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  1. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread They need a LB sharpish, because Heinze and Marcelo are naff.
  2. Re: More from Russia! - Georgi SCHENNIKOV To be fair to BenReado, I'm sure he did search his name (should have done anyway), if I remember correctly you spelt the guy's name wrong in your thread title. It wouldn't have come up anyway.
  3. Re: Alberto Massacci-Latest 16 year old Italian to be "Poached" by Manchester United.
  4. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Robben swap deal? Plus Madrid money, of course.
  5. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread I can see myself hating Real Madrid very quickly this season. I wanted to see Benzema in the Prem...
  6. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Brilliant price for Albiol.
  7. Re: Micheal Jackson Dead A sad day for music. R.I.P. Mikey
  8. Re: A quick question. So I should be Championship?
  9. Re: How Sir Alex should spend his £80 million I stopped reading your argument after this. It's obviously impossible to have a serious debate with you, a more disillusional Man Utd fan than I previously thought. I'm not going to waste my time any more.
  10. Re: A quick question. I think I may have got League One Player at 500...? Either way I'll just wait until I reach a thousand then see what happens. Edit: It's not posts because there are 'Championship Players' with less posts. It's not time either because I've been here longer than some CPs. It's not reputation either because I've got more rep than some CPs. Oh well, I can live without it.
  11. Re: A quick question. Oh right. I'm coming up to a thousand anyway.
  12. Re: Managers slacking!!! I know what you mean and I find it very frustrating. Have SM upped the time you can spend between logging in without getting sacked? I've people in their level 40s not log in for three and a half weeks and still be in charge.
  13. Re: A quick question. I have a quick question to add: What factors contribute to the 'Championship Player' thingy on the forum? I'm guessing it's down to how long you've been here, rather than posts and reputation. I'm not really that bothered but it seems I've been a League One Player for ages now.
  14. Re: How Sir Alex should spend his £80 million I've watched almost every Man Utd match for years because they are my favourite Premiership club' date=' and I very rarely saw him play 'top draw'. I'm not sure what he offers the team; he doesn't pass as well as Carrick, can't control the game like Carrick or Scholes and doesn't offer the defensive tenacity of Fletcher or Hargreaves. And as you mention later he doesn't offer a threat at set pieces. Even his trademark dribbling skills were seen few and far between last season and rarely led to a goal (either for him or another player). I never said more goals = better player. But as a member of the Man Utd midfield would it be unfair to ask for at least 1 goal in two seasons? I don't think so. Even Rafael, Wes Brown, Nani and Gibson scored, and they played less than 'Ando'. I know he's not good enough offensively because every time he does go forward' date=' he disappoints. I've got to admit I laughed at this one. Mascherano is a deserved 94 because he's the best defensive midfielder in the world. Last time I checked his job description didn't include 'score goals'. And the one he did score for Liverpool (that's one more than Anderson), was a cracker. So it is relevant? In that case he should have scored at least once, as I mentioned previously. - The point I'm trying to make is, he doesn't deserve to be rated 91, ahead of players such as Fletcher who are better players, offer more to the team AND have better statistics for club and country. He just wasn't worth the £17m pricetag and, for me as a keen Man Utd admirer, a massive disappointment in relation to the hype I heard about him when he was at Porto and Gremio and for the Brazil youth teams. Good player, unfair rating. 91 really flatters him.
  15. Re: Roman Eremenko - High Rated Riser CM/AM 86 > 88 Unlucky, Bornich. Still, plenty of fish in the sea, and all that.
  16. Re: Any 86-88 midfielders who are going up between 17 -23 Just missed Eremenko unfortunately.
  17. Re: Roman Eremenko - High Rated Riser CM/AM 86 > 88 Well done, Jim.
  18. Re: How Sir Alex should spend his £80 million Who's that? Okay' date=' I'll read some subjective articles about his [i']potential[/i] to create damage and how good he was in the U-17 World Cup four years ago. Secondly, I know he's not good enough because I've watched him play every game for Man United for two seasons, be it live or on MotD, so I know what I'm talking about when I say he's not living up to the potential. Despite his less-advanced, more unnatural central midfield position, 0 goals in 51 games is almost inconcievable considering he used to play as a striker and an attacking midfielder previously. And please don't give me any rubbish about his potential in relation to his rating. His rating should be based on ability and stats, not potential and merit. In that sense, he doesn't deserve the 91.
  19. Re: How Sir Alex should spend his £80 million 0 goals at all in two seasons actually. I don't count penalties in shootouts. That's why I've said many times before, he doesn't deserve to be rated 91. Edit: Anyway, if he does play more offensive this season, he can't do much worse goal/assist-wise than he did in the last couple of years.
  20. Re: Rooney deal URGENT!! Keep him, he's one of the best strikers on SM and is rarely worth trading.
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