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  1. Re: ||Deal With It|| - Coming this May! U can count me in! If interested . .
  2. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Kieran Gibbs, Ander Iturraspe, Cheick Tiote, Tom Cleverley & Andre-Pierre Gignac are all available for reasonable prices/player exchanges!
  3. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread A very positive week for Newport County as the team has won their two last matches, respectively against Swindon Town (A) 1-0 and against Shrewsbury Town (A) 2-1. These were Armiri's first wins in charge of The Exiles. The squad has also had some changes since last Saturday, with Javier Aquino and Ola Toivonen leaving the club on a combined £16,7 mln. Valere Germain, Jose Holebas and Joey Barton joined the third division side for their last and most important matches of the season.
  4. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread A bad start for Armiri as Newport County loose once and draw two in his first three matches in charge of The Exiles. Despite management change, Newport County couldn't get out of this bad situation they are in at the moment. 6 looses and only 2 draws in their eight matches is a really disastrous record for a team which aims the promotion to the Championship. Armiri is trying to make things work out, but it seems like this isn't going to be Newport County's season. With 6 matches to go, the team is 5 points behind of the last place which secures the team a play-off spot and the goal difference isn't any help neither.
  5. Re: Wc 40000 Would appreciate it if someone informs me as soon as either Chelsea or any other team in the setup becomes available.
  6. Re: Wc 40000 Any chance I get the team offered?
  7. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread A new era begins for Newport County ! Just one day before the end of the Transfer Window, Newport County finally find their new manager. The Chairman Les Scadding decided to appoint the well known Tobias Armiri as the clubs new manager. The Albanian-German manager decided to take almost a year off and now is back in English Football, although not as Queens Park Rangers manager anymore, but now starting once again from the bottom. With 5 matches left, Newport County are sitting 9th in the table, with only 3 points behind of Swindon Town and Rotherham United who occupy the last promotion spots.
  8. Re: Wc 40000 Is there any team without a manager at the moment? I mean a team that has no manager but that has been offered to someone by the game.
  9. Re: To launch or not to launch that is the question? Haven't been such active recently and I think this kind of setup can be the right thing to start becoming active on the forum again. Interested to see your idea/s about this one.
  10. Re: Uprising Of The World's Worst Count me in' date=' I like the idea! But I will join with my second account as I only take teams on the 30th of each month as you know. (If that's okay for you) Ps. If it's possible I would like to take MYANMAR.[/font']
  11. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Excellent Queens Park Rangers! A brilliant promoted side, the best of all 3 promoted teams from the Championship managed to reach a top 5 position in their first season in the Premier League. The chemistry between the players worked almost to perfection and it was the most important ability of the team, which lead also to success. But for the manager, Mr. Armiri, that is going to be his last season in charge of "The Hoops" ! "It's one of the hardest decisions that I had to take as a manager, but I think it's also the right one. I am not sure if we are going to play a better season than the last one, and everything less would be a disappointment from me, and therefore I think that the best decision I can take, is to quit as I am still in time to leave the club as a good manager who made something of the players I had available. Thank you to everyone who helped me in my staying here. I wish you all a wonderful future!."
  12. Re: Uprising Of The World's Worst When are you planning to create this Gameworld Matt?
  13. Re: The MLS (Reality Based Gameworld) - Official Thread Hey guys, I am sorry for the delay, but to be honest I actually have been waiting for the shortlists by almost everyone of you. Instead, I have got it from only three. Seattle, Toronto and Vancouver Whitecaps. Therefore there isn't going to be any Re-Entry Draft like the previous season, but only this three teams will get their wished players. If someone else want also a footballer as part of the Re-Entry Draft just post it on the forum and get him afterwards. Seattle Sounders will get Evgeni Makee. Toronto FC get Jeffrey Bruma. Vancouver Whitecaps will get Fabian Frei. I wish you three good luck with your new players and I hope they can help you achieve your goals this season. Cheers!
  14. Re: The MLS (Reality Based Gameworld) - Official Thread I wasn't. You have a great squad for this season And btw. if there is some other manager ready to take it over from me' date=' I am totally okay with that.[/center']
  15. Re: The MLS (Reality Based Gameworld) - Official Thread Hi guys, I am sorry for not being as active as everyone including myself expect from me but I have had absolutely no time available for SM recently and it either doesn't look like this is going to change in the nearest future :/ I want to give you two news today, a good one and a bad one too, unfortunately. Let's start with the good one. Once again, it's time for the Re-Entry Draft, so please send me as soon as you can your shortlist so that I can pick a Drafting day by the end of the week. Don't forget, the players you will Draft should be 22 years and older and rated 87 and lower. The transfer fees for the Drafted players will come out of your transfer budget, but you won't pay the players wage. You also have the chance to buy your Draft pick in a P/E deal involving one or even two players, that is up to you. Now unfortunately the bad news. Due to my commitment issues and to the lack of managers who are ready to join this setup I have decided that this is going to be the last season of this MLS Setup. Despite the fact that I love this setup because it's one of the most complicated and interesting ones I have ever been in, it looks like a lot of managers aren't able to understand the rules and follow them properly what brings us to some really bad teams who have the best players around just because of that issue. The financial problem with the budgets of the teams is also a big problem because none of the teams have equal budgets what makes it for the small ones really hard to start building their teams up. And because of all this reasons, the best thing to do IMO is to finish this season and then to let this setup go. Maybe, after a while, when some more managers will gain the necessary experience I could create a new MLS but this is still to be seen. Once again, I am really sorry but I hope you can understand me. Thank you, and I will be waiting your shortlists as soon as you can.
  16. Re: The MLS (Reality Based Gameworld) - Official Thread As Brood said' date=' I think you need to inform us better about this problem.[/center']
  17. Re: The Fantasy Football League Today was the day in which I left most of my SM teams due to lack of time and commitment towards the game. And unfortunately San Lorenzo was also one of the teams I had to quit although, honestly this was the toughest decision ever I have ever had to take in SM. As you might have seen, I haven't been active at all in the thread and either in the game. Since the start, never have changed my tactics which is something I am not proud of because this is the kind of setups that need full attention from a manager and I didn't match the expectations. I want to apologize to Jkerrs in the first place, because he is a great man and he has been absolutely fair and kind to me and has involved me in all the first steps of the setup. He also created the setup on the 30th of October only because he knew that I only take and leave teams on this precise day of each month, but I totally disappointed him. I promised him that I would help him with the calculations and only after the 3rd matchday I stopped. Not because I didn't want to, but because I had absolutely no time available to do anything. And because of all that, I want to apologize to all you guys, and wish you all a good rest of the season in the setup. It's a terrific idea, with a wonderful guy in charge. Enjoy it! Tomorrow is New Eve, and I also want to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for the upcoming year! Cheers guys!
  18. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 As you guys have all probably seen, I haven't been active at all in the forum in the last couple of weeks. And now, as hard as it is for me to write this post, I am departing from your setup. Today was my last game in charge of Schalke 04 and Huntelaar's goal in the 83rd minute was the last one under my guidance and at least he gave me the chance to leave this club without having to face a defeat in my last game. I want to thank you all for making my stay a really enjoyable one and I am really impressed about the way this setup has developed and it's really a joy to be in, but I am planning to leave SM completely and will shorten up my teams month after month because of the less time I have available. I wish you all a great time in this setup and wish you all the best. And btw. I wish you also a Happy New Year! Cheers everyone !
  19. Re: English Championship 27777 - Discussion Thread An era is coming to an end! These are my last two days in charge of Everton Football Club and tomorrow will be my last match. After seeing the way this league is dying and the fact that I don't have any time at all for this game at the moment, I have decided that the best option and decision in this moment would be my resignation. I want to thank you all for your commitment towards this game and this amazing setup and for almost two great seasons in charge of a such good team. The results weren't that good after all but still, the joy this setup gave me is enormous. Thanks to all you managers and I wish you all good luck, and of course I hope that some great guy takes over my team and brings it to the next level. Cheers!
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... James Rodriguez or Jakub Blaszczykowski + Stefan Radu ?! Really important.
  21. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Nicolas N'Koulou or 10 mln + Ross Barkley ?! and James Rodriguez or Jakub Blaszczykowski + Stefan Radu ?!
  22. Re: Respuesta: The MLS (Reality Based Gameworld) - Official Thread Brood is right' date=' they have to fit in with the rules. Normal, Designed, Youth or Re-Entry Draft (as the SuperDraft is over).[/center']
  23. Re: New Forum-Filled Spanish Championship I am also interested
  24. Re: The MLS (Reality Based Gameworld) - Official Thread For all you managers who weren't able to get informed about your teams SuperDraft picks, here is a simple review of the Major League Soccer, Season 4 SuperDraft. MLS SuperDraft - Season 4 Review I wish you all good luck this season and let's hope this new players can make the difference for you!
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