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    hi guys, reading through this thread i 100% agree that this is the #1 problem with SM at the moment. the player ratings have been awful for at least 2 years now. some are hilariously out of date. eg. glen johnson still 91, torres still 91, soldado, lamela still 91 to name but a few. it drastically lowers the enjoyment of a game that, IMO, is based around signing/selling players and waiting for them to rise/fall. this is the essence of this game, which is unique in that it is based on real world form. it is an excellent quality to have, but not when the rating system is sooooooo slow. ideally we would have a system where each league is reviewed every 6 months without fail, but if players are in desperate need of a change they can be at any time. to name an example, harry kane is currently 83 but should be 86/87 so can rise now instead of waiting for england's review. there are many of these cases.
    i don't actually understand what this soccer wiki thing does? seems to have been in place for ages but what actually happens? i created an acc yesterday and suggested about 50 new ratings, but what actually happens? does this influence changes on the game? can anyone explain? do we have any representatives from the soccerwiki website here? i'm confused and frustrated at the lack and randomness of rating changes over the last 2 years.
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    hi all. first of all, it's great that the current issues with the game are being looked at. a minor improvement i would like to suggest (probably been suggested before tbf) is regarding how managers are offered jobs. maybe one of the devs can help me out here - i haven't managed to actually figure out how this system works (and i've been playing SM since 2008). ie. when a manager resigns from a job, how is it decided who is offered that job? is it random? is it based on reputation? or done on SM points earned in the gameworld? it seems to be fairly random to me. i would like a system where a job (say a big job, like, to use a real world example, when sir alex left man united) - it is offered to the managers with the most accrued SM points in the gameworld in order. so if the best manager rejects it, it goes onto the next best. etc. or with the biggest reputation. instead of just a random person. then maybe, if it is a smaller club, like a div 2 team, it is offered to managers of a lower level. something like that, i don't know if this is something already happening or not but it seems not to be from what i see.
    also, sacking managers who do rubbish. would add a bit of fun and pressure to managers. the manager can then find a new job in the gameworld. i realise you guys just want as many people playing the game as possible, so this may not be a great option for what you are trying to achieve, which is fair enough of course. just an idea. thanks guys.
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