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  1. Re: SM United Fifa 09 Clubs yer i already know but i am starting a new one
  2. Hello i'm looking to form a Soccer Manger team on Fifa 09 Clubs. It will be for XBOX 360 and any one interested just let me know. We will go for the neutural club of Liverpool. Please ask which players or positions u wana be thanks
  3. Hi i'm looking for a team of people who play on SM and have got Fifa 09 on Xbox 360, If you want to join please let me know i'm undecided on the team yet. So lets get started
  4. Re: Martin Laursen sell him he's finished. Told you so never believed me he's retired and he's careers gone. Not long before you will see the dreaded black sign lol
  5. Viktor Noring is a keeper currently playing for Trelleborg in Sweden and are yet to lose a game out of 3 matches. He is very unusual as it not very often you see such a young goalie starting. Name:Viktor Noring Club:Trelleborg DB:03/02/1991 only 18! Played: 3 games Mins:274 Cleansheets:2 Goals conceded:1 He's a big fella 194cm, and if he keeps on this way I can see him making 80 come ratings, but unfortunately he is not on database, but I have sent a ticket.
  6. Re: Håkon SKOGSEID, Uknown Norweigen Update: Now played every minute for his side in the opening games of the season I think he may have been called up for Norway but im not sure, but anyway the more games the higher the rating:D:D
  7. Re: International League 2009 enoh is he any good. anyway 3men dont make a team, I probly should of chose uraguay
  8. Re: International League 2009 cameroon are awful
  9. Re: International League 2009 i'm intrested but keep him till tomo until i get some more money
  10. Re: International League 2009 I need conformation from spain bout my players please
  11. Re: International League 2009 Everyone Steve Finnan for Sale, have a look at my team for any international players you want on transfer list
  12. Re: International League 2009 People are susposed to ask permision before selling Makpoun is going Porto:mad:
  13. Re: International League 2009 I said I would join yesterday, but I have been out today just got back
  14. Re: International League 2009 cool i've added him, just waiting on invite:D:D
  15. Re: International League 2009 sorry boys being out all day which league is it and i'll apply for espanyol found it but it says its private
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