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  1. Hello mates. I got a question about the following players: Will they RISE , FALL , OR STAY THE SAME in their next changes. Here we go Defenders: Chivu,Christian 93 Sagna,Bakary 92 Clichy,Gael 92 Squillaci 92 Maxwell 92 Gambretini,A 91 Corluka,V 91 A,Silva 90 Santacroce,F 90 Godin,D 90 Midfielders: Santi Cazorla 92 Muntari 91 Modric.L 91 JesusNavas 91 R.Garcia 91 Jarolim 91 D.Capel 90 Montolivo 91 Trowoschi 90 Forwards Gomez.M 93 Hunterlaar 92 Van Persie 92 Lavezzi 90 Bojan 89 Walcott.T 89 Ben Arfa 89 Niang.M 91 Answer whatever you can,its a long list ,help will be awarded with reputation. Thanks
  2. Hello , i've been playing SM for a year and i was annoyed by the following... Players rated 91+ lose their side midfield positions. Many good players which were playing RM/LM have now lost their positions in soccermanager. I strongly believe that all players in SM should play 2 positions and sm should not be so strict in positons! For example my Lyon team . I started RM with Juninho and i bought on LM D.Stankovic Then they both lost their places i bought seedorf on LM which also lost his positon! Now because all side midfielders are occupied i only play with one natural LM and a right footed CM on the right! I believe there must be more RM's and LM's in the game! I know i can use CM'S using right foot or left foot to play on the sides and i can also use wingers but i am still a bit afraid that its not their natural position. Any advice anyone who agrees ? thanks
  3. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimović I WISH i could send this video to Ibrahimovic himself! Then he will notice how annoyed are his fans that BELIEVE so much in him. EVERYONE clearly believe he is a player of a different class, he posseses a very unique and great play, one of the best in the world and he is clearly lazy for his team. He can do so much more but he simply doesn't try enough!
  4. Im confused i love bojan should i give my goalkeeper and easily find some another one rated 91 or something ?
  5. Hello guys. I can buy a player at exactly his value. Which is the best buy ? 1. Raul Albiol [25m] AGE 23 Rat 92 - CB/DM 2. David Silva[25m] Age 22 Rat 92 - AM/LM 3. Thierry,Henry[21m] Age 31 Rat 95 - F 4. Arshaavin [19m] Age 27 Rat 93 - AM/F 5. Aquillani [15m] Age 24 Rat 91 -CM/AM 6. Luis Fabiano [14m] Age 28 Rat 93 - Forward Think that you have 35m Right now. If you sell some people in midfield u get 47 m [ I will let juninho for 12] If i ALSO sell some people in attack u get 57m [ Vela for 10m] Should i get only 1 player or should i sell vela for 10m or/and juninho for 12m and buy 2 players from valencia
  6. Can some people predict if the following players rise drop or stay the same in the next rating changes? answer whatever you can , i will award you [rep] if i am helped. Clichy 92 Sagna 92 Nasri 92 Van Persie 92 Fabregas 95 Diarra 94 Ribas Diego 94 Zanneti 94 Chivu 93 Quaresma 93 Frings 93 Vieira 93 Stankovic 93 Marsherano 94 Fafran 92 Yaya Toure 92 Kolo Toure 94 Flamini 92 Mancini 92 Mates answer just anything you want only if you know cheers
  7. I am playing the best team of my setup tommorow Night. Please i need some advice. He uses a strong 3-5-2 with a avg rating of 95 and Passing and attacking Style : Mixed Tackling/Mentality/ Tempo :Normal Pressing own half. I am playing away and can afford to play all over. My avg rating is 93. Decent Defence [ Can afford 4 defenders] Good Midfield and great attackers [ Rooney/ Ronaldinhio]. Thanks will be given if helped CHEERS!
  8. Re: Begginer question - Ronaldinhio Thanks! Ronaldinho it is
  9. Re: Begginer question - Ronaldinhio Sorry i i came here because my help was needed at a player rating And btw mate. I was scared to get ronnaldinho because last time in the spanish ratings after everything was completed [a day like today for italian] my gk Coupet got a rating decrease on the last day of Spanish ratings and he was the only one that got a rating CHANGE on that day! So you are 100% certain Ronaldinho will stay the same? And i heard essien is badly injured thats correct right ? [will essien decrease ?]
  10. Hey guys i got an offer for essien that is: 15m + Ronaldinhio or 20M + van Nistelroy. They are great offer right? but i need to be sure that ronaldinhio wont have his rating changed!
  11. Re: Marek Hamsik to 91- collection of signatures Hamsik to 91!
  12. Hello guys i was testing some things and i realised that : MOST TIMES attacking mentality wins very attacking mentality and defencive mentality wins very defencive mentality. I believe this is correct as attack and very attacking succeded 80% at least. Now what best against an attackive mentality? If you play teams with attacking mentality you should use attacking too or normal? Cheers and thanks
  13. Hello guys, i got a lyon team and i am first in my setup and i use usually a 4-2-3-1 . I got good defence great midfield and great attack. The teams are kind of the same level in th setup and they usually play attacking mentality. Can you guys tell me what play styles should i use with 4-2-3-1 ? Thanks.
  14. Hello mates im playing an important match against a team which is as strong as me away. He is using 4-1-3-2 with normal mentality normal tackling mixed passing and attacking style normal tempo and probably all over pressing[not sure if he will use it tonight also]. He uses tight marking and play offside too. My team has decent defence good centre and great attack. My defence will suck if i use more than 4 defenders. What formation and styles u advice me ? Thanks
  15. Hi , i am chasing chiellini in my setup and i made an offer: 10m + Kanoute [94] for chiellini[91]. Kanoute didnt lose his rating but money is not worth that much in our setup. Should i give 10m + kanoute for him ? i have already good attack and weak defence! Thanks
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