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  1. Re: Federico Macheda - Man Utd Macheda being added at 80 in the first place was ridiculous so these shouts for 85+ are equally insane. Let's say he was added at 75/76 (as he should have been), would you still be claiming he'll get 85+? I don't think so. At the end of this season he should be rated 80-83, 83 being what Welbeck got at the end of last season (another inflated rating in my opinion, but that's for a different thread.)
  2. Re: andyowls List of Potential 88/89-rated Risers
  3. Re: AC Milan's team value has nearly doubled.. Bit annoyed that I had a bid accepted of £6m or so to buy Ambrosini, then it was cancelled because he's now worth £10m. Settled for Renato instead.
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread That sounds like a fair idea, and the two clubs should be able to negotiate what percentage the original club gets back. I'm sure even Simon Jordan wouldn't mind that, seeing as he lost John Bostock to Spurs for only £700k, a pitiful sum considering what he could be worth in the future and in comparison to the values of other young English players, who are so highly sought after.
  5. Re: Federico Macheda - Man Utd Totally disagree here. Him being added at 80 was ridiculous just because he scored on his debut. He should have been added at 75ish like almost every other promising youngster. Even after this season in which (like someone said earlier) he will probably play very few matches, he will barely to deserve to reach 80, had he been added at 75 like he should have been.
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread Ngoo sounds like a good young player. Hope Southend keep him.
  7. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Arbeloa doesn't play well at LB, but I suppose he can't be worse at defending than Marcelo.
  8. Re: Legend Sir Bobby Robson passes away at 76 Football just lost a true great of the game, and one of the last few gentlemen. R.I.P. Bobby
  9. Re: Wing who is most likely to rise to 92 in next ratings Nah' date=' he won't make 92 and, unless he's [i']really[/i] good this season, he won't make 91. But he's a good shout for 90. Potentially 91 after two changes.
  10. Re: Official Red Devils thread Finally, Anderson. Cracking goal, mind.
  11. Re: 90+ overrated and underrated players You could try both.
  12. Re: 90+ overrated and underrated players Fabio Aurelio's 91 rating is laughable.
  13. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings The Nutmeg King! I've seen it already, but a good watch for anyone who hasn't.
  14. Re: Adem Ljajic - U17 Serbian Star. So he will be 18 by then and we could be seeing him in the Prem this season. I wouldn't bet on it though, Tosic has barely played and he's been at Old Trafford since Jan '09.
  15. Re: Adem Ljajic - U17 Serbian Star. So when does he go to Man Utd? Or is he on loan at Partizan for next season as well?
  16. Re: Wilson Palacios I wonder if that whole fiasco with his kidnapped (and then murdered) brother back in Honduras will have an effect on how he plays this season...
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