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  1. Re: need help on JORGE FUCILE thank you guys i think ill sell ur advice has been very important to me and i appreciate it. i am a long term manager with a youth side of 25 all possible risers. but i cant turn the money down and you never know gallas could rise again depending on this seasons champs league. im a small fish in a big pond so the money will have to win. once again ty
  2. Re: need help on JORGE FUCILE thanks guys he has know upped his bid to 8 mil plus gallas, this guy wants him bad hey. how long do u think ill get 93 out of gallas thanks
  3. hi a high profile team in my league is taking a very keen interest in jorge fucile, who is rated 90 he has offered me 5 million and william gallas, whats the future for fucile why is he so keen. any help or advice thanks
  4. hi i need help with a problem im having in my league the manager of fulham is making bids on every player i look at or bid for he has even reported a deali have going through. everytime i bid for sum1 he bids when i shortlist somebody he goes for them. now i know he isnt cheating but this is very annoying so what do i do
  5. Once again M Carrick has been overlooked in the rating changes what the hell does he have to do to get off 91. win the champions league oh sorry done that. when you look at the players that join him on 91 u will see its a joke. sm needs to sort this out. get a grip sm
  6. hi guys need help ther is money on this. only £50 but i must win. my team is wigan im in english champ 16. i took over when they where in division 3, ive got them upto the premiership in 3 seasons so ive done well. the thing is ive had my mate a bet who his fulham and always been in div 1 but finishes mid tao can help get in touchble every season. the bet is ill finish above him. currently im 8th he is 2nd by 5 points. my problem is i always win 3 games then lose 3 games. i need some help on the the tatics. i need to win or draw those games im losing. what makes it worse is this guy has not got a clue what he is doing, and logs on once every 3 weeks or summit. so not commited like me. anyone who can help get in touch wigan english championship div 1
  7. does anybody agree with me that M Carrick is an outrage at 91 rating for so long. There are so many playerswho are not as good or have won nothing like he has that are equal to or higher here are just a few. R QUARESMA = 93 j cole = 93 xabi alonso = 93 makelele = 93 j veron = 92 t cahill = 91 b ferguson 91 M Carrick outplays all of these playersbut has remained in the 91 club for so long. surely after last season he deserves to be at least 93, let me know what you think.
  8. Re: Jack Wilshere - Arsenal hi mate cant find him on the db.
  9. Re: Ashley-Paul Robinson i must have missed this. what did he do
  10. Hi can anybody tell me what M Carrick has to do to get a rating change, he has been on 91 for ages and in my opinion should be at least 93. also does anyone know who the risers will be in the next croation rating change.
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