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  1. I think it's a bad idea as Alaba is versatile and can play a number of positions. It's unlikely he'll drop below 93 for a long time. I can't see Hernandez getting to that level any time soon.
  2. It would be good if squad caps were in place too. I play in certain game worlds where the creator has said there is a squad cap but it's often ignored by managers as nothing can be done about it.
  3. Loving your work and glad you're doing Netherlands soon. Any chance of doing Argentina after that?
  4. Who would you guys choose to sign between Holgate and Konsa?
  5. If you could do Argentina and Brazil then that would be great thanks.
  6. He isn't in database yet. Plays for Vasco de Gama.
  7. I picked him up when he was 76 rated just before he rose in some lower rated games I play in.
  8. Lots of Greek players added today so wondering whether Greek league might be next to be reviewed.
  9. Wan-Bissaka is being linked with some of top clubs in England so is a must keep. Joachim Andersen is being linked with moves to a bigger club too. Zagadou has been involved in a decent number of games with Dortmund so I'd hold on to him too. Brooks is being linked with Man U and Spurs so one to keep too.
  10. Matondo recently moved from Man City. Kabak moved recently from Galatasaray.
  11. The good thing about it is that hopefully it reduces managers who buy players with the sole intention of selling them for profit.
  12. What increase do you think Omur at Trabzonspor will get?
  13. I've had him in most games since he was added so pleased he has got a move.
  14. He had a good World Cup and probably gets +1 just for moving to England with Bournemouth doing so well.
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