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  1. Re: Rate My Team Thread
  2. Re: PC game: Battlefield Heroes I love the battlefield series, and this looks like some good old fun. I dont like 3rd person shooting though, but it will still be fun.
  3. Re: The Wrestling Simulator Ok, The great Khali vs Umaga in a submission I guess the great khali will win
  4. Re: SM Poker League - Intrested ? count me in, i already have an account on gamessdesire, and i will sign up tp pkr.com. I am defo in though
  5. Re: Best Ever Wrestling Match DX vs Spirit Squad - pure ownage! here is link to best bit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-MKEgs1Y84&feature=related
  6. Re: How do i beat a 4-3-3 I would play lots of midfielders and attck down the flanks with short passing and counter attack. Play 2 deffensive, a centre mid, and 2 wingers (Farfan and Arda) charging down the flanks. That is what i would do
  7. Re: Dwain Chambers - should he go to the olympics? lol, i saw him playing on the tv, and he was getting hammered. The scary thing is, he looks lkike one of the biggest athletics starts, and he was still getting punded.
  8. Re: Hleb Move to Barcelona Seems Certain. Does that Mean we'll see Arshavin to Arsenal? I dont think tha walcott has enough experience to be a first team regular yet, but i could see Eduardo playing right wing forward
  9. I support Liverpool, so i would either want David Villa to partner Torres in the premiership, or Aguero to partner him. Who would you want in your team? Only 1 or 2 players allowed
  10. Re: Crouch to be top scorer? Ronaldo will flop this season imo. there is to much pressure on him
  11. Does anyone like them cause i do
  12. Re: Official Wrestling Thread I am not a great fan of wrestling but i remember there was a match between mysterio and batista, and i liked that one.
  13. Re: The Wrestling Simulator Umaga vs The great Khali in Elimination chamber........
  14. Re: Dwain Chambers - should he go to the olympics?
  15. hello everyone; I joined SM a few weeks back, and I have found that it is an excellent game. About two weeks ago I went on the chat service and started to talking to some people, i then found that i was banned, and after sending a ticket, i realised that i was banned for spamming when i did no such thing, and the only reason i was banned was that i was trying to join in and have fun, but Nathan Kirby banned me for some banter when all his friends were doing worse and not getting any punishments for it. When i joined SM i new it was an excellent game, but is is obvious that some peopl
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