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  1. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Thanks for the fast reply.
  2. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Will James Mcclean be rising? and If so what rating could you predict? He's currently 78.
  3. I've used the search tool, and some threads have being totally abandoned for months, I was wondering if someone could recommend me a list of cheap young players preferably under 21, and around 100-200k for investment. Also if anyone would have a source (Website) in which I could research on "Up & coming" Youth players that would be awesome. I only have a little money at my current club & I'm looking to invest that on buying young players for the future, I'm sure someone out there knows a few youngsters I could buy. I've got around 11-13 million, and I'm looking to bring in as many youths as possible. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I was wondering is the 4-4-2 a winnable tactic and could I implement it with my team? I'm currently playing 4-5-1 and my starting team can be seen below. As I want to play Podolski & Klose upfront together?, with Malouda & Rafinha running down the flanks. Any Advise would be worthwile thanks.
  5. Re: New European Championship For Forumers (Opening Shortly) I've accepted
  6. Re: New European Championship For Forumers (Opening Shortly) Hello, could I possibly be the Chelsea Manager? If so my profile link is http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?cid=1899100
  7. Re: Gold Championship 161 Four In, Six Out. York City Manager Jonathan Lack has announced that he's had 4 bids accepted for various players, he did also mention although the players won't arrive in England until tomorrow. He's ordered the players to travel to Edgely Parkwhere York travel to play Stockport. The four expected signings are ; Former Inter Milan Playmaker & Goalscorer Alvaro Recoba the experienced 35 year old forward will be a straight swap for Chris Doig. Kris De Wree, the 30 year old right-back will join after an agreed swap for 21 year old RB Liam Darville was agreed. Dong-Woo Kim, The Korean defender will join at the expense of forwards D.Henderson & Ashely Chambers. Tae-min Park, The 26 year old Right midfielder will be joining with Peter Till & M.Ingham going in the opposite direction. Upon Hearing the news of the clubs new transfer's several York City fans decided to give their thoughts. So will the four players have a part to play in York City's match away at Stockport tomorrow, I guess we'll have to wait and see...
  8. Re: Gold Championship 161 Jonathan Lack confirmed manager of York City! York City have announced that promising English manager Jonathan Lack has taken charge at Bootham Crescent. Here's what Jonathan had to say ;
  9. Re: Gold Championship 161 I've applied for the York City job. I'm really looking forward to building them up & hopefully getting promoted. With a few Transfers and loan deals that is. Good luck to everyone in GC 161
  10. Re: Gold Championship 154 Thanks for the Welcome, and yeah' i'll try.
  11. Re: Gold Championship 154 Jonathan Lack New Manager of YORK CITY. Jonathan Lack was today announced the new manager of English Division 5 club York City. Jonathan is said to be delighted with the chance to prove his worth with the English Club.
  12. Re: - Norwich City, Fighting The Impossible - EC 7963 Norwich Scrape past Hayes & Yeading FC Norwich 2 - 1 Hayes and Yeading Stadium: Carrow Road (27,033) Attendance: 5,359 W.HOOLAHAN 13 T.CADMORE 24 R.MARTIN 88 Jonathan Lack : I'd just like to tell the fans whom are shouting abuse. I'm playing a defensive formation and that is how we're going to stay in the top flight. By being defensive, I'm not going to go all out attack and risk this club being relegated. That Is ALL.
  13. Re: - Norwich City, Fighting The Impossible - EC 7963 Norwich Win Again! Norwich City 3 - 0 Cheltenham Town Stadium: Carrow Road (27,033) Attendance: 4,752 D.FOX 32 R.DRENTHE 46 L.TONI 48 Jonathan Lack : It was a good win for us, Luca Toni, and Royston Drenthe both getting on the score sheet is good for them, as they are new players, and settling into the team very well. I played 5-4-1 which is a defensive approach because that's how we'll be playing this season. The Squad seemed to adapt very well.
  14. Re: - Norwich City, Fighting The Impossible - EC 7963 Another 4 sign for Norwich! Norwich City have signed another 4 players to take his transfer signings to 21 players. The Players are; Mathew Leckie : The 20 year old Austrailian Winger/Foward has joined for a fee of around 2 million. Giorgi CHANTURIA : The 18 year old Winger has joined from Vitesse for 500k. Michael Ortega : The 20 year old Attacking midfielder has signed for 2.7 million for mexican club Atlas. The Player may be loaned out, or make the odd appearance this season. Luca Toni : The Aging Forward has played for various european clubs at the top level, and despite his age. He's still pretty good will be a 1st team regular this season.
  15. Re: - Norwich City, Fighting The Impossible - EC 7963 Norwich Win! Norwich City 1 - 0 West Bromwich Albion Stadium: Carrow Road (27,033) Attendance: 5,378 R Martin 35 Jonathan Lack : Firstly, I'm slightly disappointed that only 5000 people turned out tonight. Two-Premiership clubs going head-to-head? 5000?, it's ridiculausly funny. Did the turnstiles stop working or something?. Any How the team played well, we kept WBA Attacking options to a minimum as we dominated posession. Leaving them to not even register 1 shot on target. I'm very pleased with my defence. Solid as a rock tonight.
  16. Re: - Norwich City, Fighting The Impossible - EC 7963 Norwich announce Intake of 16 Players Norwich City Manager today unveiled the club have signed 16 players from various European & Non-European Clubs. This breaks any previous transfer record for players signed on the same day by far. Majority of the first team are tipped to be included in the youth setup, and possibly loaned out for the season. The Players are as follows; Estaban Andrada - Signed from Barcelona B this young goalkeeper looks to have a bright future. Snapped up for a mere 600k Talb Tawatha - Signed from Maccabi Haifa, this young LB looks very promising. Signed for 450k. Sheanon Williams - The Young American can play LB + RB - Alot of Versatility, will be used as back-up Incase of Major Injuries. Signed for 860k Hiroki SAKAI - 21 year old Japanese RB + LB, will provide cover for Sheanon Williams. Bought for 450k Paul Bignot - 25 year old Centre-Back, Signed from Blackpool for 10k. Kane Ferdinand - Young 18 year old Center-Back, and Center Mid. Bought from Southend for 10k. Miha GREGORIC -21 year old Center-Back, and Center-Mid bought for 10k from ND Gorica. Royston Drenthe - Left Back and Left Mid, Bought from Real Madrid for a fee of 3.3 million, will feature in the first team heavily this season. Adrián CIRIGLIANO - They Young Argentinian CM was bought for 450k, and may be loaned out this season. Joel OBI - The young Nigerian Center Mid was signed from Inter Milan for a fee of 550k, I'm hoping to give him a few games during the season. Alcántara RAFINHA - The young Spanish player was signed from Barcelona for 300k. Azur VELAGIC - Signed for 10k from FK Olimpik hopefully will develop into a good player. Lorenzo MELGAREJO - The 19 year old Paraguyian was signed from Benfica for 500k, Hopefully someone will take him on loan this season. Amer KRCIC - The 22 year old Player was signed from NK Domžale - for 10k. Papa Sene - The 20 year old forward was signed from Cercle Brugge for a fee or 10k. Alex SCHALK - The Forward was signed from NAC Breda for 460k, I'm hoping to give the player plenty of first team action as a substitute.
  17. Re: - Norwich City, Fighting The Impossible - EC 7963 Norwich announce 3 new signings!! Norwich City have today announced the signings of 3 new players. Manager Jonathan Lack unveiled the trio infront of the media at Carrow road. The Players were; Dino HAMZIC - The young Bosnian keeper was attracting intrest from alot of English Clubs, Including the likes of Manchester City, Sunderland, Bolton and many more. Thorgan Hazard - The younger Brother of Eden, was touted to be signed by a top list of European clubs including Ajax, PSV, FC Twente, Seville, Lyon, Arsenal, and more Xavi Torres - The Talented CM, Signed from Malaga CF. The Spanish midfielder will add creativity, and strength in the centre of the park.
  18. Re: - Norwich City, Fighting The Impossible - EC 7963 Lack's Debut game is a draw! Leyton Orient 1 -1 Norwich City Stadium: Brisbane Road (9,271) Attendance: 1,080 E.OMOZUSI 54 A.JOHNSON 75 Jonathan Lack : I'm actually pretty happy with the result, I didn't train with the team, I just picked a formation and went with it. The good thing about pre-season Is Trial, and Error. I'll be spending the pre-season trying out diffrent tactics and so-forth. And giving Debuts to new player. I'm happy with the result, the players played good. They looked fit. It's all good.
  19. Re: - Norwich City, Fighting The Impossible - EC 7963 Jonathan Lack Unveiled as Norwich City Manager Norwich City Spokesman : Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for coming today, I'm pretty sure you have alot of Questions directed to Jonathan. - But before we start can i ask that Mobile phones are switched to silent. Thank you. Peter Balls (The Sun) - : Jonathan how did you get the Norwich Job, because your pretty unknown. Jonathan Lack : That's the fact, I'm not Unknown, I was a trainee at Norwich in the early days, I'm good friend with alot of people at this football club, including directors and Shareholders. John Smith (Daily Mail) : So are you telling us you got this job on friendship? Jonathan Lack : No, I'm not saying that, I'm saying that I'm not unknown to the staff and other personell here. Norwich contacted me during at training session at Aldershot, and said "Jonathan we want to meet up with you regarding our backroom staff shuffle" - I though the wanted me to coach at the club, or at the very best be the assistant manager. I never thought they would offer me the job. Jeremy Black (Sky Sports News) : - Is this Job oppertunity a dream-come true? Jonathan Lack : You could say that, every boy dreams of one day becoming a successful football player winning trophys, been rich.. so on - my dream was to become a football manager and lead my team out at wembley. Hopefully i'll be able to do that here. Jackie Earns (ESPN) : How much money do you have at your disposal? Jonathan Lack : I going to cut straight to the chase, I have 20 million to spend. Jackie Earns (ESPN) : And what kind of players are you looking to bring in? Jonathan Lack : I'm looking to buy the best younger players, for development. I'm not going out and splashing money on players to break up my first team, I'm happy with the calibre of players here at the club. I'm looking on signing players that can go straight into the clubs academy, and build a bright future for this football club. Norwich City Spokesman : Thank you that is all for today. Thanks for coming.
  20. Norwich City Announce LACK as Manager? Norwich City have today announce that Unknown British Manager Jonathan Lack is going to be their new manager. Lack who played as Player-Manager of Aldershot Town has apparently secured a 3 year deal at the premiership club. Norwich who have just been promoted to the Premier League now face the difficult task of surviving with a manager with no previous credentials. Norwich fans are certainly not going to take this new lightly. Jonathan Lack has booked a press conference at Carrow Road, for tomorrow Lunch time. - So tune in to Sky Sports News Tomorrow. 12:30PM.
  21. Re: - Help (Norwich City) - I've gone with this, what do you think? - I was thinking about having the Wingbacks Arrows Pointing towards the attack to give abit of width - or would you use the wingbacks to support the defence? Any How heres what I went with - Adam Johnson is out of place unfortunatly
  22. - Right I'll cut to the chase, I simply want to know if I should play attacking football with a weak team or defensive? I'm not really signing any Top- players. - I'm signing players for the future (17 year old - rated 75 rising to 82) Players like that. So would you recommend I play attacking football with a weak team? (I.E Ian Holloway - Blackpool) Or Defensive?, and What formations would suit them best? thanks very much.
  23. Re: Northampton Help ! Ok Thank you Mate, i will play 4-4-2 Very attacking
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