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  1. Re: Rewarding Loyalty Hmmmmmmmm just saw this thread and it appears to be very similar to an issue that has just been posted about. I don't wish to hijack this thread or get off topic and I certainly do not want to merge the 2 topics but perhaps some of you would like to have a read and comment on the other subject.suggestion as well, if so please visit http://forum.soccermanager.com/s...209#post385209
  2. Re: Aguero,Sergio Deal,need help!!! I wouldn't mate!!! Give Bojan 3 years (then he'll be 20 like Aguero) and see what his rating is. I think he'll be atleast a 93 by then, probably higher (assuming he doesn't suffer a bad injury)!!! Aguero is very good but Bojan is ...... pure class imho.
  3. Re: Gabriel TAMAS 24 Rated 88 [chairman value] If it's a Gold setup then I wouldn't be selling either one! You could use them in a P/E transfer but why sell when money is virtually worthless. Yeah Tom, I think he could probably get 25 mil for Tamas and 20 mil for Boateng, maybe more! Btw - Boateng could go back to the Bundesliga and play for to Stuttgart on a loan deal basis with an option to buy from Spurs. If he's a regular starter he could increase as well. Just a word of warning!
  4. Re: Injuries That would make sense, however the aggressor in SM is usually the one that fares worst, by this I mean that if you set tactics to be aggressive and/or hard then your team seems to incur more of the injuries and red/yellow cards than the opponent.
  5. Re: Gabriel TAMAS 24 Rated 88 [chairman value] Firstly, there is NO set rule regarding sell/buy values. The chairmen (both) will stop a transfer if it's 'loaded' too far either way. So, by that I mean they act in the best interest of the club. As for the 3 times value, that only seems to apply to the VERY best players in SM. I've only seen 99 million a few times and even then it was 2.5 times the value of the player. I guess what I'm saying is 3 times might be too high. It's a matter of trial and error. Just like the bids you'll get from the AI (unmanagable clubs) will vary, depending on h
  6. Re: Priemership Players that deserve a raise
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