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  1. Re: Ryan Giggs- Most underrated player ever!? If anybody ignores this and carries on posting insults to each other im going to give out more than a warning. if 2 people are interested in have such a silly fight please do it via PM, what gives you any idea's that the rest of us want to read it? Please don't answer this message just carry on posting about the topic.
  2. Re: Ryan Giggs- Most underrated player ever!? If any member has a problem with another member / mod then please PM me and I will look into it for you, please do not keep posting it on here. Dai is only trying to keep this thread clean and not turn into a fight like other threads.
  3. Re: I'm back again This is not a thread for fighting like little kids if you want to do that have the decency to create your own thread, this is a welcome back thread for a good forumer. if ANY of you carry on this fight on this thread I will just ban you for 1 week, I will now delete the other posts as well.
  4. Re: Results Of A Match The results can be late sometimes, although 8:30 isnt really late. It will have nothing to do with a manager resigning so don't worry to much they will be in shortly
  5. Re: Jermaine Defoe Nah you read my post wrong, I should have put the -> the other way around. Defoe wasnt a touch on Fowler in his early Liverpool days, not even close. If people want to see a natural goal scorer then he was that. He never did it for England but thats the whole point he was never really given a chance due to the sheer class ahead of him plus S+S made a brilliant partnership. I will edit my post so its a little more clear as it does look wrong
  6. Re: My Chairman is a pain I have renamed the thread to something more appropriate as for the chairman problem there will be some occasions were it can get arkward but since the chairman came its not only cut out 90% of cheating its also stopped silly managers ruining clubs I know you are neither but the chairman doesnt know that. I think Joe was spot on why it was blocked.
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