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  1. Re: Rewarding Loyalty Hmmmmmmmm just saw this thread and it appears to be very similar to an issue that has just been posted about. I don't wish to hijack this thread or get off topic and I certainly do not want to merge the 2 topics but perhaps some of you would like to have a read and comment on the other subject.suggestion as well, if so please visit http://forum.soccermanager.com/s...209#post385209
  2. Re: Aguero,Sergio Deal,need help!!! I wouldn't mate!!! Give Bojan 3 years (then he'll be 20 like Aguero) and see what his rating is. I think he'll be atleast a 93 by then, probably higher (assuming he doesn't suffer a bad injury)!!! Aguero is very good but Bojan is ...... pure class imho.
  3. Re: Gabriel TAMAS 24 Rated 88 [chairman value] If it's a Gold setup then I wouldn't be selling either one! You could use them in a P/E transfer but why sell when money is virtually worthless. Yeah Tom, I think he could probably get 25 mil for Tamas and 20 mil for Boateng, maybe more! Btw - Boateng could go back to the Bundesliga and play for to Stuttgart on a loan deal basis with an option to buy from Spurs. If he's a regular starter he could increase as well. Just a word of warning!
  4. Re: Injuries That would make sense, however the aggressor in SM is usually the one that fares worst, by this I mean that if you set tactics to be aggressive and/or hard then your team seems to incur more of the injuries and red/yellow cards than the opponent.
  5. Re: Gabriel TAMAS 24 Rated 88 [chairman value] Firstly, there is NO set rule regarding sell/buy values. The chairmen (both) will stop a transfer if it's 'loaded' too far either way. So, by that I mean they act in the best interest of the club. As for the 3 times value, that only seems to apply to the VERY best players in SM. I've only seen 99 million a few times and even then it was 2.5 times the value of the player. I guess what I'm saying is 3 times might be too high. It's a matter of trial and error. Just like the bids you'll get from the AI (unmanagable clubs) will vary, depending on how much they need that particular player and the average of the starting team (ie Tamas might become that club's star player so they might offer more than a club that would only use him as a squad player). Last but not least, I agree with made in romania. Wait before you sell Tamas as he could yet increase when French league is rated but sell KP Boateng. Good luck p.s. I think you'll get 15 mill for Tamas and 12 mill for Boateng!!! So 27 mill for both rather than just for Tamas ... unless it's a GOLD setup.
  6. Re: Priemership Players that deserve a raise
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