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  1. I had same issue in one of my games. A few people reported cheating and they removed the cheat from all the clubs apart from the main one which was benefitting from getting top players in for low value while selling average players for over the odds.
  2. Koulibaly might go to 90. Ziyech will need to move to one of the bigger leagues in Europe to rise. Roberto might deserve a 90.
  3. Concerns are annoying. Douglas Costa is level 4 concern for me even though he has played in 24 out of 38 of my league games.
  4. Ivanovic dropped earlier in season and since then Chelsea's form has improved. That's why I think he will remain. Depay has been disappointing but sometimes players can take a season to adjust to a new league.
  5. I think Begovic, Ivanovic and Depay will keep their ratings.
  6. Pulisic up to a 77 but I think it should have been higher. They should have waited till end of the season.
  7. I seen it mentioned somewhere else on the forum.
  8. As far as I know it would mean 5 English clubs would qualify if Liverpool win Europa.
  9. If Liverpool win Europa League and qualify for Champions League then it will obviously make a difference on who they can sign. I'd imagine with Klopp being so charismatic that players will want to sign for the club.
  10. I don't think Stones should rise as he hasn't been a regular pick. Barkley deserves to rise. If he does though Alli should be at same rating.
  11. Tierney rose recently. At best he might get 82. I think Origi will stay same for now.
  12. I hadn't heard of Lafont before checking forum the other day. Glad I did as signed him for most of my teams.
  13. I signed him at right time for most of my teams. Had a bid in for him in one league when he was 77 rated but had to cancel bid when he moved to 82. It is a league where 77 is highest rating you can sign.
  14. You'd have to imagine that all players who have been nominated in player of the year categories will get around a +2 increase.
  15. I'm hearing that top leagues should be reviewed next month. What do you guys think Kimmich, Coman, Ginger, Weigl and Pulisic will rise to?
  16. It's a difficult one as I think Rodriguez neends to move if he wants to improve.
  17. Planning to sell either Bernat or Ricardo Rodriguez. Who would you guys keep?
  18. I've started my first custom game world and looking for managers to join. I have 6 so far. It is a European Championship. Game ID is 248199
  19. I've set up a new game world and looking for managers to join. I have 6 in league so plenty good teams still available. Game world ID is 248199
  20. Re: Need Help from Experienced Players
  21. Re: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion I'd like to see cup appearances count in statistics. I like to rotate my squad in these games so that my first team is fit for league fixtures. It may help reduce concerns that players have about not getting played.
  22. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" A really good write up. I will be keeping an eye on how they progress.
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