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  1. Re: Creating A New Custom Set-Up-Active Managers Just bumping this, incase anyone missed it
  2. Re: Creating A New Custom Set-Up-Active Managers I've bought the custom set-up now so i'm just waiting for abit more interest to develop and we can get going, the teams that will be involved are; Thinking we could swap Reims for Roma, Monaco, Atletico Madrid or someone else with 1 runner up in the European Cup
  3. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers Check this out and if your interested leave your name on the thread, cheers http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=164491
  4. Re: Creating A New Custom Set-Up-Active Managers I'll add you to the list, If you have a few people who you think may be interested it would be a massive help if you let them know about this pal
  5. Re: Creating A New Custom Set-Up-Active Managers
  6. Re: World Championship 35115 Atlético Madrid Four Youngsters Join Tonka at Madrid From left to right; Kurzawa, Morrison, Gauld, Ramalho Madrid have today announced the signing of four talents for the future. They will each join Tonka in a press conference tomorrow afternoon where more details about the players and the signings will be released.
  7. Re: World Championship 35115 Atlético Madrid Diego Costa Is Unavailable Speculation was rife yesterday that Diego Costa would be leaving Madrid and heading to Italy or Germany. IT was thought that the new manager Tonka was not keen on the Brazilian striker but a statement released from Tonka has stated that Costa is not for sale at any price.
  8. Re: World Championship 35115 Atlético Madrid History New Manager at the Helm Atlético Madrid today have announced former England international, Kevin 'Tonka' Tonkinson. In his first press conference earlier today Tonka has said that he is looking to build a dynasty at Madrid with the focus being on bringing in talented youngsters. Tonkinson in his first Interview as Madrid Manager
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Gold Championship 323 - Spurs With the exception of LLoris, Rose, Sandro and Townsend everyone at Spurs is available, so get in touch and hopefully we can sort something out before the start of the season, Cheers.
  10. Re: World of Tanks Discussion Thread Where can I find it? Cant see on website
  11. Re: World of Tanks Discussion Thread Started playing this Yesterday after seeing this thread and its great. Quick question, i can only play on the American Servers, is there anyway i can get on the EU server?
  12. Re: GC325-Forum V/S World Decided that i'm going to try and make a successful eastern european only team. This means all of the Brazilians are for sale, looking for Eastern Europeans in the player exchanges, cheers.
  13. Re: GC325-Forum V/S World Shaktar.......................
  14. Re: GC325-Forum V/S World I'm in, probably going to try and take a decent team in a poor league
  15. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread .............................................
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