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  1. hujsh

    My Brute

    Re: My Brute The dogs are easy to beat but the wolves and bears are a pain in the ***. I don't think you have to click BTW. They pretty much fight themselves
  2. Re: Giuseppe Bellusci 72- Future 90? (must buy) got him cheap still in a few and bought him anyways in others. Good tip mate
  3. Re: Indian Premier League 2009 I don't think anyone who isn't Indian can really get too involved in the contest. I have no link to any team apart from a few old favourites who still play (Warne Hayden etc) All i hope is that any Aussies don't get injured and ruin their career (Hayden)
  4. Re: Wellington - Brazilian Talent Here's hoping he turns out to be a good investment
  5. hujsh

    My Brute

    Simple timewasting game. http://hujsh.mybrute.com Join and pick you brute and he will fight other brutes. Simple and easy.
  6. Re: player reactions to transfer requests esp if you have a star
  7. Re: Eto Messi Henry positional changes I'd be screwed if Messi wasn't a forward
  8. Re: Top Talents List - All Price/Ability Ranges Is anyone really certain to rise in this game?
  9. Re: Cricket Thread No one wants to talk about the Aussie comeback? Wow that's surprising.
  10. Re: Top Talents List - All Price/Ability Ranges Someof the players need an update. Henrique for one is still in the 83-86 bracket.
  11. Re: Cricket Thread Since I made this comment quite a lot has changed. Since Haddin and Clarke had that opening partnership and showed the team to be aggressive again (especially against the spinners) our form has completely reversed. England are looking much more solid as well.
  12. Re: Cricket Thread Ashes should be a blockbuster now. Two in form great teams:rolleyes:
  13. Re: Cricket Thread So far we've lost only one match and Ponting is being rested for 4 of the 5. Lesser teams can win in ODI's especially with our guys in horrible form. Oh you mean ODI team. I don't care who's the numb 1 ODI team. I doubt the Aussies or Indians particularly need that cash reward.
  14. Re: Cricket Thread We'll come back. Hasn't taken much to be written off. We lost a home series which' date=' yes is huge. But it could have been won by either side In Mebourne or Perth. It could have been 3-0 or 0-3. The one dayers mean nothing. We got beaten 3-0 before the world cup by NZ so it's not new news that they can beat us. We're still far beyond them at test level. SA are number one for me because they beat us at home.
  15. Re: Top Talents List - All Price/Ability Ranges Any particular standout for right mids/right footed wingers atm?
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