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  1. Anyone able to do predictions for Argentina and Brazil please?
  2. @brocky64 Yeah, I saw that this morning. I've put bids in on him for all games that he qualifies to play in. Hopefully I get him in as many as possible.
  3. Any idea why David Neres hasn't been added yet? Players in Europe seem to get added after a couple games.
  4. Guido Rodriguez goes from 82 to 84. I signed him a while back in a 80 rated signing rules situation so I'm pleased.
  5. Leverkusen seems the ideal place for young German players to get their chance and stay in the team. I see Brandt was linked with Bayern but he said he wants to stay.
  6. A bit random how Sanchez of Ajax got a rise the other day. You'd think they'd wait till league was reviewed.
  7. Nice one. I subscribe to their mailing list and thought it might be you who wrote some of articles.
  8. jaybee


    How you doing? I play in a few lower rated game worlds after initially only going teams in normal games. I enjoy lower rated ones more.
  9. Anyone able to predict good risers from South America? I've got quite a few in lower rated game worlds.
  10. I use him as a left winger in a 4-2-3-1 and he bangs the goals in.
  11. I like the anticipation of seeing who will change. It makes game a bit more interesting.
  12. It depends on your squad and where you need to strengthen. Do you want players who will play straight away or you willing to wait for players to develop?
  13. I'm expecting Blin and Bodiger to increase too.
  14. Thill goes from 65 to 75 and Didillon from 80 to 85.
  15. Isak up from 72 to 80 which is a great rise. Got him in most of my games.
  16. I'm interested in seeing how Jorge, Vitor Bueno, Luis Henrique, Thiago Maia and Roger Guedes do.
  17. Good thread. Thought we'd see more activity on it.
  18. I could possibly be tempted to join.
  19. Yeah, it's ridiculous. I like signing young players to see them develop but it's becoming pointless if SM don't increase their rating when it is deserved.
  20. Is this not being tracked now? One of best topics on here.
  21. It's will be interesting to see how much he plays now that Goetze and Schurrle have signed.
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