three center backs which you are I am guessing. Anyone want to rate mine? I really didn't do any work on it since it is my first team and was lucky enough to find it open. (Post #753)
  4. Re: Right now i'm listening to... That is Three Days Grace who sings that, not Breaking Benjamin. and Right now, TNT - AC/DC
  5. Re: Should I play.... Yeah that is true Metz, so I will see if Drogba scores more on his own. His form is a constant eight through four games.
  6. Re: UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championchip) UFC is the best fighting sport out there. Wrestling is fake as a bowl of plastic fruit and boxing is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Can't wait for the fight tonight between Rampage and Forrest(Hope he wins).
  7. Re: "What nationality are you?" thread American - Born in Michigan and now living in South Carolina German(with a Jewish last name, lol) Italian Native American Polish Mexican American sums it up basically.
  8. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! Could anyone make me a signature with Michael Ballack in his German Jersey? German Colors in the background as well. Thanks in advance. Can't believe how poorly they played against Spain though, didn't see a quality shot the entire game(maybe one).
  9. Re: Should I play.... Anyone have a suggestion?
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