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  1. Re: Player Discussion Politics I'm not a scout so I'm not bothered by these issues, but I know a lot of people are so it's good of you to raise the issue, Abdel. Hopefully people listen.
  2. Re: Douglas Costa I've heard that his buyout clause is actually £13.5m, which sounds fairer. I was wondering, does anybody watch him play regularly? Does he even play regularly? Edit: Nice YouTube video . 10 minutes long and worth a watch.He seems quite dominantly left-footed, rarely using his right, seems to play on the wings, although that might not always be his position. He has Messi-esque balance when he's dribbling in the way that even when he's being hassled he keeps his balance and gets away from the defender (although of course this video only shows the successful dribble attempts he makes). He can also take free-kicks and penalties too. He seems like a quick lad, with and without the ball, are more hardworking than Ronaldo, as he is willing to chase the ball when he loses it (like Tevez would). He's got a good range of passing too (sometimes with his right foot), not afraid to try some tricks or to pass with the outside of his boot, and, most importantly, he looks a teamplayer.
  3. Re: Michael Shumacher is the Stig! It's a joke.
  4. Re: Douglas Costa Tricolour value him at £20m. An obscene amount for a teenager.
  5. Re: Vanger Love He's awesome. Not sure why a top club hasn't picked him up yet.
  6. Re: Norvey Orozco 300k riser!!!!!!!! Nice find, I'll be bidding now.
  7. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Why would Kaka play on the wing with Ronaldo in the middle? Swap 'em.
  8. Re: Help me please You've got a nice, balanced squad so you don't really need to do much to it. How long are Maicon and Evra out for? Because, with them, you've probably got the best defence on the game.
  9. Re: Ayodele Adeleye Incredible name
  10. Re: Aly Cissokho - F.C.Porto´s new signing Nah that's a pretty reasonable thing to say.
  11. Re: Argentinian Analysis Just seen Hoffenheim have signed Franco Zuculini for about £3.9m, which, in my eyes, is an absolute bargain. 18, one of the best young defensive midfielders in the world, and already capped for Argentina, to get for so little is incredible. Still unsure about him leaving Argentina so early. Knowing Hoffenheim's youth policy he should play quite a few matches, but another year at Racing could've been good for him. Radebe, what's your opinion on him and how do you think he will fit in at Hoffenheim?
  12. Re: Aly Cissokho - F.C.Porto´s new signing But they're an average, old, tired club right now, and I reckon Porto would give them a run for their money in a match. Edit: They almost beat Man Utd, who are far superior to Milan, so why can't they beat A.C.?
  13. Re: Caleb's ultimate guide to transforming a Division 4 minnow into a Premiership gia Great work, but I'd have to say it helps to buy some high rated oldies purely to get results in Div 4.
  14. Re: David Villa Decides His Future Liverpool can't afford him so...
  15. Re: Teams dissappeared. Urgent help please. Yup, fine now. Panic over.
  16. Re: Teams dissappeared. Urgent help please. That's annoying. I only care about the one that I can't use!
  17. Re: Problem. Mention it here, the 'disappearing clubs' thread.
  18. Re: Teams dissappeared. Urgent help please. Same here. Says 'My Clubs (2)' but there's only one badge. I can't access it by going to my other club then switching either.
  19. Re: Problem. Just me who can't select one of my clubs? Says 'My Clubs (2)' but there's only one badge. I can't access it by going to my other club then switching either.
  20. Re: David Villa Decides His Future Madrid or Barca. Apparently he doesn't want to go to England, but if he did it would only be for Liverpool and, seeing as they can't afford him, he's not going there. Love to see him in the Prem though.
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