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  1. I currently have Dani alves as RB and Evra as LB and have SCHENNIKOV , Gibbs , Rafael , Insua and Fabio as my stand bys well i want a good replacement for dani avles....who among these youngsters have teh best chance to hit 93 or 94 on the long run.....and does Arbeloa have a good chance to be a future 93 or 94 if he continues to play for madrid and also consider that he can only be the replacement for capdevilla for Spain NT for LB
  2. Re: Chelsea(Predictions) but considering the current form chelsea is in does terry essien and cech have a small chance of an increase by 1.... i think terry easily deserves a 96 any day better than ferdinand
  3. Re: few questions about EPL ratings changes any1 else with any more suggestions
  4. Re: few questions about EPL ratings changes what about terry,cech , song ,fabregas and cole
  5. i have afew questions about a few ratings changes of player does terry ,cech , cole have a chance to increase in rating by 1 atleast because of a good performan by chelsea especially maintaining a lot of clean sheets.... what about evra does he deserve a 94 and about thomas vermalean easily the best CB this season in EPL what can his rating go upto....and what about song what can his rating go upto finally easily one of the best player this season Cesc Fabregas does he have a chance to hit 96
  6. Re: who can be the next 96 rated Gk but not been a good team till nw ...but manc also nt performing as good as they started this season
  7. Re: who can be the next 96 rated Gk well long term yes asenjo and delac have a good chance.....but like soon who is the best bet for a 96 cech ,cesar or pepe reina or will any1 else have a better chance to real 96 soon .... because right now i have buffon and asenjo and i just heard that buffon might retire so i wanna try get someone else but casilas is tough to get and my friend manages that club and i have been try for 3 seasons to get casillas but has not been possible lol now wanna get someone else so who do u think has the best chance
  8. other than buffon and casillas who has the best change to become a 96 rated gk next
  9. Re: young GKs that will rise to high 80/90 i think the best is you try and get asenjo....he s in athletico madrid and will do very good there so he s the one for now and for the future...so he will also be getting CL football
  10. hey what will benzema s rating increase to in the next ratings change what will his rating be in the future can he hit 96 or 97
  11. Re: Which of these 3 forwards has the best chance to hit 97 ?
  12. Which of these 3 forwards has the best chance to hit 97 in the next rating change Villa Torres Rooney
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... hey do u think its worth trading xabi alonso and money for xavi if i have gerrard fabregas and kaka as my other CM and AM s
  14. what are the odds of his rating going up this season and does he have a chance to hit 95 in the future on the long run
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... hey i have a really good team....pepe is my sub CB ...liverpool have offered me skrtel and money for pepe so should i do the deal or ask try counter for skirtel and agger/lucas/castro/vidal/babel cause i want to get a youngster instead of money which youngster among these do u think is the best for the future
  16. Re: Matej Delač - future +90 goalkeeper who is gonna be the best on the long run delac asenjo or rui patricio
  17. Re: gago 4 yaya toure trade toure for gago cuz toure has chances to hit 93 and even if u lose on youngster now u can get one later in a few years and toure will be a 92 atleast for 2 or more years thats like haaving a 92 for 4 seasons almost
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i sent a private msg and help me the forward runs as well as im really bad with em and i not many ppl in my set up use it so that myt be of a little advantage and i alos have few good players like pepe and higuain and mandana out on loan
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