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  4. hi guys, i need help , have think i have a great team but i rarely win, i almost was relegated, i´ve tried the 3-5-2 and the 4-3-3ex, but i can´t get good results, the winner of the league played in 5-4-1, the teams that came on second and thirth played in 5-3-2, how can i beat those teams and be a serious candidate to win the title?? this is my team: http://picpaste.com/soccer-UxLIXVvK.jpg
  5. hi friends, i need some help, i have some of this players and i intent to buy some of the others, can anyone tell me when do they review these players rating? and if possible if they are gonna rise or fall and how much. thanks guys DE GEA, David SAKHO, Mamadou CÁCERES, Martín TOROSIDIS, Vasilis DIDAC, Vilà HÖWEDES, Benedikt N'KOULOU, Nicolas RICHARDS, Micah M'VILA, Yann LEDESMA, Cristian LULIĆ, Senad BALE, Gareth NEYMAR, Júnior RODRÍGUEZ, James JOVETIĆ, Stevan BALOTELLI, Mario DAMIÃO, Leandro DESTRO, Mattia
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