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  1. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Anyone hear much about Shaqiri heard he's looking to leave Bayern for a team when he can become a starter ? No doubt he has lots of potential still very young will he be staying or leaving ?
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Mattia De Sciglio or Oxlade Chamberlain, long term plan.
  3. Re: Graphics Request Thread Anyone still making avatars ?
  4. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread I'm sad to see that Reading have to offload most of there star players to cover a debt there in, not sure what the reason for the debt is but I know the fee is around 20 Million Pound and with the previous Russian Owner deciding to leave the club as owner we now have to offload the players to cover the debt, Reading released one of our key players last year Jobi McAnuff to cut wage bills etc, Alfie was sold to Cardiff for 2.5 Million to cover more debt, Alex McCarthy and Jordan Obita are also being tracked by clubs and if Reading don't get a new owner soon we will have to depart with them as well. Reading are up for sale for £1 but to who ever buys the club has to deal with a 20 Million pound debt so can't see a new take over any time soon, it's sad to see this especially with Reading being one of the best teams in the Championship and with this trouble could end all that with offloading key players. Sure hope we are taken over soon to help keep our key players, bring in new players and help battle for that promotion to the top league.
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ginter, Carvalho or Marquinhos, I can afford all three but I'd rather just buy two and with money left over buy Draxler. Patricio, Diego Alves, Mignolet, Muslera, Krul, Begovic, Ahmada, Perin, which two keepers should I buy ?
  6. Re: ||In Vetulum|| - The Ultimate Gameworld Wolfsburg Owner McEvoy Appoints RPR As Manager of First Team. Owner of German team VFL Wolfsburg has appointed the experienced Manager on a long term contract with lots of plans for the German Team, The following are contract agreements between the Owner and Manager. The Length Of Contract - 4 Year Contract. - Salary -75 credits per season - 50% of the prize money in any Cup or League win/Runner ups is split between Owner and Manager. - No Sacking Clause to be added as this is a long term project. - If a Teams Owner is interested in RPR there is a very steep fee for him it is set at 10000 Credits. Team Agreements - - Ricardo Rodriguez will not be leaving Germany at any cost. - First Team must build for the future as well as build a strong team for the league. - Win the league within 2 years for a salary rise. - At least 1 Cup must be won with in the 4 years. Signature: Owner - CiaranMc Manager - RPR.
  7. Re: ||In Vetulum|| - The Ultimate Gameworld Thank you
  8. Re: ||In Vetulum|| - The Ultimate Gameworld That's the maximum amount ? Thanks
  9. Re: ||In Vetulum|| - The Ultimate Gameworld I want to send Venk credits for the budget can anyone tell me what the maximum is for both teams ?
  10. Re: ||In Vetulum|| - The Ultimate Gameworld I'm an owner, not a manager just taught I'd let you know
  11. Re: ||In Vetulum|| - The Ultimate Gameworld Sorry for the delay been away on a family trip came home last night but I've paid for my club now so where ready to go now, I'll post the contract agreement between me and RPR later on and pay for the budget later aswell, Once again sorry for the delay.
  12. Re: ||In Vetulum|| - Club Bidding Thread Wolfsburg 1100. Sevilla 1050
  13. Re: ||In Vetulum|| - Club Bidding Thread Thanks, no need to bet for me still winning on my offer for Wolfsburg and Sevilla
  14. Re: ||In Vetulum|| - Club Bidding Thread So is the betting over ?
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