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  1. Re: Official England Thread Think we were fortunate but played ok when going forward. Also glad Chelsea didn't sign Neymar as he appears to be a waste of cash after that. Nothing to write home about, all I remember is one wild shot.
  2. Re: Automotive Thread par exemple? B E A UTIFUL
  3. Re: Automotive Thread Followed one home from work once and it looked just like that ^.. I tried to stay with it to admire it...FAILED.
  4. Re: Automotive Thread 'ORRIBLE! Nicer Merc for the fraction of the price of that monstrosity. My personal favourite though: Old or new model I'll let you choose for me
  5. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) PF7s1esAptg One of the best story based songs I have EVER heard.
  6. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Seems SM wanted to be funny with their match system tonight... Jadson injured Had sixteen shots to their six. Lost 3-1 Thumped by 24th.
  7. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) 1tmT6zxbIHA
  8. Re: Fluffy's Troll Thread Love these two!
  9. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I think our luck hasn't been too great either mate, 3rd in the league, out of the CL in the group stages, losing RDM, losing out on Carling Cup and F.A Cup. We have under achieved this year I believe in terms of players we have at our disposal. Unfortunately for me I can see this being a very tight game and I'm feeling very nervous to be honest, I know Benfica are a great team, but I think they will surprise us greatly, and I hope the surprise isn't too big. 2-1 Chelsea I hope. An hour to go.
  10. Re: Official England Thread I hear that. I saw it as "I haven't been playing for England anyway so I'm going to retire. I decided to do this because I have not seen my name in the news enough recently." Good player on the pitch. Complete and utter tool off it.
  11. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Likewise my friend!
  12. Re: FA Cup Am I the only person who nearly choked when I heard Gundogan and McCarthy being the hottest CM's? Gundogan is quality but I can think of many better in the PL alone than McCarthy. Also being a Chelsea fan I didn't like the comment about Di Santo being a Wigan youth/academy player considering he wasn't even a Chelsea youth/academy player! I admire your spirit mate but I can't help but think you're wearing rose tinted glasses regarding Wigan's quality. Don't forget they have been teetering on the edge of relegation for the last few seasons. I agree there is a true gem in McManaman and McCarthy looks good, they shouldn't be classed in the same category as a Borussia Dortmund shining star.
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