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    MightyShrimper got a reaction from Tom Erdenay in SM Forumers on Football Manager   
    Re: SM Forumers on Football Manager
    Nice reports, Tom, and right results too.
    Baseball Furie, you missed a penalty! Obviously I stepped up 2 minutes later and told you to "Watch and learn."
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    MightyShrimper reacted to Tom Erdenay in SM Forumers on Football Manager   
    I know this was done a bit before, but I hope I'll get a bit more forumers to participate
    So now, I'll explain, what I'm going to do : I'm hoping to get a lot of forumers to tell me details about what would they be, if they'd be players and add few other people I know. Then, when they're added, I'm going to choose a lower division team in either Spain, Germany (Just cause I like TSV 1860 Munchen) or England and play as a normal team for a while. I'd also inform you about the results and etc. I will even be able to send the new DB to you guys, if there will be any one that will want it.
    Now there are some rules though : I don't our team to be full of 200 players and crush everyone like Barcelona did last season, so I will add some restrictions. Your CA (Current ability) will be determined by your age , so if you'll be a 16 or 17 year old lad, you might have HUGE PA (Potential Ability), but you'll need to develop in order to become a great player. I'm not going to do the chart, but I'm just going to tell you guys if it's too much.
    I also invite older forumers to participate as older forumers are also VERY welcome females are also welcome to participate (only they'd be staff due to the fact that only males can play in the games).
    Just going to do mine as an example.
    Full name : Tomas Chalimavicius
    Common name (Optional) : ------
    Date of Birth : 1990/03/23
    Nation of Birth (Feel free to provide the city, if you'd like) : Lithuania (Vilnius)
    Preferred clubs / most disliked clubs : Real Madrid 100 , Valencia 100 , Leeds 90, TSV 1860 Munich 75 / Manchester United -100, Chelsea -99, Barca -90.
    Preferred number (Optional) : 9
    Languages (Optional) : Lithuanian 10 , English 8, Russian 6, Spanish 2
    Personal attributes (put them in if you want (likes of adaptability, loyalty and etc))
    Current Ability : 130
    Potential Ability : 188
    Best Positions : AM 20, CM 20, DM 15.
    5 best abilities : Influence 18, Creativity 18, Passing 16, Long Shots 15, Work Rate 15.
    Height and Weight : 192 cm and 86 kg.
    Preferred foot : Right 20, Left 5
    Preferred moves (Optional) : Gets into Opposition Area, Plays Through Balls, Shoots Long, Shoots with Power, Tries Killer Balls often.
    Description (optional) : Even though Tom was never considered a football talent, he recently broke through the youth team and is hoping to finally receive some action. He's physically well built and can be a really menace with his passing range and long shots and also gets the best out of his teammates.
    P.s. Feel free to add aditional info if you want (or you know more about Football Manager and want me to add something).
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    MightyShrimper reacted in andyowls List of Potential 88/89-rated Risers   
    Re: andyowls List of Potential 88/89-rated Risers
    I'd just like too recommend another player for the Liga BBVA section, in Carnetto Keirrison. He has joined Benfica on loan from Barcalona, after they signed him from Palermias this summer.
    Before his move, the Brazillian scouts of the forum mainly tipped him a 89 rating in the next Brazillian change. Im sure he is still a very big talent (Dubbed too be in the future Barca strike-force: Messi, Bojan, Keirrison), but i'm not sure whever he will get his deserved rise for his time in Brazil, now he's at Benfica.
    Still a huge talent, I know he's 87 but he's a worthy exception.
    Also, Kacar! Hertha BSC! Why is he not on there?! Biggest talent from Serbia! Definite 90 at end of next season for me, providing he keeps getting games, as the Serbs LOVE him.
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    Re: Official Red Devils thread
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    MightyShrimper reacted to craigjohnson in Official Manchester United Thread   
    Re: Official Red Devils thread
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    MightyShrimper reacted to LiamSmith in Legend Sir Bobby Robson passes away at 76   
    Re: Legend Sir Bobby Robson passes away at 76

    Sir Bobby Robson tribute

    Quotes from several people in and out of football paying tribute to the legend Sir Bobby Robson

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    MightyShrimper reacted to burs in Official Real Madrid Thread   
    Re: Official Real Madrid Thread
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    MightyShrimper got a reaction from Bob Loblaw in Official Manchester United Thread   
    Re: Official Red Devils thread
    "Work ethic."
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    MightyShrimper got a reaction from mr liucci in Official Real Madrid Thread   
    Re: Official Real Madrid Thread
    Di Stefano (the TRUE King of Real Madrid) was far, far superior to Raul, so Raul honestly doesn't deserve this God-like status of his at Madrid.
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    MightyShrimper reacted to fadedwolfz in Best Squad Ever Produced   
    Re: Best Squad Ever Produced
    Here is my barca.
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    MightyShrimper got a reaction from KharN in Managers slacking!!!   
    Re: Managers slacking!!!
    I know what you mean and I find it very frustrating.
    Have SM upped the time you can spend between logging in without getting sacked? I've people in their level 40s not log in for three and a half weeks and still be in charge.
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    MightyShrimper reacted to Jim Iley in Roman Eremenko - High Rated Riser CM/AM 86 > 88   
    *** : 19.3.87
    AGE : 22
    HEIGHT : 1.8m
    RATING : 86
    I haven't seen an individual thread about this player but he has been mentioned as a riser by other forum members. Therefore I am not claiming any credit but giving more info and alerting everyone that in the imminent Ukraine ratings, he will rise from 86, probably to 88.
    Roman Eremenko was born in Russia in 1987 but moved to Finland when he was only 3 as his father, a professional footballer, went to play for FF Jaro.
    14 years later in 2004, young Roman made his debut for the same FF Jaro his father had played for. He made such an impression that he was transferred to Italian Serie A side Udinese, where he made his debut in the first game of the 2006/07 season.
    He was loaned out to Sienna from January 2007 until May 2007, making 11 appearances.
    His big move came when he was loaned to Dynamo Kiev in August 08 for the remainder of the Ukraine season, which has just finished. During this season he played in 19 out of 30 league games, 3 Ukraine Cup games, 6 Champions League games and 7 UEFA Cup games. He is also a regular for the Finnish national team, having made 19 international appearances and just only turned 22!
    This seson ended with Kiev winning the Ukraine League and reaching the UEFA Cup final, losing to Shaktar Donetsk. His performances have earned him a permanent 5 year deal with Kiev.
    His is a CM/AM on SM, but can play RM or LM and has been described as a box-to-box midfielder. I would think it safe to assume his primary SM position will remain CM.
    I believe he was added to the DB when he was 20 yo at 83 rating. He then increased to 85 and the last rating changes saw him rise to 86.
    With many domestic, European and international appearances under his belt, I predict a solid 88 rating. Thing is, if SM are feeling generous, could there be an outside chance of an 89 ......?
    Ps. His older brother Alexei plays for FC Saturn in Moscow. Both brothers recently played in the same Finland team against Russia, the country of their birth, in the recent World Cup Qualifier. Finland lost 0-3, Alexei got subbed off and Roman got a yellow card. Oh dear, never mind.
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    MightyShrimper reacted in Player Discussion Politics   
    Before I start this discussion, I want to say that there obviously will be pro's and contra's.
    I urge EVERYBODY (including myself) to be respectful to other people's opinions.
    Also, try to be short and clear.
    If these wishes get listened to, I think we can make a good discussion thread.
    NPL = New Players List
    PTS = Player Talent Scout
    PDF = Player Discussion Forum
    Point A.
    It seems like when a new player get's added to the NPL, some forumers feel the irresistable urge to post about it in that players thread (if there is any).
    This way, everybody who reads that thread, which is clearly highlighted in the PTS section, knows when that player is added.
    Here starts the problem for some of us.
    Most forumers rely simply and only on other forumers posts to known if someone is added.
    This way, everybody knows, and in every good setup a bidding war starts.
    I urge everybody to be a little bit more active, just check the NPL yourself, that's all I ask.
    It will take you 5 seconds of your time, but it will be a big change for this game.
    This way, the original poster, and all who cares to monitor that player, will be winners.
    Secondly, you all get a way bigger chance to sign those players.
    If you are in a setup where nobody bids for that kind of young players, please don't spoil it for the rest of us.
    It's that small amount of people who you learned about in the first place, so why bother having them lose their player?
    Point B.
    It's becoming more and more of a habit for some forumers (I don't use names) to make threads of mediocre quality.
    A lot of us know 100+ players who aren't even mentioned yet on the PDF, but only some of us take advantage of that knowledge.
    They make threads with only his name and 4 or 5 lines about information that makes no sense and doesn't help.
    In the meanwhile, some of those talents do get famous, and because that one guy made a very bad thread, there can't be made a new one.
    It would be very benificial to the forum to only make threads of a certain quality, with enough information.
    Point C.
    A lot of threads do get looked at, but the amount of replies to that thread in relation with it's views is shocking.
    One hundred views will get you approximatly 1 or 2 replies, and that's if you are lucky.
    I don't think you should add to ones reputation all the time, put the least you can do is give a short ant thankfull reply to the guy who made you learn about a new talent.
    It will motivate the original poster to continue his work and give a possible discussion about a player more depth.
    Point D.
    Nowadays, more and more people are guily of sensationnalism.
    The use of words like "Must Buy" and "Whizzkid" not only attracts more people than simply a name, but also hides the real potential of a player.
    Threads without the "Wunderkid" tag get lost in the storm of words, and eventually real whizzkids get lost.
    It's preferable to use a name only, because the content of a thread is what makes the difference between a top thread and a kitsch one.
    Point E.
    Because this is a discussion forum, the way you act on here is elemental.
    I'm sure you have been in a situation before where you think the exact opposite of someone else.
    Even then it is instrumental to be polite and to give arguments on why you think otherwise.
    I admit that also I am guily of forgetting that sometimes.
    When someone tells you he's thinks not like you and gives the arguments that are needed, it's good for the forum.
    This way, more and better information is available on the problem and opinions can be made and changed.
    I'm sure there will be more problems to solve on the forum than the five mentioned, but this is a start.
    I'd like to know what the most of you think about this so I can get a representative opinion. If anyone has any other problems, PM me and i'll include them in this thread.
    Abdel Zizi.

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    MightyShrimper reacted to murph1 in Norvey Orozco 300k riser!!!!!!!!   
    Norvey Orozco
    Norvey Orozco is an 18 year old forward playing for Columbian Giants Athletico Junior in the Columbian Premier Division.
    So far this season he has started 16 out of 18 league games this season scoring 3 goals.
    He has also been capped at under 17 Level for Columbia.
    On the database rated 74 and can be brought for little over 300k.
    I predict a rise of around +6 to 80 which should turn a nice little profit no matter which way you look at it.
    Did a search for this player using the search tool and came up clean. So Sorry if he has been mentioned before.
    Thanks alot for reading comments appreciated.

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    MightyShrimper reacted to DerbyPower in Aly Cissokho - F.C.Porto´s new signing   
    Porto has just signed the left-back Aly Cissohko from the Portuguese side V. Setúbal. The left side of Porto´s defence has been very fragmented this year due to Fucile´s change to right-back and some bad signings (Sapunaru and Benitez). Cisskho played very good for Setubal so far, despite the team´s bad form. As such, Porto signed him and Cissokho is now a contender for the left side.
    Regarding his rating, Cissokho is currently rated 82 and should be in Setubal in most of the setups (I´ve send a support ticket regarding him though, so he won´t be for much longer). Just for moving to Porto, he will get a rise of at least 3 or 4, adding the good season he is doing so far, I wouldn´t be surprised if he might end a 87 in the next Portuguese rating changes. Bearing in mind that he doesn´t have real competition for the LB position here in Porto, he will surely get a lot of minutes. If he plays (very) well, he can reach an 88-89.
    He is 21 years old, and his SM value is £3,026,000.
    In my opinion he is definitely worth the gamble, not only because of his age, but also because Porto is known to turn "Football John Doe´s" into "Football Superstars". He may well be the next Fucile.
    Good luck in trying to sign him
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    MightyShrimper got a reaction from DerbyPower in Aly Cissokho - F.C.Porto´s new signing   
    Re: Aly Cissokho - F.C.Porto´s new signing
    But they're an average, old, tired club right now, and I reckon Porto would give them a run for their money in a match.
    Edit: They almost beat Man Utd, who are far superior to Milan, so why can't they beat A.C.?
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    MightyShrimper reacted to Caleb in Caleb's ultimate guide to transforming a Division 4 minnow into a Premiership giant.   
    Re: Caleb's ultimate guide to transforming a Division 4 minnow into a Premiership gia
    Part 1(The Beginning)
    Well here you are, getting ready to start your Division 4 challenge. First, you got to pick yourself a team to start with. Now that you have gotten yourself a team, the crucial part comes in - start transfer listing the whole team. Now I know some people are fans of a particular Division 4 team as it is their hometown club or so, hence their desire to keep the squad original and real when doing this challenge. Big, big mistake. A key to succeeding in this challenge to is transfer-list the whole team, yes everyone.
    Now that you have done that, I would suggest bidding for risers. Important tip: Bid for risers that are not higher rated than your current team by alot. Example: You picked up a team full of 75s. The rating of risers you can buy for now are those in their 70s. Do not buy 80/81/82 rated risers yet as this will seriously mess with and lower the chairman value of your transfer listed players.
    A couple of good threads to get your risers for now are:
    Insider's take on the Brazilian teams(Part 1) Some nice mid-70s risers in there if you take the time to look it through.

    Bourkey's Norwegian Risers Another must-see team for nice risers.
    Japanese Risers Done by me, haven't updated it in ages, will do soon.
    Another of Radebe's quality threads Plenty of risers too.
    Gozgoz thread, similar to Radebe Use this to complement Radebe's one, might have some that Radebe has missed out.
    A thread from MuntasirT Similar to the above two threads really, use all together for best results!
    Insider's Guide to the 2009 Brazilian Season Post #791 is a recent one with a short list of cool risers.
    Once you have sold your entire team to external teams, and signed plenty of 70 rated risers/and high 70/80 rated risers. You are about ready to start your season. Do not, I must stress here, sign any oldies, however cheap they are. I don't like the idea of mixing oldies with risers and it is a recipe to a certain extent of failure trust me. Oldies won't rise, all they will do is get the dreaded black Rtd sign or decrease in rating. Always have confidence in the squad or risers you have built up, once they rise, use them to take Division 4 by storm. It's an easy division to win and you should finish first with your squad or risers come end season. I won mine, racking up 164 goals over 38 league games with a starting average of 84.
    Part 2 (End of season 1, now what?)
    Congrats if you have reached this stage. Now that you have won Division 4, here comes the tricky part. Should you cash in on your risers, and sign 90s? Or should you hang onto them to wait for further risers, whilst buying more risers. I would say it is a matter of personal preferences. Ask yourself these questions:
    1. Is my setup competitive? If I wait, will I lose all my shortlisted 90 rated players?
    2. What kind of person am I? Am I a long-term person who loves to wait for a player to rise as high as he can before selling? Or do I want to cash in now, and transform the team to a higher rating.
    For me, I chose to sell of all my players, yes all, even though I knew the players I sold off would rise further. I sold off Busquets when he was an 85, Dzagoev after he had reached 87, Taison, Zucullini, Salvio etc. Simple, I couldn't afford to lose out on my shortlisted players and I had seen the bigger teams in my setup, ie Manchester United and co. shortlisting players that I wanted. I sold off all available risers and got myself a sweet transfer budget of close to £260 million for the new season.
    Now for a key rule, if you have decided to sell off your whole squad, follow these general rule of the thumb.
    1. In a similar position, sell off players of the highest rating first.
    E.g I have Messi 98, Torres 96, Lavezzi 90 and Dzeko 89. Sell off Messi first, doing so will raise the Chairman Value of the other three by abit, if not alot. Next sell Torres. By now, you will noticed that say before you sold Messi and Torres, the Chairman Value of Lavezzi was £10m. Now that Messi and Torres are gone, his CV has risen to £14/15m. You will be amazed how good this rule works, there ain't no highway outta here. You need patience, especially if you are selling a big squad of close to 100 players.
    2. Do not buy player of a position till you have sold off that entire section!
    E.g you sold of say Ibisevic for £10m, leaving you with maybe four other random 80s. Should you celebrate and splash out on a big-name forward now? No! Wait till you have sold everyone in a position, then you move in for replacements. If you sign a 90 rated Forward, the CV of your mid 80s transfer-listed strikers will plunge, causing you to mess up.
    Okay, assuming you are still with me. You will be asking, if I sell of all my players, surely 90-rated players will turn down the chance to join me?
    Not really. The first position to always invest in is a GK. Reason being, you have the least GKs in your team to sell off. So once you have had bids accepted for your gk, sell them off and sign a 90 rated GK. He will act as the foundation for more 90s to join. The first player to join my Huddersfield was Sebastien Frey (92 then).
    Some tips for you guys (an estimation from my observation):
    A 90/91-rated will join your team if it has 85s.
    A 92/93 will join so long you have 87s/88s.
    A 94 should join if your team has 89s/90s.
    A 96/97/98 will only join if you have enough 90s in your side.
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    MightyShrimper reacted to Gazzler in Potential 90+ player for the future   
    Moussa Dembele

    'Report taken from reputable scout site'

    Following AZ Alkmaar’s sensational season, slowly it is becoming clear how Louis van Gaal’s side stunned Holland and secured only their second Eredivisie title, by eleven points ahead of nearest rivals FC Twente.

    From back to front there were some impressive performers for AZ. Goalkeeper Sergio Romero improved his reputation, full back Sebastien Pocognoli, midfielders Stijn Schaars and Demy de Zeeuw and strikers Ari and Mounir El Hamdaoui were undoubtedly consistently good. But, the AZ player who could be most in demand is their attacking midfielder Moussa Dembele.

    The 21-year-old Belgian international was probably the best player in Holland throughout the campaign and was hailed as the Player of the Season by the media in the Netherlands.

    For AZ Alkmaar he provided some crucial goals and assists, scoring 10 goals in just 23 games and Dembele would surely have claimed a lot more had he not been laid off with a left knee injury (he underwent an operation on his meniscus) in October.

    Dembele has been well known to football fans in Holland for some time. Nine goals for Willem II in the 2005/2006 season alerted bigger clubs to his talent and he has impressed since joining AZ the following season.


    In his first season at AZ the youngster of Malian descent justified the chase for his signature and had a good season scoring six goals and playing almost every game. The following season was a struggle for the team and Dembele as AZ ended the season in the 11th but this is all forgotten now following the sensational 2008/2009 campaign.

    Scouts in Holland describe Dembele as a "top class player, a highly skilled playmaker who functions best in a free roll, especially as a 'number 10' in the hole between the midfield and striker. Shoots well with both feet and is difficult to stop."

    Dembele, plays "in the hole" between the midfield and the forwards and can be hugely effective when drifting in from the left. The 5.8ft schemer is a pure playmaker with style, composure and a vision of the game that makes him a very special player. He is very fast, and just needs to spend more time in the gym to be a little bit stronger.

    The fact that he is two-footed gives him options to play all along the front line and his rangy skilful style has seen him score some terrific goals after running at defenders. At the end of February he scored a fine goal, in a 3-0 win over Groningen, running from deep and planting a powerful left foot strike into the top corner that was one of the goals of the season in Holland.

    Players such as Dembele are hard to find and the way he combines natural instinct with phenomenal technique have led to comparisons with a young Zinedine Zidane. Dembele has scored some world-class goals but sees the big picture when attacking from deep and can play the decisive forward pass into the path of a team mate. He has also proved himself at international level, claiming five goals in 20 appearances for Belgium.

    Under Louis van Gaal, Dembele developed his game but he is extremely self-critical and is ready for the step up in his career. Alkmaar fear that the departure of coach van Gaal to Bayern Munich next season will see Dembele leave the club. "I came to AZ for van Gaal, but it not says that I will leave where he will," denied Dembele.

    It is little wonder that there have been a number of top clubs interested in Dembele and although AZ wanted to offer him an improved longer contract he refused to sign. In recent months, Dembele was linked with a move to Arsenal for 5 million euros, scouts in Holland however believe he could be worth closer to 10 million euros.

    A host of other teams have been linked with a move for the Alkmaar playmaker, including Juventus, AC Milan, Chelsea, Genoa and Sevilla. The latest rumour this week suggested Dembele would be playing at Fiorentina at the start of 2009/2010.

    Dembele is contracted to the Dutch champions until the end of 2011/2012 but it seems almost certain that he will be plying his trade elsewhere, at a bigger European league, next season.

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    MightyShrimper reacted to Torres+Gerrard in Marc Muniesa - Next Puyol!   
    Having today been named in the UEFA top 10 stars of the future category i though it was worth a mention.

    Marc Muniesa

    The 17-year-old Centre half is very highly rated by his coaches at Barcelona’s youth set up, known as La Masia. He he regarded by many scouts as the next Puyol and will be able to easily slot into his space once the door is left open for him.
    This youngster moved through the ranks with Bojan at the same pace but has the advantage of being more experienced at a younger age. He is currently enjoying life in the fast lane and is cureenlty playing his trade with Bacelona B/Reserves where he is making a real name for himself for some vital last gasp tackles.
    Marc Muniesa has been linked with Chelsea several times since appearing a star in the best academy in Spain.However he has wanted along with Barcelona to stay at the club and not move away until needed.
    This was found from the UEFA website:
    Youtube video of him:

    ON DB AT 75

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    MightyShrimper got a reaction from Bob Loblaw in UEFA Champions League Discussion thread   
    Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread
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    MightyShrimper reacted to dawoodz in Spanish Ratings   
    Re: Spanish Ratings
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    MightyShrimper got a reaction from Seftinho in UEFA Champions League Discussion thread   
    Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread
    Does nobody think it was a brilliant tackle?
    Tackles like that should be celebrated, not condemned by red cards. I love watching last ditch challenges like that.
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    MightyShrimper reacted to Gozzy in Alexandre COEFF, France Prospect   
    Alexandre Coeff

    Age: 17
    Club: Lens
    Nationality: French
    Position: AM/CM/W
    Currently NOT ON DB!!
    Alexandre Coeff is another great youngster from France. Coeff is U17 France member and is central part of the team. Coeff known for his playmaker ability, it's why he's often play as AM at France or Lens. He reminds me vision of Gourcuff when i see him play,but he also can play as winger like Ribery and Nasri. This kid expected to shine at U17 European Championship in this month. Unfortunately, he's injury just before tournament,so his place in team replaced. He's still waiting for his debut for Lens senior squad,but this kid is great prospect.
    Comments Welcome

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    MightyShrimper reacted to IOA in UEFA European U-17 Championship   
    Link to main page of the tournament.
    Group A
    Spain (holders)
    Group B
    Germany (hosts)
    Spain - Won their group with 7 points, winning against Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic and drawing against Belgium.
    Their 5 goals have come from 2 players; Pablo Sarabia who plays for R. Madird (2 goals) and Borja González who plays for Atletico Madrid and has already trained with the first team and has impressed, several articles on him. (3 goals).
    In depth team profile by UEFA.com here.
    Italy - In contrast to Spain, Italy won their group comfortably with 9 points. They beat Austria 2-1, Scotland 3-1 and Georgia 1-0.
    Their 6 goals came from 3 players; Giacomo Beretta who scored in every game and who plays for U.C. AlbinoLeffe (3 goals), Alberto Libertazzi who plays for Juventus (1 goal) and Simone Sini who is a defender and plays for A.S Roma (2 goals).
    In depth team profile by UEFA.com here.
    France - France won their group in similar fashion to that of Spains, collecting 7 points. Winning against Belarus and Denmark and drawing against Norway.
    France scored 5 goals, 4 of them were by different players and the other a own goal. Alexandre Coeff is probably the most well known scorer for them, he currently plays for RC Lens and is a first team player but hasn't made a league appearence yet if that makes sense (1 goal), Darnel Situ also plays for RC Lens but apparently has transferred to Manchester United or will (1 goal), Yeni Ngbakoto is a midfielder who currently plays for FC Metz(1 goal) and Arnaud Souquet who is also a midfielder and plays for Lille.
    In depth team profile by UEFA.com here.
    Switzerland - Like France and Spain they won their group with 7 points but ended in style after a 1-1 draw with Greece, a 1-0 win over Poland and a 6-0 win over Slovenia.
    Switzerland's 8 goals came from 4 players, including 2 players who scored 3 goals. Haris Seferovic is one of those players and like Berreta is another player who scored in every game, he currently plays for Grasshoppers(3 goals), the other player to score 3 goals was Nassim Ben Khalifa who also plays for Grasshoppers(3 goals), the other scorers were Renato Santabarbara who plays for FC Basel(1 goal) and Kofi Nimeley who also plays for FC Basel (1 goal).
    In depth team profile by UEFA.com here.
    Germany - Not much to report, seeing as they qualified automatically as hosts. However, there are 3 players I reckon who will be key players for them.
    Defender - Basala Manzana (Cologne)
    Midfielder - Florian Trinks (Werder Bremen)
    Striker - Lennart Thy (Werder Bremen)
    In depth team profile by UEFA.com here.
    Turkey - Turkey were lucky is an understatement I reckon, winning your group with 5 points and not even winning on GD but on points:eek:, they were the team to also win with the fewest goals scored, scoring 4. They drew their first two games, 2-2 against Wales equalizing twice and 0-0 against Romania and finally winning against Finland 2-0.
    Turkey's 4 goals came from 2 players. The most well known player in the squad was Gokhan Tore who currently plays for Chelsea after transferring from Leverkusen in January. He scored the second goal against Wales to snatch a point and the second goal against Finland to secure a win(2 goals), the other two goals came from Hasan Ahmet Sari who plays for Trabzonspor, he had been playing U18 football the whole season scoring 21 goals in 19 games but recently broke into the U19 squad where he started and scored in Trabzonspor's 2-0 away win(2 goals).
    In depth team profile by UEFA.com here.
    England - England are 1 of the 3 teams to collect 9 points from their group. England won 1-0 against Portugal, 2-1 against Serbia and 2-0 against Hungary.
    Their 5 goals came from 3 different players. Luke Freeman who currently plays for Arsenal scored in the first two games for England (2 goals), another Arsenal youngster Benik Afobe who only recently broke into the U18's followed his success from the Victory Shield tourament to this tournament (2 goals, the third is Jacob Walcott who is cousin of another Arsenal player, Theo Walcott. Walcott currently plays for Reading and who knows he might be off to Arsenal as well (1 goal).
    In depth team profile by UEFA.com here.
    Netherlands - Netherlands are the third team to win their group with style, collecting 9 points and scoring 8 goals. They beat Azerbaijan 1-0, Luxembourg 4-0 and Croatia 3-0.
    Their 8 goals came from 5 different players. Their first goal of the tournament came from Nigel Velder who plays for Feyenoord(1 goal), Luc Casnos is another player who plays for Feyenoord(3 goals), the third Feyenoord player is Shabir Isoufi whose parents are from Afghanistan(2 goals), Rangelo Janga is another player who plays for a club in Rotterdam but not for Feyenoord but for Excelsior Rotterdam(1 goal), the final player is Oguzhan Özyakup who currently plays for Arsenal and is the captain of the Dutch U17 team, he was playing U16 football at the beginning of the season but now plays U18 football for Arsenal. I have a thread on him on SM(1 goal).
    In depth team profile by UEFA.com here.
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    MightyShrimper reacted to Ahmed in Kwadwo Asamoah   
    Kojo "Kwadwo" Asamoah is a Ghanaian international footballer who plays for Udinese as a striker.

    Kwadwo Asamoah only made his Black Stars debut in November 2007, but has already signed and sealed a move from Ghanaian club Liberty Professionals to Italian team Udinese.
    He was one of the best players in the Ghanaian league both last and the previous season. Asamoah can play in midfield and also strike at the same time.
    Before the Nations Cup in 2008, Stephen Appiah was unavailable to play due to injury so he replaced him and was surprisingly handed his no. 10 jersey after most players decided to retire that jersey for the tournament.
    The move to Italy from local club Liberty Professionals started as he headed to Bellinzona, heading to Torino on loan before settling at Udinese( on loan).
    A bright start for him- he has started 2 Serie A games, came off the bench once and started for them in the Coppa Italia.
    League- 2 starts, 1 sub.
    Coppa Italia- 1 start.
    Currently not on the DB so watch out for him:)

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