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  1. I offered Kjaer who is 90 and 21 yrs old for Hummels who is 90 and 21 yrs old , this is a fair deal right ?But smfa block this deal My friend manages a team the same set up so once when he came home he used SM on my computer and after that none of the deals between us are going through , he used to loan players before and now it does nt even let him loan players and did not even let me trade Kjaer for Hummels after he used internet in my house , is there a solution to solve this ?
  2. Re: SMFA blocking sale can any 1 give me a solution for my above mentioned problem
  3. Re: SMFA blocking sale I have the same problem , my friend manages another team in my set up and we do only fair deals , but i have lot of players so i loan him players sometimes and now he used SM in my house a week ago and now Sm is blocking any loan deal by him , and now just to try we tried to trade Hummels and Kjaer , same rating and age and SMFA blocks the deal what is the solution now ?
  4. Re: Pique & Lahm Deal should i trade in terry or evra or dani alves for lahm my other deferndeers are pique puyol ramos chillieni vidic
  5. Re: Neven Subotic vs Mats Hummels vs David Luiz vs Holger Badstuber! I have kjaer and i have a chance to trade him for hummels , do you think i should do it ? what could be the future ratings of both the players in around2 or 3 years?
  6. Re: La liga Barcelona vs Real madrid Oh ya Khedira should go up
  7. I am just comparing Barcelona and Real Madrid players Barcelona------ Real Madrid Valdez 92-----Casillas 95 ( fair enough ) Dani alves 94 ---Ramos 94 ( equal maybe ramos is a better defender ) Pique 94---Pepe 93 (Pique deserves a rise I think) Puyol 96---Carvalho 93 (Carvalho mayb deserves a rise to 94 , only good CB in madrid ) Abidal 92-- Marcelo 90(I taught marcelo was good for a raise but the way he played in el classico does not look like he will get one ) Busquets 91- Alonso 94 ( I personally think both deserve a small rise , busquets only cause he has been regular and plays decen
  8. Re: Terry , Lucio or Lahm Now the other manager is saying only silva and terry for lucio and sweinstiger and pastore
  9. Re: Terry , Lucio or Lahm I have mata and pedro for both wings .
  10. Re: Terry , Lucio or Lahm Yes i have cover for Silva and silva is my substute and even swienstiger will be a sub cuz i have xavi iniesta essien and robben
  11. Re: Terry , Lucio or Lahm What if i told you that the deal im negotiating goes like this.. I trade in Silva and John terry for lucio/lahm and swienstiger and pastore I know that silva and terry are 2 years younger than lucio and swienstiger but than im getting pastore also so its kinda tempting
  12. Re: Terry , Lucio or Lahm Hmm alves for lahm .... not a bad idea will try but does either of the 2 have a chance to hit 95 ? dont u think it will be hard for lahm the way bayern are playing now?
  13. I currently have terry and a really good defense with Ramos puyol vidic evra also have dani alves and pique and terry do you think i should trade in Terry adn get lucio or Lahm does any one of these 3 have a chance of hitting 95 ?
  14. Re: Torres or Rooney thanks a lot ppl think ill end up trading torres based on this thnks a lot
  15. I hve a chance to sign VIlla and i have torres and rooney ... so who do u think i should trade for villa ?
  16. Re: Lahm and Scweisteiger for Kaka?? hey i have a question i have been offered sneijder for kaka should i do it ?
  17. Re: Aguero deal help but who has more potential for the future
  18. Hey i have Torres Rooney higuain and pato so should i trade higuain for aguero?
  19. Re: David villa deal help i play 3 upfront and sometimes 4-3-1-2 or 3-4-1-2 with messi playing AM as playmaker where he is doing quite good , now that villa has moved to barcelona i have a feeling that he has a good chance to hit 97 hence i want villa and he is really consistent in any team he plays for , so i was considering trading torres if he does nt move out of liverpool this season
  20. Hi I currently have Messi , Torres and Rooney as my forwards and im trying to get David Villa . The manager has countered by asking Rooney or Torres and he is ready to give even cash in the deal . SO who should i trade in for Villa I also have Higuain .
  21. Re: Pablo Hernandez/Pedro/Silva/Juses Navas sell smalling or badstuber to an external club and u can buy him back when u get the money later or something like that
  22. Re: Casillas and Cesar ratings can any1 please send a ticket for me please im nt really into this in forum and stuff it would be really helpfull
  23. Re: Casillas and Cesar ratings Do you think it is worth sending a ticket about Julio cesar considering the italian ratings changes was just done ?
  24. Does any1 here think cesar and casillas should be same rating if not cesar having a higher ? I cant belive why cesar has not increased to 96 after considering that he won the treble and also confed cup and performing good in world cup on the other hand casillas without a doubt is a good keeper but he has not won anything for a few years now and also madrid conceed a lot of goals and was not at his best this season. so does anyone think cesar should rise and casillas should drop? please post ur suggestions
  25. Re: Young GK rating prediction help thanks a lot repp for every1
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