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  1. On 10/1/2021 at 5:06 PM, gyanthecat said:

    Hi there! I have a question for the more experienced SM managers here.

    I've been in a GW for about 5 years now and I've always known that its owner is basically a cheater, but I've never left the GW because it's my oldest and I'm attached to the team I have there.

    In addition to the shady trades and multiple accounts he runs, he came up with an even worse stunt this new season. Since his team is by far the best in the GW, but is in serious debt (about -500M), so he has no possibility, nor need, to buy new players, he has decided to close the market: It is forbidden to buy players from external or unmanaged teams, thus killing the GW.

    His goal is probably to make managers who are not part of his group of 'friends' get tired and leave the GW. This objectively would be the most logical action for me as well, but I ask, is there any way to stop him and have him punished?

    I mean, it's his GW, so he has the right to shut down the market if he so desires, but it's clear that his motive for doing so - without informing anyone of anything - is fraudolent and his behaviour is totally despicable.

    Thank you to anyone who can or wants to help me. :)

    Report it on discord. We managed to get something sorted with a manager who was blatantly cheating 

  2. On 9/28/2021 at 10:59 AM, Soccahappy said:

    Early days in season yet, but 90 would be possible if he maintains the momentum of performances and stats etc

    Squad Cap of Championship  comes into play here. It's 85 while Fulham or he stays there.

    Certainly a player who could move back to the premiership and rise much higher. But when is the imponderable question.

    Could get stuck there even tho his talents deserve more, that's the danger short term. Long term he is a good buy.

    Klosterman as has been said by @Toby Sfor his versatility otherwise both good prospects. 

    He's been mentioned and agree great buy for 700k. Never hurts to re-mention and thanks for posting as we all need to fill the gaps left by the "Greats" who have moved on recently.

    I strongly feel both Kieran and Rahul will return, just a question of time I believe. Once rested such talent and knowledge cannot be wasted and will come back home. I've been there myself and here I still am 😀

    Ps One way to attract both of them back is for the wider "audience" out there (Many multiples of watchers) to join in here and to post your questions and give your "likes" & "thanks" & even contribute yourselves. YES YOU reading this right now, your needed here now to inflate, invigorate & encourage the forum to greater heights again. I was once one of you over 5,000 posts ago, Please be brave, come forward and become one of us Now! 💥😀💥😀💥

    I think being part of discord chat is probably more valuable than the forum now. It's a chance for the community to have an impact on improving the game.


    There are options there to make rating predictions and even help with running of the game 

  3. I'd like to say that I'm sorry to see that Kieran has decided to take a step back in here. 


    Obviously we had quite a visible argument on here but always respected the work he does to help people on here. 


    I also don't have enough time these days due to life getting busy and having more pressing commitments.

    I'll still try and help on the odd occasion.


    Maybe I'd be more keen to contribute if SM Worlds had provided the promised changes that were going to happen.


    I've said many a time I prefer the custom gameworlds where there is a different strategy to just signing all the best players.


    If anyone has any queries then PM me as more likely to answer that.


    I do feel forum would benefit if more threads were used as very difficult to keep track of things on here if you don't come on for a week or more 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Diaby/Ocampos maybe Diaby slightly ahead.

    Bergwijn last, hasn’t really kicked on at Spurs as I would of hoped, always rotation unless that changes this season.

    Fekir, Donny never plays really frustrating situation at United because he’s a top player.

    Probably, basing my thoughts off of what I’ve seen at City, great ball player don’t get me wrong, but physically I don’t think he’s cut out for the Premier League.

    Definitely think La Liga will suit him, so should be a great move in that sense, seen he’s getting game time too.

    Yeah, completely different leagues. I expect him to play regularly there with financial issues plus at Barcelona they effectively want their centre backs to be central midfielders at times. They do seem to have a lot of centre backs though with Pique, Lenglet, Umtitti, Araujo and Mingueza

  5. It's been a while but I have a player who is one to watch.

    Calvin Ramsay at Aberdeen has only recently turned 18 but looks like he has been playing first team football for years.

    He is the modern full back who is assured going forward and has a trick or two. He hits set pieces, is physically strong and I think will go on to play at a high level.

    Current rating is 67, max rating he can probably achieve at current club is around 82/83.

  6. On 9/8/2021 at 4:08 PM, Kieran_S91 said:

    Pedri’s potential is probably the highest out of the 4, I think Oyarzabal has peaked, for me he will struggle to reach 93 at Sociedad.

    Ive never been a fan of Eric Garcia but that could change at Barcelona, I think the league would suit him more. As for Olmo another one who impressed last season and over the summer, I think he could reach 91 this season.

    To add to the players Toby has kindly mentioned, you also have top youngsters in, Alejandro Balde, Bruno Iglesias, Fabio Blanco, Carlos Alvarez, Raul Moro, Benat Turrientes, Pablo Torre.

    Players who aren’t currently on SM, but worth remembering when they do: Javi Serrano, Alvaro Bastida, Chuky, Diego Almeida, Rafael Obrador, David de la Vibora, Iker Bravo.

    Eric Garcia maybe got potential to do similar to Pique when he moved back to Barcelona. He's involved with Spain too.


  7. 1 hour ago, Johan said:

    I remember playing In off the Post and KJC games but through email because im not from England. I just googled and saw both still have websites. 

    You'd think something unique would stand out more because there's already so many other games similar to football manager on playstore. 

    Used to be crazy as a kid that it was allowed that some random adult was calling your house to try and buy Hagi off you.

  8. 3 minutes ago, PraetorianGuard said:

    To me, this just signals that they are getting closer to just pulling the plug on Worlds outright. The day will come sooner than later I am afraid.

    Maybe they should prevent new gameworlds being added so that the current ones that are available are filled.

  9. Just now, Vinnynx said:

    Understand that mate but he promised on forums discord etc the updates so he's bound to get the backlash ...tbh it's not on I've pumped loads of money in sm worlds over the year it needs serious attention....and he is one of the 2 or 3 founders so it's bound to come back to him 

    Any dealings I've had with Steven on there have been very positive. 

    I guess maybe they are trying to sort the database out first.

    Its frustrating that updates haven't happened yet but maybe budget has been reduced due to Covid

    It will be interesting to see if promised updates come such as squad caps which would be a positive move.

  10. Just now, Kieran_S91 said:

    Second instalment of this weeks 5 MUST BUYS, tonight we have the 17 year old Colombian who has recently been signed by Watford for 2.5 million and will join when he turns 18.

    2 out of 5!

    Yaser Asprilla (17) is one of the most talented teenagers coming out of Colombia in recent years, he made his debut for Envigado December of last year, Envigado has produced many decent players in Colombia including James Rodriguez.


    Asprilla is considered a roaming midfield playmaker, he can play a number of positions though, including an advanced playmaker or as a winger.

    Technically, Yaser Asprilla is very gifted individual who has creativity and dynamism to his play. He is excellent in 1v1 situations, using his agility and close control to great effect when attacking his opponents. Diminutive figure who has fast direction changes and good short dribbling skills.

    He likes to orchestrate play when in his central midfield possession, using pinpoint long passes with his exceptional vision to seek out the right pass, he’s also good at breaking the lines with through balls or to beat the opponents press.

    There are still areas where he isn’t as strong, I would say that these are his aerial ability and his physical strength which he will improve as he matures and grows into his body.

    SM rating - N/A

    Value - N/A

    Any relation to the one and only Faustino?

  11. On 9/6/2021 at 5:15 PM, Soccahappy said:

    Early Spreadsheet Predictions for France below:

      Be careful of the reddish boxes where SM rate the higher rated players by Performances rather than stats.

    Minutes will vary game by game and league position also helps a lot. Anything over 0% indicates likely riser, higher the better/safer. Negative percentages don't predict a drop just less chances of a rise. The more games played the more accurate the predictions will become.

    I am concentrating mainly on Younger under 89 rated players as these are more consistent risers and more profitable, Goal keepers are dealt with by SM in a completely different way, which is why I mostly also ignore Gk's 


    Early days for the BIG5 but will keep updating. Found it strange as its sometime since I last did a spreadsheet BIG5 Prediction but should be ok even though I have been interrupted 3 times by the phone this afternoon. Some interesting younger players, I wonder what @jaybee will make of them??

    To SM Search for this post FranBorde and FranAnge  ie  Now two keywords of 4 and 5 Letters for Country and Club into one word no spaces, I will try to remember this each time. Please remind me if I don’t and I will edit. (Had to change to 4 & 5 as otherwise all last seasons would show up on the search_ 

    Thanks for the Forum’s interest and support for the Spreadsheet, which is greatly appreciated, Cheers Socca😀

    Ps More usual time between 5pm to 6pm tomorrow

    Cho is someone in particular I have been tracking since he made his debut last season. One to watch for sure as looks like he might be a regular starter this season.


    Maybe get a better idea once first ten games or so are played 

  12. On 9/2/2021 at 10:53 AM, thorgan lesar said:

    They should do players who are in the selection of the first team. It must be earlier.. Dion De Neve for example played a couple of times already, but was added by me before he played. Still not added.. Martin Wasinski played 2 times, the same... Rouseau De Poorter got 2 times the game selection, still not added.. I'm not entirely agreeing it must be only players who are playing.. 

    I have to disagree as there are so many leagues that it's easier to prioritise those who have actually played first team football.


    Once that happens then add players who are on fringes of first team squad. That way there won't be such a backlog of players to be added.

  13. 1 hour ago, thorgan lesar said:

    That's called scouting and for sure for a game.. There are a lot of people who wants to buy before they are playing in the first team. In that way they have the chance to get them before there is duel between more clubs or when he's too expensive.. 

    No need for a game to hold such players at back-up. They should do both instead of chosing priorities..

    They should definitely prioritise first team players to begin with.

    Once that js sorted then sort out youth players. I like signing young players in the main but its crazy that people try adding them before players who have played upwards of 15 games in some leagues.

  14. 11 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:

    Not entirely true. Did a lot of players already who haven't played at the highest level..

    And if they aren't going in the database what's the point being in SoccerWiki ?...

    I think priority should always be given to players who play first team football.


    Too many people adding players who have never played a first team game.

  15. Week 2


    Look out for Ruggeri at Salernitana who is on loan from Atalanta and could be a decent riser. He's a left wing back


    Player Club Rating Age Apps Mins
    Lovato Atalanta 83 21 1 7
    Piccoli Atalanta 80 20 2 23
    Hickey Bologna 82 19 2 137
    Olsen Bologna 83 21 2 23
    van Hooijdonk Bologna 77 21 1 4
    Vignato Bologna 83 21 2 64
    Carboni Cagliari 82 20 2 174
    Walukiewicz Cagliari 85 21 1 63
    Zappa Cagliari 85 21 2 53
    Bajrami Empoli 84 22 2 160
    Ricci Empoli 83 20 2 180
    Sottil Fiorentina 85 22 2 19
    Vlahovic Fiorentina 88 21 2 180
    Cambiaso Genoa 75 21 2 135
    Serpe Genoa 70 20 1 45
    Vanheudsen Genoa 85 22 2 157
    Melegoni Genoa 80 22 1 13
    Rovella Genoa 82 19 2 180
    Bianchi Genoa 73 21 1 45
    Kallon Genoa 73 20 2 78
    Pandur Hellas 80 21 1 90
    Sutalo Hellas 82 21 1 16
    Ilic Hellas 83 20 2 108
    Cancellieri Hellas 67 19 2 107
    Satriano Inter 70 20 1 13
    Kulusevski Juventus 89 21 2 54
    Andre Anderson Lazio 78 21 1 20
    Romero Lazio 73 16 1 9
    Rahul Moro Lazio 70 18 2 49
    Tonali Milan 89 21 2 158
    Maldini Milan 76 19 1 5
    Elmas Napoli 87 21 2 145
    Gaetano Napoli 80 21 2 18
    Calafiori Roma 78 19 1 8
    Ibanez Roma 87 22 2 180
    Bove Roma not on DB 19 1 3
    Zaniolo Roma 89 22 1 52
    Ruggeri Salernitana 76 19 2 180
    Zortea Salernitana 78 22 2 37
    M Coulibaly Salernitana 82 22 2 180
    Askildsen Sampdoria 78 19 1 24
    Damsgaard Sampdoria 86 21 2 175
    Frattesi Sassuolo 84 21 2 169
    Traore Sassuolo 87 21 2 27
    Raspadori Sassuolo 86 21 2 145
    Scamacca Sassuolo 86 22 2 13
    Hristov Spezia 80 22 2 121
    Colley Spezia 82 21 2 149
    Antiste Spezia 78 19 1 10
    Singo Torino 83 20 2 180
    Udogie Udinese 73 18 2 57
    Svoboda Venezia 81 22 2 117
    Busio Venezia 82 19 1 90
    Heymans Venezia 78 22 2 132
    Sigurdsson Venezia 83 22 2 46
    Tessmann Venezia 78 19 1 27
    Galazzi Venezia 70 20 1 15
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