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  1. this game ''development'' is a joke. tiring loading tabs, slowest game, game with many tabs without sense, and with none improvement in the details of the game. otherwise there are many usefull details missing from this game now. a worst game than before with colourfull fancy graphics that make none improvement to the game. why someone would like to do this in a good game. this is getting bored and tiring now. with so many bugs. you made the Single game. why you should make the multiple game like the single game.
  2. There is no bigger stupidity than to insist on a wrong choice instead of admit the wrong choice and change it. if something is bad stays bad and forcing isn't the solution to persuade someone playing a bad game.
  3. the end of an era comes at 1st June, 2016. as SM anounced «Our slick new design for the desktop that gives the game a modern feel will be rolled out to all managers from 1st June, 2016». after 7 years in the game 1st june is the time for me to retiring not by desire but by forcing out from the SM. too sad. but that's the only option now. this game isn't the same anymore. just a bad copy of the football manager with still many bugs and still slower than before with multiple tabs for simple things that before we use to see with one tab. and now we have to click 2,3 or 4 tabs to see the same thing we used with one click before. and still many things missing. BUT YES, now we have a COLOURFULL GAME that addressed to kids 8-15 years old that impressed from colourfull graphics with no sense in the game. we had a simply user friendly, quick game that needs some details improvements to be close to perfection and now we have a colourfull game, more complicated without sense, that none of the missing details improved and extra existing options removed. too sad SM forcing many managers out of the game just to use the new interface. but when something is bad, by force isn't going to be good. i wish i hadn't buy gold management last year. practically i lose my money before the announce of the new interface. if i new the disaster will follow i had quit the game without paying. good luck to the managers will continue to this bad new game.
  4. i can't understand why the game had to do all these updates that not improving the sense of the game. the only we have now is a bad copy that looks like Football Manager in the interface and is slow and confusing with many details missing from previous interface. if we want to play Football Manager we 'll install it. there is no reason to transform SM in FM. the old interface still is by far the user friendly playable version. for me there is no dilemma what to use.
  5. i don't know who is thinking those updates but the game is getting worst and worst just to make a more colourfull and impressive interface. with no substance, unplayable, tiring and none improvement to anything. worst finances, automatic renewals to all and raise wages and depth, worst match engine, slower game. the only thing is successfull is to destroy all the teams with the finances depths and get managers quit the game. if that's the point is in good way.
  6. since the game make updates i will tell to take a look in the games day changing. now the game change a day at 6 (game time) in the morning. that's the time that a day completes and a manager which has 30 days to login, automatic resign. i thinks is better and normal if a day completed at 12:00 (game time) at night. that's the reality time a day changes and that 's better and helpfull if that's happens in the game too. also when a manager resigns is annoying the team to be offered to an «unknown» or other managers, who almost never taking the team at the end,and not staying unmanaged for other managers that may want to take the team. when a manager resign a team is better and easier to find a new manager if is unmanaged.
  7. Please someone stop these rediculous updates in wages/values and new match engine. bring back the old system. the game is unrealistic now and less competitive. i have a 93 rating team and i won 37 games in a row with 4-5 goals diefference 90- 10 goal difference. i have another 90 rating team that lose with 3-4 goals from 91 rating oppossitions teams. no matter what players or tactics we have. the better rating wins easy all the time. that's rediculous. and what to say about values and wages. all the time we lose money and the teams have depth. i sold all my players and i kept only 22 players. 11 players over 90 rating and other 11 players with 85-87 rating. and i still lose about 1 m. in finances. soon my team will have negative balance. i have to sell the other 11 players with 90+ rating and get lower rating. so my team will be less competitive in games. you destroy the game with all these crap updates. none of them improve the game until now. all makes the game worst. get back the SM. this is another and worst game. not SM. bring back the old SM and make a second game with all these updates. a new game with other name. this isn't SM.
  8. whatever improvements sm do to the new interface the game will be extremely slower. i play with old interface but i'm trying the new one too to see how is it going. the difference in speed is chaotic. for example i just do 3 things for today matches. i see last fixture, league table, and i set my tactics. with the new interface for 12 game worlds i made 15 minutes to do this 3 things in each one. and from the 12 worlds in 3-4 there weren't league game but friendly so i skip them. that means 8 game worlds 15 minutes to do 3 simple things. i change the interface to the old one and for the other 16 game worlds i have, i do the same 3 things. again i skip 2-3 worlds that had friendly matches and for 13 worlds i made 8 minutes to do the same things. there is no loading issue. the old panel was practicall and clear. you can see all the important things with 1 option. for example. last fixture. in the old interface you made one click in last fixture and you see the result and the formation you use. in the new interface you have to do 4 clicks for the same thing. and in almost all options happens the same thing. in the old interface you can see league table with 1 click. in he new one there is no league table in the first panel. you have to click game world and then league table. the old panel is user friendly and practicall. it shouldn't change. only to improve it or to bring new options to it. but it has to be the base of the improvements. the only solution is to keep the two interfaces as alternatives and anyone choose the one he like. i still vote for the old one with chaotic difference.
  9. I'm around 6 years in this game and i've notice that year by year the cheaters are more and the punishments reduced. in the past years a lot of the transfers reversed. now nothing happened. for example in World champ. 13 a manager post that he bought Romagnoli from Benfica. and says after that «Benfica is my second account in this world. all the players available for transfers». the transfer hasn't reversed and the manager didn't banned from the game. another example in greek champ 9 that 2 managers always takes unmanaged teams make transfers or play the games between them or against their rivals and then quitting. that happens all the time. nothing happened again. none transfer reversed none manager banned. and many managers have report them because i talk for obvious things. when i report a transfer in the past a ticket created. now i report, it says thank you for reporting and none ticket created. is a bug? the reporting is active? they ruin the game. and none of them is even a gold manager to say that you earn money from them. it's frustating. and i can tell the managers names if you want to search about. something must have to do about cheaters.
  10. In the background it would be better if we could customize it or to choose between some presets. because for me the previous background with white font, green tabs and white texts in green tabs, black/blue texts in white font was good and not tiring for my eyes. for someone else maybe the new is better or another combination could be better. if it's possible i think this would help the most of us.
  11. i would like to suggest some things for improving the game. except the value/wage system that has to be changed. First in Overwiew tab. in the manager list there are only the managed teams. it would help if there were all the teams of the game world and anyone seeing the unmanaged teams too. and not searching in league table to see them. In Squad tab the options first team, youth team, loaned out it would help if it were seperate options the one next to other. Then it would be usefull if there were an option like shortlist has for multiple choosing players and move them to first/youth team or transfer listed them. There is an Action Shortlist and boxes to choose players it would help if there were an «Action Squad» tab and boxes to choose the players in the Squad. next to first team, youth team, loaned out tabs and a collumn with boxes next to player names. in tactics the arrow option for each player has to be fixed. and then i write something that i don' t know if it's feasible to created. but it would be great if instead of the preset tactics we could move the players forward, back, left, right to create our unique arrythmic system. for example i choose 4-2-3-1 and i move forward the 2 wingers to make a 4-2-1-3. and not have the 3 players in a straight line. and generally to place the players in the place we want. it would be a huge improvement. in Schedule i think it would be better if the first tab were results and then fixtures. because the next game is in overview tab too. so in schedule i prefer to show the last results and how a tactic works in case to keep it or try another. Finally in the top of the page it would help if «Soccer Manager Worlds» were a seperate option next to «SM» and not an option in SM. it makes the the game faster. i hope it helps you to improve the game if you think are good suggestions.
  12. please stop this joke with the new value system. it's going to be rediculus. one day a player valued 12 m., tomorrow 14 m. and after 2 days again 12 m. and after 4 days 10 m. it's tiring. all the teams lose money all the time with the new value/wage system. bring back the previous system and if you create a good one you replace it. but now is a failure and destroy the teams and the game. many managers has quit because their teams has now negative balances with -40 m and more. this isn't a good update.
  13. In the croatian champ 1, ID : 39363, there are 16 teams in the champ. in the reality one of them is NK Osijek. but in this world NK Osijek misses and there is the Slovenian team NK Olimpija in it's position. how is this possible. anyone from the creators can answer?. in the croatian champ there is a Slovenian team. someone has to fix it and replace the slovenian NK Olimpija with the real participating team in the Croatian champ that is NK Osijek.
  14. i use the old version too. the new one is a mess. and generally the changes in value/wage system, the new match engine etc make the game worst and not competitive. it helps the strong teams and destroy the weaker teams.
  15. the new value, wage, balance system is a clear mess. the chairmans invest in strong teams money to make them even stronger. when two teams bid for an external player the chairman's max is now the same for all. so all the teams bid the same amount. and the player always goes to the team with the higher rating. again the stronger teams takes the players and become stronger. how is this good for the competitiveness. the strong teams has all the players, all the money and win all the games. they loan all the players they don't need for the season and they don't lose so much money from wages. so the new system make the strong teams stronger and the weak teams weaker. bring back the previous value/wage system.it was better and fairer. the champs was more competitive before and the weak teams had money to buy stronger players.
  16. This joke with values of the players and wages has to stop. two days ago Calhanoglu valued 20 m., yesterday 24 m. and today again 20 m. this is rediculus. all the teams has now negative balance or they sold all the good players to have positive balance. the new upgrades make the strong teams even strongers and the weak teams even weaker. and what to say about the new game engine. all the strong teams win all the games even they played with james rodrigues and iniesta as defensive midfielders. reject the new updates, bring back the full previous version of the game and then begin a step by step improving of the game. category by category with proposes of the players. the game was better before the update. that's the true and now is a mess. all the teams loses money except the big teams which have more incomes. a user friendly, competitive game now is an comfused, unrealistic without competitivenes game if you aren't a 93 rating team. even you have a 92 rating team you lose easy 3-0 from a 93 rating team which plays with james and iniesta as defensive midfielders. this isnt the better to approach mopre players.
  17. a team with defensive medfielders iniesta and james rodrigues win all the time easily all the teams with 3-5 to 0. how unrealistic will this game become. there is one team in every worlld that wins all the games with large scores. with 20 consecutive wins with crazy goal average like 48-3. the new upgrades destroy soccer manager at all.
  18. bring back the real soccer manager. this is unrealistic now. now if you have bigger rating team you will win 9 to 10 times. no surprises. lower teams lose with 5-6 goals in the most games. even barcelona, real madrid and bayern in the real life don't win all the time with these scores. and these consicutive wins is rediculus. in one World a team with 93 rating has 15 wins in a row in the first 15 games and 43-0 goals. this is rediculus.
  19. the game is going to be a joke. i bought Embolo 16 m. is 18 years old and 86 rating. and after one week with no change in his age or rating his value drops to 12 m. in one week i lost 4 m. and that' s happens with all the players. this isn't serious. the new value/wage system is a failure. all the small teams will never have the chance to have high rating players. bring back the Soccer Manager. this will be a failure and getting worst day by day. strong teams never lose whatever tactic they use, the values of the players reduced with no reason, small teams will never have money for good players, the game is getting slower every day. you destroy Soccer Manager guys.
  20. This new wage/value system destroy the teams. the most of them will have negative balance soon or will have to sell the best players to keep positive balance. we have to choose for negative balance or weak team. few big teams can afford best players without balance problems. and this will reduce the competitiveness of the championships. with the same roster my team before loses nothing in home games and about 800.000 in away games. now the same roster loses about 2,5 m in away games and 1m in home games.in 30 games will lose 45 millions. in 2-3 seasons the balance will be -150 millions. so the team have to sell now the best and exspensive players to keep a good balance and from this will be a weaker team. the weak teams after the value system changes can't anymore strengthen their squad because they can't increase their balances. this will make less competitive teams and championships and many players will loose their interest in playing with other teams except the big teams like real, barca, bayern etc. and some of them will quit the game.
  21. the new value/wages system destroys the competitiveness of the game. because now the lower teams can't buy good players. the previous system was good and the only improveness it wanted was the value to be stable when a team buys the player. and does not change when the manager sold some players. for example. i buy a player 5 m. and in my team the value was 8m. for the same player. it should be stay 8 m. until i sell him. and not changing upwards if i sell some players or changing downwards if i buying some better players. now the lower teams can't improve their finances to buy good players and if they have already good players cann' t financially support them and finally they will sell them. so the competitiveness of the game won't exist any more. it could be a limit in the players everybody can have. for examble 33 for first team (that means 3 elevens) and 99 for youth team under 21. or something else that avoid someone to have all the good players. but the new wages/value system destroys the lower teams and strengthens the better teams. and now all the players would be in fewer teams.
  22. I don't understant why in this new update you have to change the screen menu. now we want more clicks to do something. in the old version needs only one click in the mouse. more tabs for any option. the game was user friendly, quick and simple for anybody. i'm playing 6 years and this is an epic fail. the updates are good but the menu has to stay as it was. this is complicated with no reason. there is nothing new in the options of the menu and now take 3 times more time to do the same thing we do before. and i don't say about the loading issue. just for the clicks we have to do for any tab. this is a stupid upgrade that ruinds the game. colourfull graphics, fancy pictures with noi substance make the game annoying and tiring. this is no attractive to anyone to stay. you could improve the previous menou with colours not to replace it with a worst menu. the previous was practixally menu. the new is a disaster.
  23. in the croatian champ 1 (ID : 39363) there is the slovenian team NK Olimpija between the 16 teams of the league. Why this happens? NK Osijek is the team misses from the champ instead of NK Olimpija. there is a bug? there is a solution to correct the champ?
  24. Hi everybody. Does anyone knows th ID of Greek Champs. 1,10 and 11 because the SM doesn't search anymore for them.
  25. Panathinaikos


    Hi everybody. if someone knows what are the tutorials championships in the game. the other champs. are closed.
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