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  1. Forums dead. Long live the naggers and naggers One day Caleta-Car will rise from 83 and we will tell our grandkids about it. So many others are stuck on bs ratings but a double winner not riding is perverse. Azmoun not rising despite heroics for Rostov Kovalenko and coric awarded best young players in their country and breakout seasons both going to euros.. +1 Gnight folks, been a wild ride.
  2. Well with Reus injury problems I can see it being Dembele Gotze Schurrle --------Aub A lot.
  3. Azmoun signed for Rostov permanently. Can only think it'd another stepping stone to a bigger team and hopefully gets some CL experience. He had said his next move was Germany iirc. Hopefully get the deserved +2 for his amazing form that led to Rostov nearly winning the league.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/OffsideLiam/status/756482233674895360/video/1
  5. Dembeles started well with Dortmund Him, Aub and Reus are going to be fantastic to watch
  6. They're taking ages reviewing Australia at the moment. Australia. So many leagues and players need sorting out its pathetic.
  7. Mane is a player that will fit into Klopps gameplay so I'm quite happy with it. Interested to see what Mourinho does with Mikh though.
  8. He could drop with Wolfsburg not doing as well but he should have risen a while back so that may cancel out a drop if that makes sense?
  9. Fabianski has been absolutely brilliant for Poland in this tournament. +1 to 89 because of it do you reckon?
  10. Well he's got the potential definitely. Couldn't see him playing a lot straight away. Probably even loaned out if they sign both. Very talented lad though.
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