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  1. Re: EPL Players Shock Not to mention how Nani somehow rose to 93. I'm a United fan, and he is certainly not worthy of a 93. He has a moment of magic and is absolutely nowhere for the next few games. I'm a bit worried about the new way of changing ratings through Soccerwiki. Yes it seems quicker, but highly inconsistent.
  2. Back in the old days (and I haven't seen this for quite some time... so much so, I can't remember exactly what it was like), when adding a club, you used to be able to set parameters for finding Custom Game Worlds. For example, a lot of people like small divisions because of the shorter divisions, and so therefore they can find these setups a lot easier.
  3. sergio busquets (barcelona) I have Sergio BUSQUETS in a gold championship, and a lot of serious interest in him. How likely is he going to rise to 92? What's his potential rating? 93? more?
  4. Re: My Club Is... And I Predict The Following... Oops I'll be honest I made a mistake there. Was meant to put 86/87... he has a chance of a rise because of the games he has played but hasn't performed that well (in comparison to season before) so doubt he will rise.
  5. Re: My Club Is... And I Predict The Following... Haha it is a rarity but there's no point kidding ourselves, our midfield isn't much cop. Like you said Anderson and Carrick both deserve to drop, but might keep it because they're at a top club. Anderson should have never got a 91, and Carrick got his 92 when he had that good season when his passing was outstanding. However, he is not playing like that anymore and hasn't been for a while.
  6. Re: My Club Is... And I Predict The Following... I've never done predictions before so here goes... VAN DER SAR, Edwin 94 > 94 FOSTER, Ben 88 > 88 KUSZCZAK, Tomasz 88 > 88/87 HEATON, Tom 80 > 80/79 ZIELER, Ron-Robert 74 > 74/75 (due to SM's seemingly new 75 lowest rated) AMOS, Ben 73 > 73/75 (due to SM's seemingly new 75 lowest rated) EVRA, Patrice 94 > 94 FABIO, Pereira da Silva 80 > 81/82 DE LAET, Ritchie 77 > 77 BROWN, Wes 89 > 89/88 NEVILLE, Gary 88 > 88 RAFAEL, Pereira da Silva 86 > 86/87 VIDIC, Nemanja 96 > 96 FERDINAND, Rio 95 >
  7. Re: Mathieu BODMER Thanks for the advice
  8. I've been offered Bodmer for 11m, but only want to sign him if he's going to rise. Does anyone know anything about this guy about if he'll rise or not? Thanks.
  9. Re: Keeper who will have great season? Yeah sorry, I meant in a few weeks time. I shouldn't type when I'm tired.
  10. Re: Keeper who will have great season? Thanks very much to both of you I'll defo buy Rensing in the future... he probably won't go up next rating as German ratings are a few weeks ago, and then will have to wait a few months till he gets his rise.
  11. Trying to sign a new keeper that is going to get a rise this season. Two are within my spending range that I like the look of... Hugo Lloris - just joined Lyon to replace Coupet Steve Mandanda - Marseille and was France third choice at Euros Advice or other suggestions?
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