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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Well my midfielders atm are: Hleb, Walcott Rosicky, Vela Yaya Toure, Song Fabregas, Sniejder, Denilson So imo I can get rid of 1 CM out of Fabregas and Sniejder and I can afford to lose Rosicky and get C. Ronaldo in to play LW with Vela as back-up! What do you think?
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Right I have a dilemma i'm Arsenal and the Man U manager offered me Ronaldo for Fabregas and Rosicky! I don't know what to do! Help ASAP!
  3. Re: World championship Cancel my ask for Valencia I already have a Valencia team! Can I have Real Madrid insted? So the other dude can have Milan!
  4. Re: "A particular club wanted" thread Im intrested in Real Madrid, Barca, a good Lyon, a good Atletico and Tottenham with their new players! PM me!
  5. Re: World championship If you make it can i reserve Valencia!
  6. Re: Multiple Accounts nah only the boss plays at work and im talkin bout our home computer!
  7. Right my boss at work has set up a custom league for us staff at work as a little competition between us all! Everything was going fine i joined choose Arsenal other staff joined then when my brother who is also a staff member tried to join and picked Chelsea it sed Multiple Accounts - you cannot join this setup! Is there anyway of getting round this problem? Cus its not multiple accounts it just me and my brother trying to join the same setup from the same IP address! Help will be appriciated! Can it be ASAP pls! Thank You!
  8. Matty


    Re: Help oh ****! ok thx for the quick reply! np
  9. Matty


    im new to this! Right say im Arsenal and im in a custom setup which started last week just after Nasri had signed for Arsenal! Im Arsenal and he is not in my team (still at Marsielle) will he get moved to my team Arsenal or will he stay with Marseille?cus i dnt want to go bid for him if he is going to get moved to Arsenal on SM! I need a reply ASAP pls! Thanks!
  10. I want to sign a young quick Striker for my Arsenal Team! I have been looking around and Pato seems my best and cheapest bet! Anyone had any experience with him? Is he good enough for Arsenal? Does he score a lot of goals? Btw this is the first season im talking about! Thanks in advance guys also quick replies would be much appreciated
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