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  1. Re: Cahill or Arteta of Everton?
  2. Re: Money becoming Pointless??? has anyone read this? http://blog.soccermanager.com/ideas-suggested-improvements/ideas-suggested-improvements-transfer-budgets.html i think that would work alright
  3. these are just some ratings that i think need a change RAFAEL 77------83 Carrick 91---92 Higuain 90----91/92 Eboue 89----88 Fletcher 88----90/89 Fellaini 89------90/89 Keane 92-----91 Gomes 91------90 JAASKELAINEN 91-----92/91 Jagielka 88-------89 any thoughts?
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... should i buy Olano XABI ALONSO for Mathieu FLAMINI + 10,000,000
  5. Re: Marcelo Marcelo has the potential to hit 93 he is only young so he still has a lot improving to do
  6. Re: Darren Fletcher Still 88 ?? i agree he deserves a 89 or 90 at the moment he is playing really well and has been a key for Man United this season
  7. Re: Need a good replacement GK ready for Van Der Saar retires i wouldn't buy gomes made a lot of mistakes this season
  8. Re: 3-5-2 not working well anymore???? i have noticed this i was playing the 3-5-2 with two of my teams and they both are not going very well at the moment
  9. Re: Things I would like to see nice ideas i have always been in favor of the idea that players can handle in transfer requests and i think it would make the game a lot more challenging and fun. i also like the idea of substituting the player that is playing the worst
  10. Re: Alex Del Piero, Unfair Rating!!! spot on mate not happy with this rating
  11. Re: Zdravko KUZMANOVIC MUST get +1 to 90 i was sure that he was going to rise i also thought Gamberini deserved a rise i have been a touch disappointed with some recent rating changes
  12. Re: Australian ratings Central Coast Mariners VUKOVIC, Danny 78--------76 BOSNICH, Mark 70-------75 HEFFERNAN, Dean 79------------77 D'APUZZO, David 70--------72 CLARK, Andrew 75--------76 BOOGAARD, Nigel 80-----------80 WILKINSON, Alex 78------------78 HUTCHINSON, John 77----------78 OSMAN, Matthew 74------76 JEDINAK, Mile 81------------82 GUMPRECHT, Andre 75---------74 PORTER, Bradley 73-------------77 ELRICH, Ahmad 79---------77 OWENS, Greg 77-----------75 KWASNIK, Adam 75----------76 PETROVSKI, Sasho 78-------------78 SIMON, Matt 76----------78/7
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