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  1. Can any1 tell me what ratings these goal keepers are getting , LLoris Neuer De Gea Asenjo and who is better asenjo or de gea and who is capable of being the future spain no 1 ? future in the sense long run in like 3 r 4 years
  2. hey does anyone play http://en.mcdonalds.fantasy.fifa.com/M/myteam.mc
  3. Re: The next 96 rated defender ? well looking at these predictions do you think i should trade in terry and get maicon and trade in dani alves and get in sergio ramos ? i have vidic puyol and evra also chiellini
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i currently play with 3 defenders terry vidic and puyol do u think i should trade in terry for maicon? does either of them stand a chance to hit 96 in the future?
  5. Re: The next 96 rated defender ? please mention if other
  6. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis (2010/2011) hey u say that asenjo is going to drop what are the odds of him making it big in the future who has a better chance to keep for spain in the future him or de gea cause i have lloris asenjo and de gea if asenjo is going to be a flop then i might as well sell him ... thanks
  7. Re: SMFA competitions to be introduced in Standard Setups hey u said AI what does that stand for and how does it work ? will ai change my tactics even if im online regularly?
  8. Re: The next 96 rated defender ? pique is also my favourite ddefender but he is still 92 and will be 94 next time but for him to get a 96 might take some time so i dint include him or i should take off the others option and make it pique
  9. who has the best chance to be the next 96 rated defender ?
  10. Re: Fabregas deal, urgent help boateng im not sure about but he is good i think he might be moving to man city but still fabregas is just amzing
  11. Re: Fabregas deal, urgent help i think u should trade lass instead of hamsik cause hamsik has a really good future and lass on the other hand is a very good player but he has a medical problem which might afect is career but the deal for a player like fabregas is really really good
  12. Re: Big risers from the big leagues-SUMMARY thanks for the replies but i was just considering a trade for de rossi and marchiso is de rossi capable of a 96 in like a few years down the line
  13. Re: Big risers from the big leagues-SUMMARY u think that essien will drop by any chance cuz he has missed a lot of games for chelsea and will miss the world cup
  14. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings 1}what are the odds of de rossi hitting 95 this ratings change and does he ha ve a chance to be 96 in the future in a year or 2 2} what is the maximum rating marchisio be in the future considering every1 says he is going to be future italian captain
  15. Re: Essien deal so i guess i will continue the deal and try to extract some cash in the deal
  16. Re: Essien deal but de rossi is also one year younger
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... hey do u think i should trade in essien for de rossi i have essien does de rossi have a chance to hit 95 and essien drop cause he has been injured and also out of the world cup
  18. Re: Big risers from the big leagues-SUMMARY dont u think de rossi will increase?
  19. hey i have essien and my friend is offering de rossi + marchisio and essien is in my team and do you think i should do this deal will dde rossi increase ? will essien drop considering he has been injured and not playing in the world cup ?
  20. Re: Inconsistant player positions ya i agree dont u think messi should be a f/w and not a f/am
  21. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i have ganso , paulo henrique , i have had him for quite sometime now got him for 20k is it the time to sell him ?
  22. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (10/11) considering atletico madrid winning the europa league , what do u suggest will be the ratings of players like forlan ,aguero ,asenjo and de gea .... i dont think that they can play ucl or europa next season as they dint finish top 8 this season or can they ?
  23. Re: Spam's Guide to - Risers, Droppers, Youngsters hey u say that gerrard will drop to 95 what do u suggest is a good replacement for him considering that i already have kaka iniesta xavi and fabregas
  24. Re: Tactical help i suggest u play 3-5-2 casillas ramos vidic chillini l diarra ronaldo alonso diego ribery torres higuain
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