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  1. Boubarar Kamara, Bruno Guimares, Todibo and V Mollejo (Atletico) for Arthur? I have the 4 players and non would be close to starters......
  2. Thanks man, completely agree, for me he's been outstanding for Juve this season, he's really progressed
  3. I know people like to moan about various SM ratings, who was missed, who was screwed out of a rating etc..... But surely J Lingz keeping anything even close to a 90 rating has to be THE worst SM rating decisions, maybe EVER! Opinions?
  4. According to you..... unfortunately for you you are wrong, that is not an opinion, that is a fact.... There are plenty of people out there that don't believe VVD is the best CB in the world right now and those people are entirely entitled to their opinion.... Thus, as matter of FACT there simply IS an argument to be had, weather you like it or not... You are simply, wrong
  5. All that talk, and you say nothing.... again, I ask you (for the last time) VVD is the best CB in the world and it's not up for debate, because you said so..... Why? Stop going on about his stats and the Utd match etc, try STICKING TO THE SUBJECT WHICH IS WHY IS IT NOT UP FOR DEBATE BECAUSE YOU SAID SO.... what makes you the final decision on who is the best CB in the world, THATS the subject
  6. Not sure how you connect disputing weather or not VVD is the best CB in the world with a pretty expect result yesterday, wow Liverpool are miles ahead of Utd, and in other news water is wet.... What's that got to do with you deciding that VVD is the best CB in the world and it's not even up for discussion simply because your grace decided to open his mouth and announce so???? Stick to the subject
  7. There is no disputing it because???? Because you said so????? Well glad that's all over and done with then..... honestly
  8. What sort of things does this 'offensive sock' say?
  9. Oh god.... again..... DDG has a premier league winners medal and hes won the Europa Legaue twice... Once again, illustrating my point, the higher ratings (93+) USED TO have trophies included as part of the players rating Again, for the last time, my ONLY point is that Koulibaly has won basically nothing and now it seems that trophies are not important to SM.... Last time, that's the ONLY point I was making
  10. Again..... the point I was making, gone way over your head......... In very basic simple terms, my point is Koulibaly got 94 on the back of a load of hype, which is true as he doesn't have the trophies to back it up, so again MY POINT WAS TROPHIES DON'T MATTER... I was not arguing who deserves what rise, for the love of god, I've never disagreed that Koulibaly ain't world class, and I used Pogba to MAKE MY POINT, again, I agree that Pogba 100% shouldn't get a rise, in fact i argued in this thread he was closer the drop! But again, he, Lingard and even VVD, HYPE! Yes VVD won 1
  11. Very simply because none of those players are touted in the papers as 'being some of the best in the world' like a certain CB from Senegal that's won NOTHING and got 94.... Who cares if Laporte has been incredible, people only want to hear about how VVD has never been dribbled past! Big LOL! SM has changed, it's not based on trophies and performances on the pitch anymore, wanna know who's gonna rise past 92? Pick up a newspaper and read the back page! Just look at Lingard! Hes 91 rated!!!!!!!
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