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  1. It's an interesting one with them having a new manager. I notice more and more English clubs are focusing on signing young talent from abroad. For Wolves or Brighton now they can afford to take a bit more of a gamble on a player at around £4million. It's peanuts to them.
  2. Something that I looked at that I found to be interesting ahead of Scotland v Croatia is look at caps awarded. The Croatia team that started on Friday against Czech Republic has 659 caps. Scotland team has 287. It just shows what terrific experience Croatia have. I expect they might make a couple changes tomorrow. Maybe Brozovic and Vlasic coming in. As for Scotland there will be one enforced change. Debate is whether to move McTominay back in to midfield and bring in Cooper or bring in a different midfielder for Gilmour.
  3. You not think Atletico Madrid players will be rewarded for winning the league?
  4. Nice one. Gives a nice balance. I tend to keep a first team squad of 25 so will allow me to potentially get more youngsters in to full youth squad
  5. Billy Gilmour has tested positive for Covid and will miss Croatia. Massive blow for us after his performance on Friday.
  6. Only just spotted this one today but Yerson Mosquera has signed for Wolverhampton. Highly rated centre back from Colombia. Rating - 76 Value - 360k
  7. That helps me confirm who is going in fantasy football team for this matchday. Cheers Thorgan
  8. Thought he was almost certain to go to Leipzig so slightly surprised with this move. Hope he does well as Leicester are incredibly well run
  9. England have great player but an average team
  10. He doesn't like anyone disagreeing with him though or you get private messages to put him on ignore
  11. Absolutely superb tonight. Everyone had written us off and England looked scared. Bring on Tuesday. Proud
  12. We were tremendous tonight. England looked scared. We need to win on Tuesday
  13. Hendry is decent going forward but we were a bit exposed when he did which was highlighted by second goal. Marshall obviously at fault too. Tierney being fit gives us a different attacking option as he is so good at breaking forward from deep. He is great in the under lapping centre back role plus can overlap Robertson when he stays back to cover for Tierney.
  14. My Scotland team for England game Marshall Hanley Cooper Tierney Forrest Gilmour McTominay McGinn Robertson Fraser Adams
  15. That looks sensible to me as you've pretty much secured the group. You not think Martinez will be tempted to start Eden Hazard?
  16. That would make sense. It's an ideal game to give players minutes as they may be needed later on in the tournament.
  17. You have the advantage of being able to play them as you have pretty much secured the group. Ideal game to give them more minutes.
  18. Nathan Patterson rose to 78 today. He has loads of potential and hopefully can be the player to resolve Scotland's issues at right back. A lot will depend on how regularly he can feature for Rangers which will be difficult due to Tavernier. He's a modern full back who likes to get forward at every opportunity.
  19. I'd definitely keep Daka then. Latest club he's been linked to I believe is Leicester. Previously linked with Leipzig and did see some speculation about Liverpool.
  20. Daka being linked with moves to some big clubs so I'd look to keep him. Who else do you have up front?
  21. Absolutely. It might almost help you that de Bruyne, Witsel and Hazard can be eased back in to the starting lineup.
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