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  1. Whats the new attendance fixed on? Like how is it being calculated?
  2. Lol, Classic SM. Someone actually does some research into how the finances work and he is ignored.
  3. [uSER=88039]Steven[/uSER] Here is an idea, how about upgrading the AM so he atleast has a semblance of an idea on how to pick a team. I understand that you want to encourage people to buy gold membership but that doesnt mean that you make the AM a total idiot, which handicaps the team greatly in europe. Is there any genuine reason the AM ignores the best players for those that are lower rated? Or plays idiotic formations like 4-2-4 or plays three strikers up front, with a CM bombing forward as well? Seriously, this is a very very cheap way to make people buy membership and rather than giving
  4. How about improving the player rating system then, the current one is a joke. So is the match engine for that matter.
  5. Thanks a lot, that was my thinking as well.
  6. mustafi or ginter plus adama troare?
  7. Thanks for the reply. I think he is on the same level as schneiderlin so doesnt deserve to be rated -2 from his rating.
  8. Anyone know why quintero is barely playing? Any chance he gets a loan move or a transfer away?
  9. Any guesses about dani alves rating? Chance of staying/rising or will he fall.
  10. What do we think of tevez and marchisio ratings? Chance of a plus one for both?
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