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  1. Re: Ben Arfa Stays at 89......... oh comon he stayed 89 -.- omg he DESERVES SO BADLY AT LEAST A 90!
  2. Hello can somebody tell me who will rise from manchester city and is above a rating of 88? Thanks
  3. Re: Maicon for Rooney? [will only take a sec:)] My defence is strong, my attack is strong But one more - Should i get ferdinand for mario gomez + zanneti?
  4. Hello i got a nice offer from MAN UTD with my inter team. He wants Maicon so bad and he gives me Rooney for him. It looks like an extreme offer but if you take it closely maicon will get a rise to 95 and which other rb is 95? ... well please help me:)
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have 19m who should i buy ? All parts are strong in my inter team i'm looking for someone over 92 rating in the following list: Hleb,A [Will cost me all my money] Juninho,P [ Will cost half my money] Di Natale [ Will cost 3/4 of my money] Hunterlarr [Will cost all my money] Chiellini [Will cost all my money] What would u guys do ? Think what is more profitable also but i dont care to use all my money for a good player.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Well i dont think you get the point that rooney is 7 years younger? I will have a higher value of my team and that means he will be sold for more in a future sale. The only thing holding me back is that ibra has a SMALL chance of hitting 97 if inter does great in champions league and that ibrahimovic is my favourite player by far in real
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hello i have an inter team in a setup with my friends. I have got an offer for Ibrahimovic which is i trade him for wayne rooney Should i give Ibrahimovic and get Rooney?
  8. Hello i have an inter team and with the start of a new 3rd season i got an offer to give my ibrahimovic for wayne rooney! What should i do and why!?
  9. Hello guys. In my setup it is now available to buy from unmanaged clubs. Luckily for me I got some cash in my pocket to grab some players. I have an inter team. So i don't want to buy very low rated players. But its always nice to have a large team with youngsters. My budget is 44.8 M I preferably need at least a winger All the players i can buy: Petrov 29 - 91 Wing / Fwd - - - 8.1 M Jo,Alves 21 - 90 Fwd - - - 12 M Elano,Blumer 27 - 91 AM /RM - - - 11.6M Kompany, Vincent 22 - 90 DM/CB - - - £14.0M Richards, Micah 20 - 90 CB/RB -
  10. Re: Should i give I.Cordoba for Simao? Thanks m8
  11. Re: Should i give I.Cordoba for Simao? i hope this helps i dont know how to post my squad I found a super formation with 3-4-1-2 i have 6 defenders they are 94, 94 ,93 ,94, 92,91 ,90 only got figo on the side and looking for a winger 94 94 94 my defence now - Maicon - Cordoba- Zanneti 94 93 94 after if cordoba leaves Maicon - Chivu Zanneti In the future cordoba will probably drop but chivu and maicon will rise. So i think myself i should get simao.
  12. I got an offer last night Cordoba for Simao. I am in need of wingers but cordoba is a good player for my defence also. What should i do should i accept?
  13. Hello, in my setup the manager of athletico did a offer to clubs 25m for Simao to 10 CLUBS that were interestead! i managed to accept first. In my setup money matters but not so much. What is his current form ? what will happen to his rating in the next change and can you predict a bit more in the future about his rating ? Thanks guys and cheers
  14. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimović You probably never seen him play... You can disagree that he must reach 97 BUT at least don't say that he is overated on 96! -.-
  15. Hello guys, Zlatan Ibrahimović is currently, probably the best striker in the world. He is my favourite player and i want to know what you think that his rating will be. You believe he will reach 97 or he will stay 96?
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