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  1. Hi, I would like to know if there is a help site for players who have concerns, how to lower the level of anxiety more easily, because I had a goalkeeper who since he had level 4 he was a starter all the time and still got level 5 .. Strange .. Thanks for your help
  2. Ruiz car il a un bon de sortie et devrait signer dans un meilleur club cet été..
  3. Hi guys, could you remind me of the topic to better understand players' concerns how to lower them more easily etc.
  4. Hello everyone, I would have liked to know your opinion on Gundogan for me he may have 94 seen his season and if city goes far or even wins the ldc knowing that the title in the premier league has already been acquired .. and what do you think of guard ederson? 94 possible? Thank you for your answers and what do you think of guard ederson? 94 possible? Thank you for your answers
  5. Re: Craig Dawson mastour and yambéré in soccer manager please !!! 75 les deux
  6. Re: The New Players Thread Ok thanks, I saw his video he left little reminds me of Messi, but playing in a small club. Otherwise other players who will rise? kind el ghazi, Claudio Winck, ruben neves .. I expect your suggestions thanks
  7. Re: The New Players Thread Hello all, I would like tips on how to buy young players can give me names please thank you .. I have already gaudino, coman, kaabouni, lopes, el haddadi, sandro fekir gaya .. I if possible players between 75 and 80 A BIG THANK YOU
  8. Re: The New Players Thread Please thomas touré de Bordeaux a 75 !!! pourquoi il n'est pas encore dans le jeu.. qui a un compte soccerwiki pour le rajouté
  9. Re: Sokratis vs Koscielny hello, how long can you wait before accepting or refusing an offer from a club for one of our players? 1 WEEK? One month? thanks / /
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