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  1. Re: Ignacio Camacho And if im right has scored a second
  2. Re: Will valencia be relegated? I wouldn't personally say its the players, i'd blame Koeman. Anyhow i would be devestated if Valencia got relegated. One of Europes Elite teams going down would be a huge shocker. I really hope the forthcoming games for them prove to be sucessful!
  3. This could turn out to be a potetntial bargain in the future ... hopefully. Malaury Martin is a 19 year old Central Midfielder who plays for French Ligue 1 side AS Monaco. Has been the captain of France National Team from U-17 to U-21 level. Is also currently Captain of Monaco Reserves. He made his debut for Monaco in 2005-2006 season but came off the bench for a few minutes. Since then has made only a few more appearences. Currently rated 72 on the database and can be bought for 50k. Imo not a must buy but in the future he could prove to be a handy profit.
  4. Re: Thiago Alcántara So does this mean and add to the database, just like what happened to Gai Assulin?
  5. Re: Juan Mata Its taken a while but it does look like Juan Mata is starting to find some for for Valencia. Has banged in two for Valencia tonight against Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey Could go up 1 to an 87 the next time the Spanish Ratings come around, but it does look likely he wont hit the 90's for a while to come. But he still is only 19!
  6. Re: ALEXANDRE PATO Luckily the injury isn't as bad as first feared although he is said to be out for a couple of weeks. If that is the case he should be fit to play against Arsenal in Champions League. ... Now on terms of his rating i would say that he is fully justifiable of a 88 rating. But i wouldn't be surprised if he hit a 90 within the coming months.
  7. Re: Spanish Ratings Hmmm methinks Sergio Ramos should have got an increase but he didn't but then again a 94 is justified i reckon. Meanwhile. a 95 for Robinho! Thats my surprise rating change, i knew he'd been on red hot form for Madrid but i didnt realise that much.
  8. Martin Galvan made his debut for Cruz Azul the other day at the age of 14!!!! Played a total of 9 minutes but showed signs of promise. On the db, rated 71 and costs 10k Imo not worth a buy at the moment due to his young age
  9. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread Just to clarify here ... Gallas is likely to remain at a 94 Or is there the slightest possibility of a 95?
  10. 18 year old midfielder who plays for AS Monaco. Scored a hat trick ... yes i repeat a hat trick against Brest, ok they may well be in the 2nd or 3rd tier of French football (Brest) but surely to score a hat trick at the age of 18 is some feat for such a young player in his career. He played a total 57 mins for Monaco earlier today and has only played a total of 5 mins in Ligue 1 coming on as a late substitute ... making a grand total of 62 mins of football overall.... And he is also a France U-19 International so he has played with the likes of N'gog (PSG) and Adel Taarabt (Spurs) Anyway ... He's rated at a measley 71 and can be picked up for a minute fee of 10k To me he is surely worth a gamble but dont expect any rises from him for a while to come yet.
  11. Re: English Championship - Ratings changes A few Norwich Changes Jon Otsemobor (79) - One of Norwich's most consistant players this season and a valuble asset to the club. Should hit between 82/83 now. Ian Murray (84) - Well down the pecking order and is looking for a move away from Norwich in January. Interest from Falkirk. Down 1 to about 83 David Strihavka (85) - Waste of space and money. One goal scored and Roeder is fuming with him and wants him out in January. Down to 84 maybe even an 83 Matty Pattison (76) Played in all games since joining Roeders old club on loan. Made a difference to the team in many ways and should hit an 80. Chris Brown (81) One goal 8 appearences, 5 as a sub. As much use as a chocolate teapot and Roeder wants him out and so do i. 80 will do him fine. These are a few for now and i'll do the rest when a get some more free time.
  12. Re: Canaries marchin on...but wht will happen? Well as a Norwich fan it does look like that Norwich are now slowly but steadily finding their feet ... But Norwich will have one big task ahead of them in the next few weeks with games against Shorpe, Charlton, Wolves and Crystal Palace. These four games could be critical in what will happen to them for the remainder of the season. Of course with the squad that Norwich has they are more than capable of defeating these teams. Preferably in my opinion if Norwich were to get 7 points out of these four games i would be very happy with that.
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