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  1. Thinking about Swapping Casemiro for Frenkie De Jong…. Who would you choose!!!
  2. Messi or Neymar & Laporte? I have Hazard and griezmann as attackers Savic and Varane are my best CB. thx
  3. Re: Neymar or Hazard? Thanks, Went for Hazard...voted the best player in the prem so think ive made the right choice...
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Keep pogba
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi, Neymar or Eden Hazard? Cheers
  6. Hi, As the title says. Who would you rather have in your team? Cheers
  7. Re: Fabregas = Robben + 10m? Fabregas will get a lot of game time under Mourinho... If you need a winger keep Robben, if you need a CAM get Fabs..
  8. Re: Bale+Lopez for my Muller? Did you watch any of the World Cup?!? Keep Muller, after his performances he will hit 95/96. Bale is amazing dont get me wrong but Muller is the man of the moment... Messi shouldnt have got player of the tournament, Muller should have. Lopez..........zzzzzzzzz
  9. Re: Garay Rating? It certainly wont be going up! Russia is an awful league where ratings go to die... Sell him
  10. Re: sell Falcao for Lukaku and cash????
  11. Re: luca moura He is a very good player, he did not get his chance to shine for Brazil this year. Keep him.
  12. Re: Robben vs Schweinsteiger Two completely different players who play in completely different roles.. After this WC Robben should be 95. Player of the tournament so far...
  13. Re: Schmelzer or Boateng? I dont rate Boateng, im not convinced he will rise much more. It depends whether you need a CB or a LB more!
  14. Re: Pogba Vs Isco I have to say after reading reviews on both players pro's and cons it looks like Pogba comes out on top... Pogba was immense in Frances opener, described as the Bully as opposed to the bullied. Isco is a great player but hasnt made the impact for Real Madrid that everybody was expecting.
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My Isco for his Pogba? I have koke, Vidal, matic and illaramendi? Cheers
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