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  1. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    No' date=' because he is rated 91 you will quickly get a loan out concern to add to your level two lack of games concern. This will make things worse so the only solution is to play him or sell him.[/quote']

    man this is really frustrating , i have been managing a barcelona team every since i logged into soccer manager this quite sometime back like 3 or 4 yrs ago i right now have a sm reputation of about 205 and now its all becoming boring, chiellini is injured and now has concerns about lack of games and then there are other players who wont even make it my 2nd squad with concerns this is not fair in real life you could just loan them out how can they get concerns for being loaned out ???

  2. Re: Chemistry!

    actually this kinda a good suggestion but should be a little modified i think

    like team chemistry should depend on how long the players in ur sm team have played together as a team and chemistry increases on wins and also depend on the trophies a team win and also things like transfers , if a losing team buys a good player then team should get a morale boost in a way and maybe if a team is winning and doing in the league then a silly transfer should affect the chemistry for example henry, eto and messi where doing really well for barca in 2009 but in 2010 when ibra came in n partnered up with messi and pedro , barca did do well but not as well as they did with henry messi and eto .... and a recent example is drogba was doing good with anelka but since torres came in chelsea have been confused with they way they are trying to get the right team

  3. im sorry i dint know where to post this but i just have a small question in piques position it is cb/ dm

    in a 3-5-2 formation is more like a 3-1-4-2 so i have a question if pique gets good match ratings if he plays in that 1 position and does a genuine CM like a fabregas or schwienstiger play well in that 1 position

  4. im sorry i dint know where to post this but i just have a small question in piques position it is cb/ dm

    in a 3-5-2 formation is more like a 3-1-4-2 so i have a question if pique gets good match ratings if he plays in that 1 position and does a genuine CM like a fabregas or schwienstiger play well in that 1 position

  5. Re: Need defenders ; what should i choose?

    Luiz better club , has been scoring goals also and already has a couple of man of the match performances , im guessing he might get a jump in his ratings just like pique chillini from 90-92 and then 92-94 but im kinda optimistic and this comes from a barca fan .... david luiz is class

  6. ASENJO, Sergio

    DELAC, Matej

    FABIO, Da Silva

    SANTON, Davide

    MICHEL, Macedo

    VRSALJKO, Šime

    DALMAU, Albert

    CALA, Juan

    PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos

    MUNIESA, Marc

    MIQUEL, Ignasi

    MISEVSKI, Filip

    KIKO, Femenía

    COQUELIN, Francis

    EVANS, Corry

    RAMSEY, Aaron

    JONATHAN, Dos Santos

    DELPH, Fabian

    SHELVEY, Jonjo

    ALEX, Fernandez

    SIELVA, Óscar

    LJAJIC, Adem

    CANALES, Sergio

    COSTA, Douglas

    COUTINHO, Philippe

    THIAGO, Alcántara

    ROBERTO, Sergi

    EL SHAARAWI, Stephan

    ASSULIN, Gai

    SUAREZ, Diego

    MOTA, Sérgio

    MUNIAIN, Iker

    DEULOFEU, Gerard

    VILLALVA, Daniel

    PACHECO, Germán

    SAIVET, Henri

    PACHECO, Dani

    SUNU, Gilles

    FONTE, Rui

    FREEMAN, Luke

    BAXTER, José

    TAFER, Yannis

    NOUBLE, Frank

    CATURANO, Salvatore

    BORINI, Fabio

    ZIGONI, Gianmarco

    PROSENIK, Philipp

    this is the list of few youngsters i have any suggestions on whom to keep and whom to sell ? help :)

  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    should i trade in john terry and gibson for sergio busquets ?

    i have pique puyol vidic as my main cbs and also have terry chiellini and thiago silva as my subs

    but in DM i have only xabi alonso as my holder and i only have khedira and banega as my stand by ....

    i just want to know if busquets is a potential 95 ?

    and does terry have another shot at becoming 95 or has he peaked ?

  8. Re: david luiz or gourcuff

    or i also have mata , do u think he has the potential to reach 95 or should i trade mata for luiz ,

    i have ozil ,fabregas, gourcuff ,khedira, banega and wilshire as my cms

    pedro, di maria ,piatti, mata ,perotti as wingers

    thiago silva ,kjaer ,ronacchio , bonucci , otamendi as cbs so what do u suggest

    but he is asking for only gourcuff dont think he ll agree for mata but i ll just try depending on what you guys suggest :)

  9. i know both are different positions but i want to know who has a better chance to get the highest rating in long term , i currently have gourcuff ... but since i read somewher that gourcuff has been very bad this season so just wanted to know and im really impressed by the way luiz plays

  10. Re: Riferimento: My Top 10 Most Overrated Players/Underrated Players

    Basically im saying he is doing it in both leagues' date=' so really if the prem was harder, coming from prem to La Liga Ronaldo wouldve been scoring a lot lot more than he did in the prem since la liga would be easier but he is scoring exact the same or near, obviously you need time to adapt but in a way it shows that with the defence theres not much difference, i agree epl has slightly better defenders though. Now Messi has scored similar goals to Ronaldo in this league with less apps so surely I think he can make it in the prem given he has some time to adapt, but with experience through CL matches I think he would easily get a good goal record.[/quote']

    dude there is no point explaining to these epl supporters , if people say epl has the best defenders then how come there are no epl defenders in the best fifa 11 . none ....infact there is not a single player from fifa 11

  11. Re: Xabi Alonso no rating increase?

    I have merged your thread. Please remember to try the search tool before starting a new thread on a thread. :)

    I think you have to remember that Cambiasso did just win the treble with Inter so his stock is generally pretty high. It's only about a third of the way through the season too' date=' which means SM are generally pretty cautious with dropping high rated players.

    Same applies to giving high rated players increases; the exceptions lately have been players who had terrific World Cups; players like Ozil.[/quote']

    Thanks a lot u made it easier :)

  12. Xabi Alonso no rating increase?

    How can xabi alonso not get an increase in the rating

    if you compare him to cambiasso , xabi alonso plays in the nt and they r the defending champions and also plays at a club playing better at the moment. I honestly think Alonso deserves the 95 he even keeps a player like fabregas on the bench in the spain NT

  13. Re: Smfa blocking a fair transfer

    well you say you use the same computer once a month.

    how do we know that your not just a cheat who logs on his cheating account once a month ?

    see the problem ? cheats always have a plausible innocent excuse.

    im not saying you are at all' date=' just saying send a ticket into SM but if they do not reverse the decisions then don't get angry as you can see where they are coming from :)[/quote']

    Lol u think im cheating then you can have a look we have barely transfered players and we have been playing the game for around 8 seasons and you can also see that he logs in everyday with his ip address n so do i and we acctually dont log in once a month compulsoryily , i was just saying if me n my friends use the same ip adress once ,why should it affect the transfers we do ?

  14. Re: Hernandez Xavi

    Do the deal XAvi is the best CM and he will start for barcelona for atleast another 2 seasons and even if barca get fabregas , then they will replace either pedro or busquets and never xavi

    their offense would be like this



    they way barcelona hold the ball in midfield they dont need a holdiing player or they can also play this way


    Fabregas Xavi

    Messi Iniesta

    David villa

  15. Re: Smfa blocking a fair transfer

    Well we use the same computer atleast once a month cause we end up going to each others house to watch the big games in our friends place .... will it be helpful if i send in a ticket about the this and I have not done any bad deals with my friends club infact they are stubborn to do deals with me cause I have a really good team :)

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