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  1. Who is the better player out of these two in the world currently? What are the maximum potential of these two players? I am currently confused as to buy as some of my friends who follow La Liga say Bale is better but my mates who follow the EPL say Suarez is easily better. Cheers
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should I buy Casillas or Buffon while I wait for my Scuffet to develop? Cheers
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. I will be swapping my Piszczek for J Boateng and I will purchase Suarez with my cash. Instead of buying Matic who edged Matuidi by one vote, should I buy Gundogan instead? The only problem with Gundogan is his injury cloud as I'm not sure if he will return the same. If I buy Gundogan, should I wait for a bit longer to see if he resigns with Dortmund first? Cheers
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Piszczek or J Boateng? Suarez or Bale? Matuidi or Matic?
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... 1. Suarez+Aguero or Neymar+Lewandowski 2. Potential of Nemanja Matic? Cheers
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Who has more potential? Juan Iturbe or Mateo Kovacic? Cheers
  7. Re: Is my Manchester United tactic good? If you are going to play 4-2-3-1 in an attacking sort of game especially with counterattack you will have defensive lapses which could condede a goal here in there. Your tactics are aimed too much at going forward which is fine. What I would change is switch modric and carrick and then instead of an arrow going forward for Carrick make it go backwards. This is because Carrick is a CDM so its important u have some defensive presence.
  8. Hi, I have Ronaldo and the Barca manager has been pestering me about Ronaldo with an Iniesta+10 mill offer. Should I counteroffer with Iniesta+Fabregas? Or is this too mean? Basically he has the normal Barca team so what other options could I counter offer with? Cheers
  9. Re: Neymar or Gotze Just offer Neymar for Gotze at first. With luck the manager with Gotze will accept it cause of Neymar's hype. If not try to strike a cash+neymar deal for Gotze.
  10. Hi, I currently have Ter Stegen as my keeper and I am planning to play a cheap GK to be my GK while Ter Stegen develops into hopefully a world class keeper. In my gameworld, Roman Widenfeller and Buffon are available. The thing is I want to know how long Buffon and Weidenfeller can keep their ratings higher than Ter Stegen in the future. So should i get Buffon or Weidenfeller? Thanks
  11. Re: Swap De Gea by Thibaut Courtois? Id take Courtois as i reckon he has more potential but he may not be playing at Chesea for some time cause of Cech. Close but I'd take Courtois.
  12. Hi, I have the option of buying paul pogba or marco verratti both 21 rated 87. Who should I get?? Thanks
  13. Hi, I have 8 million in the bank and need a young talented DCM. From my soccer knowledge, I am tossing between Paul Pogba and Marco Verratti both 21 and rated 87. Who should I buy out of both of them? Thank you
  14. Hi, Here's my team: Defenders- Alaba, Nastasic, Zouma, Carragher, Varane Midfield- Eriksen, Isco, Wilshere, Shelvey, Gotze, Rodriguez(James), Fischer, Victor Moses(on loan), Sterling and Welbeck Strikers-Ronaldo, Neymar and Messi When I play I usually switch these players around as eriksen, isco, wilshere, rodriguez and welbeck have the same ratings and positions. At home I play 3-5-2 with messi and ronaldo up front with alaba as my DM with hard tackling, attacking mentality, direct passing, attacking through the middle, fast temp and attacking all over. My playmaker is Gotze and I use counter attack with messi as my target man. With this I achieve good results such as 7-0, 5-2, 4-1 victories. However, when I use these tactics against away teams with the majority of them weaker than my team I seem to always lose or draw with my latest game 3-3 against an unmanaged team which is a lot weaker than me. In that game Messi scored all 3 goals and Ronaldo didn't play very well. Does anybody have any recommendations for a tactic and formation against away teams for me? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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