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  1. You can keep them beyond them getting to 84. I was disappointed in Bayindir rating last time as was expecting he might go up to 86. I'm going to sell one of the two and get a young keeper as back up. My aim then is to strengthen other areas of team.
  2. In the process of trying to decide what keeper to keep. It's in a game with 84 rating cap. Bodart or Bayindir?
  3. I have picked him up in a few gameworlds already as was doing a check on under 18 players. As you say he is playing regularly. I think he has scored too.
  4. I'd get Haaland and Valverde or Bentancur for midfield. You could then sell Aspas and Vidal.
  5. I'm thinking in terms of short term whether he might get games next season with a view to rise
  6. I'm glad about Hornby move as Scotland could do with another option up front. Is there a particular site you use to keep up with transfers?
  7. @thorgan lesar @Kierans91 What you guys think of van Gelderen at Ajax? I know he signed his first professional contract recently.
  8. Game world going well so far as different strategies and competitive.
  9. Marco Angulo has been tipped to be a success and move to Europe. I think he was linked with Man City so could end up at Lommel. Another player at the same club he is at that I've done some research on is Moises Caciedo. He is a midfielder too and was part of the team who won under 20s Libertadores. He has played with the first team too. Feyenoord and Sevilla have been linked with a move. He is 73 rated and costs 300k
  10. I've seen some talk online that Pau Torres is linked with Barcelona. I'm not sure how true it is though.
  11. I tend to use a mix of Transefrmarkt and Soccerway. After that I do a google search and see if there are any particular news items about a player.
  12. I've bid for Stojinovic as he has been a regular for his club plus linked with Bologna as you say. Gvardiol is out my budget in this particular game world. I'm dealing with a very low amount of money ha
  13. A really good effort. Argentina is always a league I look for in terms of players who get decent rises and have long term potential from moving to Europe. I was surprised Paradela didn't rise.
  14. I've got Kotin on my shortlist. Only one not taken from there is Stojinovic so I've added him to my shortlist. I have been looking at Bondar from Shakhtar as he has played 10 games and Ahmedhodzic from Malmö. Average rating of my team is 74 so I'm ideally trying to get someone in who will play but should rise soon.
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