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  1. Re: Artur Sobiech. I realise this has nothing to do with Sobiech, but i'm struggling to find any info on Polish players. Pawel Brozek. I have him on loan at FENERBACHE SK in GC3 with an option to buy. Should i make a bid? Anybody who can help please PM me. Cheers!
  2. Re: Gameworld not working
  3. Re: Gameworld not working Half of mine are down. it's happening all the time now! no doubt my teams will have lost!
  4. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Kafoumba Coulibaly. Anybody give me some advice about the player? I have him at Fenerbache in gc3, along with two other similar older, but better rated players. Should i sell or keep?
  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread I have a team in a GC who are, with one exception, the best supported team in the division. My chairman stripped my transfer budget a few months ago. I had over £250m but that became £25m. My squad numbers around 40 and outlay is less than income. My point is this. The dominant club in the division has a squad numbering over 200, attendances well below those my club post, yet the club in question have tabled bids in excess of £60m in the last week? Before you ask, they haven't had a change in management! Anybody explain this to me?
  6. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Braghieri and Roncaglia. Two young (22) Argentinian CB's. Sell or keep guys? Currently used as back up for my first choice pairings. Appreciate any advice?
  7. Re: Rolando Bianchi Anybody know how his rating might change? He scores goals for fun at Fenerbache SK (GC3)
  8. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts"
  9. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts"
  10. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts" I manage Barca in wc4036. I have the biggest stadium in the league, yet attendances are 30k below capacity? Man utd, Madrid and Bayern don't apper to have that problem, why? Is this a problem throughout the game. It's a joke!
  11. Re: Didier Drogba for 55 MILLION! Do I Accept??!
  12. Re: Whats with all this coincidental bids on Sm today.. If you don't want to receive bids, don't transfer list 'em? What is up with you people? Don't tell me you haven't done the same!
  13. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season
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