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  1. Re: Heurelho GOMES It was Samir Handanovic that was the 89 I was thinking about. Will put a bid in for him as he's at an unmanagable club and will sell gomes. Is Handanovic likely to rise to 90 in the up coming ratings???? Also do you know of any 83/84's that will reach 87/88 as back up. I'm currently thinking of getting José MOREIRA of porto as he seems to have taken the number 1 spot off the likes of Quim (90) and Marcelo Moretto (86)????? Cheers
  2. I'm stuck in two minds what to do!!!! I placed Heurelho Gomes on the transfer list as I was thinking he was drop from 91 due to his poor start to the season. I paid £11.5 million for him and have just received a £16 million bid for him!!!! Theres 5 games left of the season and am 3 points outside the playoffs. Gomes has been playing pretty well and has regained his starting place from Cudicini. His he likely to drop and if so what to????? Will only be able to replace him with an 89 atm but looking to get brad friedel!!! Help is much appriciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey everyone, I've got a big semi final of the wolrd champ cup on monday 9th and am the lowest rated team in the comp being the only div 4 team! Now the team i've got have a much better squad and play 3-5-2 everygame. All help would be much appriciated!
  4. Re: Is it time to cash in on Parejo and Ledesma? Cheers guys, will wait till the end of january I think then will review them again then.
  5. With both rising to 80 in the last ratings change is it worth cashing in on them now? Parejo has now finished his loan spell at QPR and so won't be playing much unless he goes on loan again!!! Is this likely to happen??? Lesesma seems to be out of favour at QPR!! Is it likely he'll be able to regain his starting place?? Is it likely that either of these will rise at their next ratings if they continue on their current positions or should I cash in on my £5 million profit to get a few more players before the changes start next week???
  6. Re: Shaun Cummings Update. Report on Skysports.com. "MK Dons have extended defender Shaun Cummings' loan from Chelsea until the end of the season. The 19-year-old defender was set to return to Stamford Bridge on 4th January but will stay on to help the Dons' push for a second successive promotion. The youngster has gone from strength to strength in the League One high-flyers' defence this term, making 22 appearances in all competitions since arriving in August. He has regularly been played in his preferred position of right-back but can also feature in midfield as well as attack. The extension of his loan comes as Roberto Di Matteo's side push to continue a fantastic run which has seen them win 10 out of their last 11 league games to sit in second in the table" 30th December 2008. Also since my first post he has had 2 starts, adding 180 minutes to his already impressive amount so far this season. This has helped to increase the gap between MK Dons in 2nd and Millwall in 3rd to 5 points and are only 2 points behind leicester at the top.
  7. Re: Netherlands 2008/2009 Rating Changes Hey, I've been watching a few players my self in holland of which most you have reported for nice little risers!!!! 1 question though. Gregory van der Wiel,20 82-->86 from Ajax. Is there a chance he could go higher. he's played pretty much every game and got 2 assist from defence!!! Which most of the other starters rated 88/89 could he sneak to 87/88 or am I being a bit too hopefull!!!! Great thread, Keep up the good work.
  8. Re: A-League Rating Predictions Ah awsome, A couple of nice little risers and earners!!!! Picked them both up just before the last ratings change as they had both played a couple of games but got no rise so have kept them on and there now both starters!!!! yeah it does look better, easier to distinguish, I think it was the orange colour!!! Playing with my eyes a little bit!!!! Although you do need to make sure not to miss any!!!! for example KOVACIC, Antun should be in italcs and Wheelhouse, Jobe should be in bold!!!! :)
  9. Re: A-League Rating Predictions Hi liking the list so far. Maybe it would be easier to read if you did risers in Green, droppers in red and non movers in blue!!! Orange isn't the best color to read!!! Also looking forward to seeing what you think Ben Kantarovski and Marko Jesic will poss rise to!!! The first of which being a 16 year old who is playing regularly now for Newcastle Jets although they are currently bottom!!!! Cheers
  10. Re: Shaun Cummings I included the cup matches in the minutes and games played!!! Maybe should have mentioned them!!! Unfortunatly they are out of both competitions now so he won't be getting any more appearences from them!!!! Cheers for the info of adding pictures!!! Will try adding one now!!! Success!!!
  11. Hi, This is my first scout report so any advice/criticism is more than welcome!!!! Right so the player I am writing about is SHAUN CUMMINGS. Not too sure how to put pictures on tho!!! I've checked and there is no real information on him so here we go. Shaun was born on the 25th of Febuary 1989 in Hammersmith, London. He first started playing for Chelsea FC in the under 12's squad and has been there since. He signed as a professional in the summer of 2007 and is now in his fourth year as a full-time player. Quick and Well built, he began his career in the Chelsea youth team as a stiker or wide right however through his career he has evolved into a right back. Last season in the Chelsea reserves he started all 18 games and even scored a goal!!! This led to him being invited onto Chelsea's tour of the middle east earliey this year. This season with few chance within the first team set-up at Chelsea, Shaun left on loan in August for the league one newbies MK Dons. Since joining the old Chelsea player Di Matteo, now manager at the Dons he's been a revilation! He has made 19 starts in total with 1 sub appearance out of a possible 23 games and has accumulated 1698 out of 2070 mins, getting 1 assist and picking up 1 red and yellow card. This has help the Dons fly high in the league, currently 2nd in league 1. On the database he's rated 74 and can be picked up for roughly £450K. Although in league 1 MK Dons are 2nd and have just been promoted so the team is likely in for a slight rise at the next ratings change. If Shaun keeps plsying like this he should reach 78/79 maybe creeping into the low 80's!!!! Def one to keep an eye on!!!!
  12. As many of you may have found at clubs with small grounds or where finances are not in a great state at your club when players get injured it can be costly especially when you only have a smallish squad and so players have to be loaned in so you are paying double the amount on wages. How about if at the beginning of the season after season ticket money and chairman investment has occured you have the choice to take insurance for the season. The cost of the insurance is based on a percentage of the average players wages or average team value and so when a player is injured you would receive that players wages back and so is not as costly to your team. Obviously you can gamble and not take out the insurance. This would make the game slightly more realistic I feel! Sorry if this has already mean said lots before, new to the forum!!!!
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